Why You Should Buy Your Kids Educational Toys

educational toys

I was wondering the other day whether I should buy the educational toys for a kid on his/her birthday! Could these be the best gift for a crawler, toddler, or a young juvenile on any occasion?

Toy stores are flooding the parents’ minds more than their shelves with numerous collections every year: both educational and sole recreational. So, it’s justified to ask, should you buy your kids the educational toys or not?

Educational toys are essential for kids these days since we’re running out of playgrounds where kids could exercise their brains and muscles while playing. Educational toys help kids grow mentally, which teaches problem-solving and planning before acting. 

When buying an educational toy for your kid, make sure to select the one that enables learning through entertainment.

If your champion doesn’t find it fun while playing and learning, probably he/she would shun the toy within a few days. So, to save the toy and save your money, let’s get to know more about the educational toys for your kids.

Why Do Your Kids Need Educational Toys?

educational toys
Why Do Your Kids Need Educational Toys

The modern age is scope for kids to learn new things every day. But don’t you think it’s your responsibility to part the useful learning tools from the unnecessary ones and serve them to your kids carefully?

Help your kids with learning so that they can learn faster. One of the easiest yet effective ways to help them learn is by buying them educational toys. Educational toys make learning a piece of pie for the kids.

How do educational toys help in your child’s growth?

They do by teaching them:

  • Problem-solving
  • Cause and effect of an incident
  • Sequential learning
  • Compromising with playmates while resolving confusion by sharing things
  • Small and large motor skills
  • The names of different colors

You don’t want your kids to learn forcefully. Learning should be a fun activity. That’s why toys could prove a relatable supplement to classes and textbooks for your kids.

Educational Toys as A Core Muscle Strengthener

educational toys
Educational Toys as A Core Muscle Strengthener

Your kid’s turned a toddler, meaning it’s recently introduced to walking. It isn’t able to stand straight or to hold things in the right way. They need practice. And you stand by to back its movements. Clearly, your kid’s working on its muscle strengthening.

A few notable muscle strengthening and motor-skill developing toys are:

  • Wobble Chair
  • Play Tent Tunnels
  • Wavy Wedge
  • Trampoline
  • Gym Donuts
  • Exercise Rings, etc.

Toys as such include crawling, jumping, climbing, throwing, picking, etc. and help strengthen kids’ core muscles and improve their motor skills.

Kids mainly focus on the game. Doing so, they unknowingly train their mind and body.

Educational Toys Help Kids Know Shapes and Colors

educational toys
Educational Toys Help Kids Know Shapes and Colors

Learning about shapes and colors with toys is an ingenious idea when it matters to a kid’s education.

Kids always find it confusing to identify a color or a shape. They will learn them for days and months, yet call the red, an orange while the square, a circle.

It seems difficult for them to determine the exact name of each color and shape. Teaching them such information is an ordeal for parents or even teachers.

It’s easier for kids to learn about shapes and colors while playing. This way, they’re able to retain those learning for a long time.

Color sorting and color matching toys are helpful for your kids. They may not know about the color names right away. But things will become vivid as they keep playing with those toys regularly.

Some color-learning popular toys are:

  • Kid Made Modern Rock Crayons
  • Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set
  • Melissa & Doug Stack & Sort Board
  • Hape Rainbow Battle
  • Grimm’s 7 Friends in A Bowl

Matching shapes and building blocks help your kids learn about shapes and sizes. Give your baby toys with different shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangular, oval, hexagon, etc., so they can explore their architectural mind through playing.

The following toys can playfully teach your kid about shapes and sizes:

  • Five Colum Shape Matching
  • Wooden Geometric Puzzle Shape
  • Geometric Stacker Wooden Stacking Toy
  • Wooden Train Toddler Toys
  • Wooden Number Blocks Stacking

Educational Toys Can Introduce Your Kids to Basic Concepts

educational toys
Educational Toys Can Introduce Your Kids to Basic Concepts

You want to let your kids explore the world: the humans, the animals, the plants, the vegetables, and what not!

Various human body learning toys are available in the market for kids. These awesome human-miniatures act as children’s anatomy lessons.

Buy them a zoo farmer toy if you want your kid to learn about animals. He will learn the animal names as he keeps organizing the zoo toy every day.

Your kiddo can quickly learn about the country name if you buy them a puzzle map.

Kids always learn faster if receive the information in a fun way. Once they’ve learned something, they’ll rarely forget, or get confused about them in the future.

Buy them the toys you think should inspire your kids to know new stuff.

Educational Toys may Develop Socioemotional Skill

educational toys
Educational Toys may Develop Social-Emotional Skill

Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded in one of their studies that playing during primary care for kids up to 5 years helps significantly in socioemotional development.

Sharing, caring, loving, and understanding are integral parts of socializing. We learn from things that we see in our childhood. And playing comprised a major portion of our childhood.

Always encourage your kids to play with other kids, share things with them, and care for them. Buy your kids those toys which will help them socialize.

Some notable socializing toys are:

  • American Girl Dolls
  • Kimochis 
  • PlayCore Playsets at Lowes
  • Hape International Eggspressions
  • Aeromax My First Career Gear

Are Educational Toys Fun?

Yes, educational toys are fun for your kids. It helps your kids to learn things indirectly and under no pressure at all. Mostly, babies aren’t aware that they’re learning something through playing with the toys.

