What Does It Take for A Single Mother Raising A Boy?

Single Mother Raising A Boy

A single mother raising a boy is surely one of the most beautiful yet trying phases in a woman’s life. About 10 million single-parent families are headed by single mothers, as per US Census Bureau in 2016.

What goes through a single mother to raise a boy?

It takes for a single mom infinite and unimaginable courage, proper knowledge, emotional balance, behavioral tolerance, family and acquaintance support, and a set of men role models to not only raise but bring out the manhood in the boy.

Though boys tend to develop emotional and behavioral issues raised by single mothers, it’s a challenge every single parent must take.

Sadly, single mothers have to go through predetermined societal and institutional attributes when raising a boy. Such nuisances compel both the mother and the boy to push through mental challenges throughout the upbringing phases.

What should a single mother do to overcome the challenges? Read this article of WomenMinds to have a better view of this matter.

You’re A Single Mom: Begin with An Acceptance

Single Mother Raising A Boy
You’re A Single Mom: Begin with An Acceptance

Being a single mom isn’t a curse; it’s a challenge attributed to you by God, affected by some of your own decisions in life. Develop the following mental states to catch up with the parental singularity:

  • First things first– accept the fact that you’re a single mom, and there’s no changing it unless you’re marrying again.
  • You’re not alone. According to the US Census in 2018, about 25 million below-18 kids live with single parents, out of which 15 million live with single mothers.
  • Accept the fact that you’re a woman, and there’s no way you can replace a father’s place. That still doesn’t count you out of the responsibility of supporting your little man.
  • No matter what society throws upon you and your boy, you have to shun the negativity and keep your heads up.
  • Although you’re not the man, keep encouraging your boy to fight the odds in life, so he can grow into maturity enough to tackle his struggles.

Most importantly, be grateful to God that you have a little man in your life because some moms are proud to have one. Persistent acceptance and gratitude can take you a long way as a single mother.

So, buckle up and board the mom-son lone journey ahead.

Break It Down: Consider Your Boy’s Age as You Go

Whether you’ve borne and delivered your masculine child singly or being divorced or widowed in its infancy, you must learn how to tackle your baby as per its various age stages.

You’re not expected to know all these beforehand during your motherhood, but it’s something you learn and implement as you go through different upbringing stages.

Age 0-3

Be wary about your little teddy’s nutrition. Don’t skip the breastfeeding for up to 2 years, so his overall neural, bone, muscle, and digestive functions don’t grow weak.

Maintain proper hygiene as he learns to play with his toys on the floor. Sanitize his toys, floor, and wherever he may move around to play. Read WomenMinds’ article “How to Sanitize and Disinfect Your Baby’s Toys?” to know more about this.

Age 3-7

Things may get a bit tricky when your little champ starts walking and running. Some male kids are almost impossible to catch as they skitter from room to room.

The best option is to safeguard your rooms, especially the balcony, kitchen, lavatory, and storeroom.

Remember, you can determine a few cool merits in your son as he starts to fling his arms and legs at this age level.

  • Watch closely if he’s able to run faster than other kids of his age.
  • Check if his bone and muscles are robust. Maybe he’s born to be an athlete.
  • Examine how he calculates his toys and manages to keep them after playtime.
  • Check his temper level to achieve something while playing. Does he get agitated easily, or can he keep his cool?
  • Listen carefully to his words. Are they clear enough? Can he learn new words faster or get lost in every second word he tries to speak?

Besides, train him about self-hygiene and the consequences of not following it properly. You can bring home a pet like a puppy or a kitten to teach him about animal care. It’s vital to bring up your boy as a compassionate person for all living creatures.

Age 7-12

This age level is crucial for teaching your son the house responsibilities and taking care of himself.

  • Observe how he manages his clothes before and after school.
  • Test him occasionally if he shows care to you when you require it.
  • Bring him good books so he can learn about human minds, characters, potentials, etc.

Read WomenMinds’ article “40 Best Available and Upcoming Books for Your Kid’s Growth” to have a better idea of what type of books could prove beneficial to your little man.

