The Relation between Women’s Fitness and Glow as They Age

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As a woman, I used to keep wondering many times how I could maintain my body-fitness and glowing skin in the upcoming years. I am sure you have had the same concern as mine too.

And why wouldn’t you? All we want is to stay young forever! A research published by PLOS ONE in May 2020 reflects older women’s view on anti-aging hormone therapy (HT). The participants in that research shared their views in two folds: undermining and being ignorent about potential health risks of pharmaceutical HT.

The above study shows that it’s one thing that matters the most to women. And that’s staying young.

Women’s fitness and glow are linked to their age. For most women, the aging effect starts from 35. Afterward, their body starts to lose its tightness. Also, maintaining body fitness becomes difficult. Proper exercises, a healthy diet plan, and an active lifestyle can increase the life expectancy for up to 10 years! Aging inflicts a concern in women about physical beauty decline and older women too, feel vulnerable to social expectations of body image, a 2008 Journal of Gender Studies research says.

The good news is it’s possible to maintain your body fitness and glowing skin even when you are 45! Bear with us, ladies, as we’re immersing in finding a relation between fitness and glow while aging.

Is It Possible to Stop Aging?

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Is It Possible to Stop Aging?

Obviously, no spell can stop you from aging. Sadly, you will just get it in the movies. As we are living in the real-life, stop expecting such things, please.

Now that we know there’s no fountain of youth that can stop aging, let’s focus on the tips and tricks that can manipulate your aging– at least to an extent.

There’re numerous ways to slow down your aging, if not reversing. I repeat, only slowing!

Miracle Hormone that Helps a Woman from Aging!

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Miracle Hormone that Helps a Woman from Aging!

The primary female hormone named estrogen helps you look younger. A woman’s body contains estrogen for regulating fertility and secondary characteristics.

Seemingly, the more estrogen hormone you have in your body, the younger you’re supposed to look. Conversely, a decline in the estrogen level may reduce the signs of youth in women. [Bioidential Hormone Replacement Therapy]

Men and women encounter different consequences as they age. Here, the contributing factors are diet, lifestyle, environment, healthcare, and, most importantly, genetics. Besides, the pattern and way to age are also seen differently in men and women.

Undoubtedly, by nature, a woman’s body requires a lot of higher-maintenance than of a man. A woman’s body is sensitive, and it can react mysteriously on diverse occasions. And estrogen, the supposed miracle hormone, stirs up the benefits in such situations.

Estrogen helps a woman’s reproductive system stay healthy. It keeps her vaginal health safe and sound. Besides, estrogen is responsible for maintaining an active oval function. And of course, it protects your bones from decaying soon and keeps you right on your feet.

What are the Sources That Can Improve Your Estrogen Hormone?

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What are the Sources That Can Improve Your Estrogen Hormone?

Estrogen is richly available in many foods. The primary source of estrogen is flax-seeds. Some excellent sources of estrogen are fruits and nuts. The list of dietary estrogen also includes soybeans, hummus, garlic, fennel, dried fruit, etc.

Many doctors suggest women eat fruit and nut when they’re facing any skin related problem. Even if you’re not facing any skin related problem, you should always eat plenty of fruits and nuts.

Add some slices of fruits and sprinkle some nuts on your daily diet to see the rapid change. You’ll see the difference as your skin starts to radiate and reflect the glow you’re longing for. Women's fitness and glow

Red wine and soy are also great sources of estrogen. If you’re not a fruit person, then start to be one. Tossing a few cubes of strawberries and peaches on your corn-flex or oatmeal bowl will make your breakfast just the ‘estrogen-gear’ you need for the day.

Be careful about red wine. One glass is fine a day, but being absorbed by it may risk your health in the long run.

You see, to manipulate aging isn’t that tough, huh!

Women’s Fitness and Glow as They Age Compared to Men’s

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Women’s fitness and Glow as They Age Compared to Men’s

A healthy lifestyle is a decisive factor in aging well. Women are proven to have a healthier lifestyle than men in almost every part of the world. How so?

Women concern more than men when it comes to caring for skin and body. There are some exceptions. So, let’s talk about the majority.

