Why Is Your Makeup Foundation Cracking? Let’s Do It Right

Makeup Foundation Cracking

Even a pro makeup artist sometimes experiences makeup foundation cracking, so how on earth you can’t? You’re applying your primer, toning the foundation, concealing wherever necessary, following the makeup tricks, and so on– yet, those cakey buildups always show up on your face within an hour.

So, you must be wondering why your makeup foundation is cracking, right?

The most essential part of makeup many women overlook, which causes the makeup foundation cracking, is ensuring moisture on the skin. Your makeup may also show splits and fine buildup lines across your face due to aging and lack of moisture. A seasonal transition like ‘summer to winter’ plays a vital role in unsettling makeup foundation. Besides, one cannot be wise enough to select the best makeup products every time she shops; hence, below standard or untested makeup foundation is responsible for cracking too. 

WomenMinds is here to help you with the main reasons and other related aspects of why your makeup foundation isn’t agreeing with your face. Hence, our discussion about cracking makeup foundation slopes down to the next segments of valuable information.

8 Reasons Why Your Foundation Keeps Cracking

1. You’re Not Minding Your Moisture to Even out the Foundation

Makeup Foundation Cracking

Allow your face enough time to get exfoliation and moisturization. Exfoliating your face at least once a week may work wonders for your facial skin and its respective foundation.

If your skin is normal, it’s okay to apply foundation without further moisturizing, though many women with normal skin prefer extra moisturizing before applying foundation. If you have oily skin, a primer before foundation may work just fine to even out your skin. A primer levels your skin by hiding the pores and breaks while letting your foundation and makeup set properly on your face.

2. You Don’t Know Your Skin Tone to Match the Foundation

Determining the skin tone is the primary condition to match the foundation with your skin color, and unfortunately, many women neglect this fact. Knowing your skin tone is not only being content with what you’re gifted with, but it’s beneficial in many aspects. Particularly, it keeps you from wasting money on unnecessary products.

Makeup Foundation Cracking
You Don’t Know Your Skin Tone to Match the Foundation

Find out if your skin tone is deep, medium, or light. Girls and women from the Indian subcontinent are most likely to be possessing the medium skin tone, including a few subcategories of mixed complexion. The European and American descents come in lighter skin tones, while the Africans carry the deep skin tone.

Once you know your skin tone, it’s time to choose the foundation that matches your skin tone the best.

3. You’re Failing to Choose the Right Shade to Match Your Skin

Makeup foundations are of myriad shades on the market. It’s not only overwhelming to choose from the many color spectrums of foundation, but it can cause your face to appear cracked if you don’t apply the right shade.

Let’s check the post “Makeup Foundation” on our Resource Page to know how to choose the right foundation shade for your skin tone.

4. You’re Neglecting the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type

Women with normal skin may get away with almost any foundation on their face, but things aren’t savvy for the oily and dry skin holders.

Oily skin may look patchy if you’re not applying the right foundation, such as a gel-based or water-based foundation. Conversely, dry skin is most suited by the oil-based or cream-based foundation, so they can add the required moisture before foundation.

5. Your Foundation is Incomplete: Leaving Ears and Neck

Foundation is not only about moisturizing perfectly, but it’s about proper measurement as well. Many young women tend to blend their foundation only around and within the apparent face area, which makes it look pseudo.

Makeup Foundation Cracking

It’s vital to pull the foundation layer up to your ears, forehead line, neck, hairlines, etc., so it looks natural and elegant. Mind those areas while applying foundation if you don’t want your onlookers to giggle and wiggle at your makeup.

6. Your Foundation Tool May Be Wrong

You must be a fan of those nice and little synthetic brushes for applying makeup on your face, but know this, you’re doing it wrong for your foundation. Why?

Makeup Foundation Cracking

Because if you have dry skin, your regular foundation brush may not kiss your skin evenly with its bristles. That’s why it’s important to get a soaked sponge as a foundation applier on dry skin. A damp or soaked sponge will give your dry skin extra moisture, letting your foundation set nicely.

Even your nice little fingers may work wonders if you apply your foundation with them. Fingers can dab the foundation properly on your skin and reach out to the farther parts of your face like ears, neck, forehead, etc.

7. You Apply Face Powder on Foundation during Winter

I know it sounds weird since women are accustomed to applying setting or face powder to seal the foundation. Still, the powder may create buildups on the fine lines of your face during winter.

Makeup Foundation Cracking

Cold days can dry out your skin, making it a hard canvas for any makeup items. Foundation would find it even harder to set itself on your dry face. So, avoid any powder in winter and consider mixing argan oil with your foundation for better results.

If you really feel a powder is necessary for hiding those acne or pimple scars on your pretty face, use a concealer to dab on those spots.