Make sure his daily screen time is under control. The corona pandemic has caged people within the four walls worldwide, greatly affecting children and teens’ daily screen time.

As of August 2020, 69% of the parents in the United States have shown concern that their children’s screen time has heightened significantly during the pandemic.

Age 12-15

If you, as a single mother, have been able to come to this stage with your son, then you must’ve realized already how delicate this age level is for a boy.

Your son hits puberty during this timeline, which brings along hormonal changes in the physical and emotional aspects. Here, you must be careful as well as diplomatic in discussing and solving matters with him.

Most teens happen to indulge in various recreational activities at this stage, among which some harmful habits may include. Smoking, vaping, pornography, theft, etc. are more prevalent in young minds.

Ensure you maintain some religious, social, and humanitarian practices in your house from an early stage so your son could learn to keep himself away from these detrimental activities.

Even if he falls into some troubles, don’t rebuke him for that, rather show him you care for him and let him know there’s always a chance to change. Consult only experienced people in this regard for a better approach.

Age 15-19

Single Mother Raising A Boy

Many may disagree, but you must start seeing the ideal man in your son from this point on.

You know he’s still young, yet it’s the right time to make him realize that colorful days are soon to be over. Now he must learn to take loads on his shoulders.

You may not compare your teenage days with your male child, but there remain some similarities such as responsibilities, comprehending the outer world, education, dealing with people, vision, etc.

Even if you think your teenage wasn’t much inspiring, it doesn’t mean you should let your boy go astray. Be honest about yourself and your experience so that he can learn from them. Besides, it settles a sense of reliability between you and your son.

Next time he finds himself in an odd situation, he wouldn’t shy away to ask for your help.

10 Things A Single Mother Must Maintain with Her Boy

Raising a boy isn’t a phase of life that would end its effect within a short period. Though most young adult boys leave home after a certain time to go their own way, it’s that point of leaving up to which a single mother must abide by some rules.

Learn about these 10 things a single mother must maintain while raising a boy:

1.   Be the Strongest Woman in His Life

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Be the Strongest Woman in His Life

You can’t live off the sympathy in your solo parenting journey, especially when it comes to a single mother raising a boy. You must be courageous, and that’s that. Be the mama bear if necessary, sometimes.

It’s not about your nature or human character at first, rather the unconditional motherly love that would define you and your boy at certain points in life.

Your little man must look at you and feel the emotional boost to fight through the challenges no matter how big they’re. Since the boy has only you, he’ll look up to you in his very young ages, up to 4-5 at least.

It’s going to be overwhelming raising a boy in a society where people would come at you with almost every single day.

Don’t overreact to society’s ill remarks and negative notions. Stay calm, think them through, and take your next steps. Keep your son’s safety and proper upbringing on top.

2.   Identify His Position in the House

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Identify His Position in the House

Some moms prefer their sons to be the man of the house while others don’t. It’s simply up to you what you prefer your young man to be.

However, the boy must have some domestic responsibilities so that he can learn about his position. Try to maintain a combination of behavioral and work-based house responsibilities with your son.

Let him know that you’re the boss, but he has some proactive roles in the house too.

By roles, I don’t mean only the dishes, gardening, trash bin, etc.

  • Teach him about healthy conversations with people like relatives and acquaintances, neighbors, postman, shopkeepers, children aids, etc.
  • Also, train him on tackling unusual talks with strangers, so he doesn’t give away safety information about the house.
  • Instigate in him the role of nursing. If you’re sick, involve him tactfully in the little house chores like dishing, warming meals, dusting, hygiene rules, etc.
  • Train him to receive phone calls and how to answer them in your absence.

In other words, let him be the deputy in the house, if not the boss himself.

3.   Tell Him about His Dad

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Tell Him about His Dad

There’s no point in rejecting your son from knowing about his father. It’s his natural right to know about his patriarchal background.

Even if you keep lying about him and change the subject on every occasion, he would someday or somewhere see several father figures caring and loving their kids. It’s something you can’t depart from his feelings.

You don’t have to tell him about his father only because he needs to; it’s also because you love your son, and you must part with him the truth he deserves as a kid.