You have to motivate your kids into playing with the educational toys rather than making it obligatory. Pushing them won’t sustain their interest. How you’re presenting educational toys to your kids also plays a vital role in their acceptance.

Another way to hold their interest in playing with educational toys is by playing with them. Kids can engage in games more when their parents join them in the fun.

Why Should You Buy Educational Toys?

Parents mostly prefer multipurpose stuff. Educational toys serve you that multipurpose nicely in teaching your kids.

Below are some good reasons to buy your kids educational toys:

  • Physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth for kids
  • Stronger bonding with your kids. When in need of any help, they’ll come to ask for your help
  • Educational toys are learning tools through entertainment
  • Comprehensive learning method at reasonable prices
  • Fair learning period
  • An everlasting motivation for kids to play and learn

Educational Toys Help in Family Bonding!

educational toys
Educational Toys Help in Family Bonding!

One funny thing about the educational toy is, adults find interest in playing with it. When we participate in their games with the same enthusiasm, they enjoy playing with us.

When you play with your kids, they stay near you. Your kids love your engagement with their fun activities.

Sadly, today’s kids are engrossing themselves in smartphones or tabs. They don’t prefer any physical activities or family engagement when they have digital media platforms. They enjoy their own company within the virtual territory.

You can’t let that happen! Your kids must know the value of family bonding. Educational toys will help your kids with that realization.

Educational Toys You should Buy for Your Kid

The educational toy has a minimum age requirement. You should buy educational toys for your kid according to their age and requirements.

On every toy, the manufacturer provides a minimum age-range. Check that instruction on the label before you buy your kid the educational toys.

Minimum Age Requirement is A Concern

educational toys
Minimum Age Requirement is A Concern

Toys have sub-categories on the age limit. Age 0-3 years, age 3+ to 12 years, Age 13+ years, age 18+ years, and so on. Be serious about this age sub-category.

If your one-year-old toddler plays with 3+ toys, those will be risky for him/her. Those toys may injure your baby due to having sharp ages or harder bodies.

A one-year-old baby’s toy is usually soft and harmless. By harmless, I meant those are usually lightweight, soft, and don’t have any spikes that may harm your little bunny.

A three-year-old baby is a little smarter than a one-year-old to identify harmful objects. That’s why their toys also come in harder and bigger shapes.

Educational Toys should Meet Your Kid’s Mental and Physical Requirements  

educational toys
Educational Toys should Meet Your Kid’s Mental and Physical Requirements

The choice of educational toys varies from kids to kids. Most educational toys are unisex. Hence, those toys come in standard colors. It’s less hard for you to choose between a pink and a blue toy.

Suppose, you’ve realized your kid should learn about mechanical stuff because you want him to be an engineer in the future. You have to seed interest in your kid. Therefore, you should buy him a toolbox toy from where your kid will learn about tools.

You may want to see your kid as a future doctor, and then you can get him/her a doctor-set.

Our babies subconsciously make an aim in life based on the games they play regularly. Educational toys would set clarity in their minds for that aim while motivating them toward that aim every day.

If you think your baby has little idea about colors, buy him/her those educational toys to help your baby get a better idea of colors.

You should buy educational toys based on the needs and requirements of your baby. It’s one of the primary purposes of educational toys.

Some Homemade Educational Toys

Maybe it’s the best part of educational toys that you can make some of them at home! These are some cheap and easy ways to help your kid in learning and developing.

Toys with Cardboard

educational toys
Toys with Cardboard

You can make hopscotch for your kids at home. Take long cardboard and give it square shapes. You can cut it with scissors or a cutter. Take a permanent marker and draw numbers in it, or arrow signs, or alphabets, etc.

Applying the same approach, you can make a number puzzle, color puzzle, shape puzzle, and what not! Kids get more interested while playing with unique toys.

Homemade Dough as Toys

educational toys
Homemade Dough as Toys

Color dough toys don’t last long. It gets dirty quickly. But color doughs are fun! It helps your kids learn to mold the doughs into various shapes.

  • Take 1 cup of flour
  • Add some water to it.
  • Make a regular dough. Mix different food colors to make them vibrant.

Your baby will be busy all day long with these color doughs. Don’t let them use it more than one day.

Ask them to make some shapes out of it. These doughs aren’t harmful to your kids.

One-Time Dishes as Toys

educational toys
One-Time Dishes as Toys

You can make a lot of dishes with one-time cups and plates.

Ask your kid to shape a circle with plates. Ask your kid to make a castle with cups. Allow them to make something on their own. It’ll increase their creativity.

Some Common Educational Toys

We have some familiar educational toys, much necessary for your kids. Check below:

Different Types Of Alphabets Puzzle

A wooden alphabet puzzle is perfect for your one-year-old child. They’ll be introduced to the alphabet and the various shapes of it. Alphabet tablet toys are perfect for your two-year-old baby.

Pre-School Toddler Toys

If you’re thinking about your baby’s pre-schooling, you can give your baby some pre-school toddler toys. It will prepare your baby for pre-school. Also, it will help him/her to cope with the new learning environment.

Bottom Line

You must realize the value of educational toys for your kids. Then go for the toys that can help them grow.

Educational toys are something that will help your kid in physical and brain development.

So, buy your kid educational toys without any hesitation.

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