8. You’re Purchasing Makeup Foundations of Below Standard

Wrong makeup foundations can definitely crack your makeup. Unapproved ingredients in the makeup foundation can not only ruin your makeup, rather it may harm your health if your skin is sensitive.

You can consult any makeup expert, dermatologist, or doctor before purchasing a good makeup foundation for your skin.

Common Areas where Makeup Foundation Cracking Appears

  • Forehead
  • Below Eyes
  • Eye Corners
  • Both Sides of the Lips
  • Both Sides of the Nose
  • Some Parts of the Cheeks

Exceptional Reasons for Makeup Foundation Cracking

Apart from the above 8 common reasons behind makeup foundation cracking, I can point out to you some overlooked causes for this makeup blunderer. The exceptional reasons could be:

Seasonal Transition Can Make Your Foundation Go Wrong

Why shouldn’t it be so obvious? Our naked fingertips are already capable of catching the difference our skin adapts in different seasons.

Your normal or combination skin may not remain the same during winter as it does in summer or spring. Oily skin may not suffer as much as normal skin during winter since it’s well-prepared for the rusty abrasion the chilly wind creates.

The makeup foundation falls short in setting properly on your changed skin, hence, showing cracks sooner or later.

Change in Skin Type Over Time Can Affect Your Foundation Setting

Who thought that the makeup foundation cracking could have a relation with the human age? But it has.

Many women experience a change in their skin type as they age. Once a normal, oily, or combination skin, could turn dry after 20 years. Since the transition is slow and sublime, most women can’t catch the change in the first place. But it shows on their face after makeup.

How to Set Your Makeup Foundation Rightly to Avoid Cracking

If you’ve come down to this far of our post, it’s time to get to the perfect foundation applying steps. Let’s jump on to it:

  • Step 1: The very first step to applying makeup foundation goes a length backward. That is removing your last makeup residues from your skin with cleansing milk, followed by a nice shower.
  • Step 2: The next thing is the moisturizer. Apply a primer or other moisturizer that suits your skin the most. Apply a water-based moisturizer if your skin is oily. It will give your skin a matte finish. Other regular moisturizers can work out with normal or dry skin. Both a foundation brush or your fingertips would work fine in applying the moisturizer.
  • Step 3: Now choose the perfect foundation for your skin type: gel, liquid, cream, etc. Next, it’s time to choose the matching foundation shade for your skin tone.
  • Step 4: Once your face canvas is set, grab a foundation brush and start painting with the foundation shade, starting from the center of your face. Keep spreading it outward until it matches evenly with your skin color.
  • Step 5: After spreading the foundation over your skin, it’s crucial to blend it into the skin. And to do that, you should take a wet makeup blending sponge. Dab that sponge on your face and blend the foundation onto your skin by pressing it gently in a circular motion. Keep blending until your skin looks radiant, yet lightly finished.
  • Step 6: The last step involves concealing your blemishes, spots, red patches, etc. It’s no harm in concealing your spots with a good concealer. So, grab one and apply it on the spots with your clean fingertips. Fingertips are ideal for using a concealer on your facial skin for a perfect blend-in.

Can You Correct Your Makeup Foundation Cracking within 5-10 Minutes?

Yes. Luckily enough, you can! With some day-saver tools like a makeup sponge, makeup wipe, or a prep complexion spray in the purse, you can save your day victoriously. The other thing you require for the rescue is a well-lit mirror somewhere in the facility; a restroom with a mirror works as well.

Some tips and tricks are available for fixing such bashful situations, such as feeling cakey on the face at parties, conferences, weddings, or during lectures. What to do?

Check out the below instant makeup correction tips:

  • Tip 1- Misty Spray: Foundation cracking may occur due to dry skin, so it’s wise to return your skin the moisture it needs. Doing so, bring the prep complexion spray out of your bag and mist your face. Now dab your makeup sponge onto the face gently to resettle the foundation.
  • Tip 2- Blotting: Like dry skin, oily skin has its downsides too. If your skin is too oily, it may conflict with the foundation and make your skin patchy. To fix this, use a dry tissue and dab it onto your face to soak the oil. Things will be better this way.
  • Tip 3- Wiping and Reapplying: The foundation below your eyes and around your lips may crease. To remove these buildups, use a makeup wipe. After removing the buildups, reapply the concealer, eyeshadow, or foundation, whichever necessary.


It’s necessary to use good foundation products as it’s essential to apply them in the right way.

Learn and follow the reasons we’ve rounded up in our post to avoid makeup foundation cracking. Besides, eat nutritious foods and lead a healthy lifestyle to keep your skin nourished.

Remember, flawless skin is the primary condition for a perfect foundation and makeup.

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