Women tend to have a head-to-toe nourishment service at parlors and spas more than men do. Although men may be gym-freak, they often fail to achieve the proper nourishment inside and out.

I mean, it’s not been so long men have grown eager about healthy diets, body-massage, facials, muscle-toning, or hair-styling– thanks to the recent uphill of entertainment media. Women are also more sincere than men when it comes to regular medical checkups and preventive health risk measures.

The above comparison complies with the study conducted by Department of Preventive Medicine, Czec Republic on more than 4,000 parents of school going children in 2000. This study substantiates how women’s healthier lifestyle makes them less prone to mortality than men.

Women also try to maintain a routine where they include risk-free aerobic exercise to keep their body fit. Conversely, men love to pull and lift weights risking their bodies with long-term bone and muscle cramps or even organ failures.

Different hormones of men and women are affected by age.

For women, changes in estrogen levels with age are a major concern. Women especially encounter such concern menopause and afterward. For men, changes in testosterone level are the dominant hormonal component of aging.

Hormone Is Not the Only Thing That Helps A Woman to Look Younger!

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Hormone Is Not the Only Thing That Helps A Woman to Look Younger!

Who doesn’t like to look young and radiant on their 30s, 40s, and forever?

You’ve guessed that right, Everyone Wants It!

But women have a higher rate of success in this scenario than men.

It’s difficult for any woman to maintain a healthy diet. It’s because of the pressure to look and eat in certain ways. Even if they have to work a lot harder than men in situations, they never step back.

Women choose the right foods that not only support their mood, boost their energy, and help them maintain a healthy weight, but can support significantly throughout the different stages of their life.

Growing up as a woman has its advantages and disadvantages.

When women hit puberty, they start to develop unique nutritional requirements. More physical and hormonal changes take place naturally.

Such changes due to puberty set diverse nutritional needs, making it essential that their diets evolve to meet these changing needs.

While women need fewer calories than men, their requirements for specific vitamins and minerals are much higher than the counterpart.

Hormonal changes in women can be associated with menstruation, child-bearing, and menopause. Women have a higher risk of anemia, weakened bones, and osteoporosis during such hormonal changes. Nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin B9 (folate) are vital to minimize those risks.

What Women Do to Maintain Their Glamor

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What Women Do to Maintain Their Glamor

We all want to look beautiful, whether you admit it or not. Secretly, we have probably read up on beauty tips such as:

  • using more olive oil for improved skincare,
  • changing our makeup materials,
  • drinking more green tea and
  • lots of lukewarm water for beautiful skin and what not!

The question is, do they work?

Women tend to read and research a lot about their aging and especially how to slow aging. Staying fit and glowing isn’t an easy task to keep up.

Oh, wait! They’ve got something that makes it possible– determination and self-love.

Naturally, the collagen in women’s skin starts degenerating as they age. Exposure to the sun accelerates this degeneration. But carrying a sunscreen, matching a pair of goggles and a straw-hat make their outfit top-notch, giving them a gorgeous look at the same time.

Women Appreciate Their Own Beauty!

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Women Appreciate Their Own Beauty!

What’s one thing you can never go wrong? A white shirt and red lipstick?

You’ve hit the right spot!

Every woman, young or old, can slay that look, and if you do it right with a loose hair bun, it’s perfect!

Women like to look at the mirror and appreciate their beauty. At the same time, they are the most prominent critics of their looks.

If they gain a few pounds, they know which mood they have to turn on. They increase their exercise routine following a much healthier diet. Also, endorphins (a good-feeling hormone) is produced when they exercise, making them happier by improving their energy levels.

What a 3 in 1 situation! You stay happy, fit, and you glow.

What’s the Right Time for Big Changes?

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What’s the Right Time for Big Changes?

There isn’t the right time for big changes.

If you want to buy that dress, get it. There’s a saying; if you’re happy, you’re healthy.

Whenever you feel down, grab a pair of those stunning high heels and hit the dance floor.

The more you love yourself, the better you’re going to feel. Women are remarkably better at loving themselves than men. They might not be aware of how they’re going in life every day, but they surely figure out a way to look and feel good anyway.

Trying out different styles have been proved as a surprise to women while making them feel younger.

Maybe a different hair color?

Scientifically, hormonal changes that occur during menopause can cause their hair thinner and brittle. However, making a change in their hair can solve it to an extent.

Know your hair type before taking that step. Your hair expert can help you in doing that.

The bleaching agents make the hair look wavy due to containing hydrogen peroxide, making it appear thicker. It can be helpful for you as well!

Stress Is A Welcome Note for Wrinkles and Aging!

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Stress Is A Welcome Note for Wrinkles and Aging!

Stress causes women to have those wrinkles and maybe a few gray hairs.

So, say no to stress!

Whenever I feel stressed, I try to take a nap. Nap works for me! It’s nectar for many who go under stress and burnout.

You must know the type of your need to help to reduce your stress. Some people listen to music, some eat a lot, and what not! Find out what works best for you.

Unsound sleep will not only show visible signs of aging on your face, but it will make them perceive themselves as being less attractive.

So, having a sound sleep-routine is what women should aim for. Because the more hours of sleep women can get, the more time their skin receives to recover from the sun’s adverse effects; hence, delaying the aging process.

It turns out the term beauty-sleep is not a mythical concept after all. While sleeping, the body releases a hormone that aids in growth, which in turn restores collagen and elastin– the main constituents in the essential building blocks of young, glowing skin.

So, hey! Don’t miss out on your beauty sleep.

Water Is Always A Life Saver!

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Water Is Always A Life Saver!

The above phrase is universal, and women live up to this saying sincerely.

You’ve probably seen many women carrying water bottles everywhere. I, myself, bring one.

The sparkling H2O is the secret of staying youthful. Drinking plenty of water daily keeps the skin moist. Proper hydration also keeps the nails and hair healthy and soft.

Never skip drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water daily. Drinking more is a plus to your health than less. Ample water intake also prevents headaches and stresses.

A tip-off: Spray clean water on your hair daily if you’re not bathing again. It keeps your hair healthy and moisturized, especially when the season is dry. Sounds nice and shiny.

Do Marriage and Kids Affect Aging?

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Do Marriage and Kids Affect Aging?

Marriage and kids come in the lives of both men and women with effects in so many unique ways. But it’s prevalent that they affect women both physically and mentally more, right?

Marriage is a big responsibility, and it comes with its natural consequences. So do children. With marriage comes sex. Sex affects a woman’s body dramatically, and it responds to aging with menopause.

Women undergo significant physical, hormonal, and physiological changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Some studies show that pregnancy and childbirth dramatically accelerate aging in women at the cellular level.

Though other research suggests that motherhood and pregnancy may slow down the aging process, it takes a lot of strength to deliver a baby and be a mother. We all know the father and mother have an equal amount of responsibilities. Still, some jobs are just designed solely for mothers.

Breastfeeding a child is bliss, but it drains the euphoric feeling when a nursing mother gazes at her now-changed figure. Getting back into shape while looking at a newborn is challenging yet possible.

On the other hand, women feel highly motivated and strong after the long pregnancy period. Post-pregnancy workouts are helpful for them to achieve their dream figure finally.

Getting back to a proper shape makes them a lot stronger than before, making them realize that they, too, can achieve everything they desire. It makes them a much stronger person with tremendous willpower and strength.

Women are Beautiful Inside Out!

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Women are Beautiful Inside Out!

No matter how you look, you’re always beautiful.

And most importantly, if you be a better person and keep doing good works, you will feel good. You can project your goodness on the others by helping them out. The effect of your good books will pour into your heart and make you a beautiful person in your eyes.

Both men and women, rich or poor, age naturally. There’s no stopping it. The only way is to live a healthy and balanced life while enjoying every bit of it.

It’s high time we push ourselves to be the better version of us. It’s time we fly!

Bottom Line

It is what it is. We must look after our physique if we want it to work properly.

Our body is like a machine. It functions automatically, but we can guide it to work in our favor.

Indeed, with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise, we can achieve a higher life expectancy. Sound health allows us to look and feel good.

Women don’t love to age, but hey, we all wanted to grow up when we were kids, right? That’s how life works.

Achieving everything is impossible, but that doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming. We wake up, it’s a new day, we face the new day, and live it.

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