Talk to him about how his dad was like.

  • Don’t ill-talk about his father. It may give you peace of mind, but remember, it’s going to cost your little man psychological distress and a sense of low self-esteem.
  • You must have your emotional sweetness and bitterness about your boy’s father, but don’t throw up everything on the boy when describing him. Be as realistic and neutral as possible.
  • Every boy dreams of his father as the ideal figure, so imagine what your negative remarks could do to his tender feelings. Watch your son if he’s broken or touched by any of your remarks on his father. Encourage him soon to get over it.

Remember, your lonely struggle to raise your boy is true to itself, but a boy must develop a sense of manly attributes in himself following his father.

Besides, today or tomorrow, the genetics will talk itself in your boy’s nature, features, and everything else. There’s no point in hiding it. Be always ready to see that familiar reflection in your little guy as the days pass.

Those natural reflections can set the motion in him to build a stronger and reliable character if you help him nurture those carefully.

4.   Describe Role Models to Inspire Him

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Describe Role Models to Inspire Him

Little boys love to have role models consciously or subconsciously. They can’t help it.

This is what you must capitalize on. Out historical and current worlds are full of real-life heroes out of which you can bring into his view the ones your son may fancy.

Read to him the books on historical figures. Don’t just read them; discuss and explain to your little scholar about their limitations, qualities, struggles, steadfastness, triumph, etc.

Inspire him to ask questions and answer them to your best abilities. That calls for some personal studies too. Educate yourself on the leaders, warriors, prophets, athletes, scientists, etc., to show your son the right role models that suit his traits and potentials.

Most mothers tend to avoid their boys’ fancy to fictional characters like the Marvel, DC, or anime superheroes. The suggestion for those moms is to handle things tactfully.

You should realize kids at certain ages don’t go by the hard and fast rules no matter how sincerely you try to impose on them. Conversely, superhero movies, and animations settle in their minds almost effortlessly. So, what to do?

Sit with them and watch their favorite superheroes and enjoy the shows together. Take him to movies even to share the time out. Follow the storylines and take positive notions so you can make your boy realize the meaningful sides of those entertainments.

You never know which real-life or fictional character stories may work as an effective lesson in your son’s life. Nevertheless, teach him to be a responsible person like Spiderman, Superman, Edward Elric, Naruto, etc.

5.   Let Ideal Men be around Him in Real Life

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Let Ideal Men be around Him in Real Life

The very next step after sharing views on the historical, current, and fictional heroes with your son, it’s imperative you show him some ideal men that exist in your life.

As a mother, you have to be the examiner of sifting out the safe, secure, and appropriate men around you and your boy whom you both can trust and idealize. And you don’t need to go a long way to find such people.

You can start with his grandfather (your or your husband’s dad), uncle, teacher, coach, and even a sober adult boy who lives next door to some extent.

All these men have something to reflect as strong and honest characteristics in them. Altogether, those characters could be something your son can look up to from a very young age.

Have open and short sessions with your little guy.

  • Ask him if he follows someone or finds anyone ideal in his school, neighborhood, or playground who shows appropriateness in dealing with situations. If he confirms about someone, be responsible for checking on that person immediately.
  • Discuss certain policies his granddad or uncle maintains within the family, something you can help him follow and learn gradually.
  • A teacher’s lecture and he’s going about things may project ideal traits, which you can advise your son to follow and learn. Integrity, discipline, perseverance, academic excellence, etc., should be attained by your son to his utmost ability.
  • No man should be looked down upon even if he’s a minor age. You can identify some teen males who show responsible attitudes towards their daily activities like house chores, respecting elders, being honest to their work and study, tolerance level to atrocities of life, etc. A much younger example could prove more effective.
  • Ask your son to look around and observe the daily wage earners and those with low income, such as cleaners, sweepers, street hawkers, etc. Make him realize how intense and valuable their lives labors are and that he must learn to be a hard-working person every day.

6.   Learn to Like His Favorites and Share Yours

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Learn to Like His Favorites and Share Yours

Want to be your son’s favorite mom? Then love the things your young buttercup usually loves. It’s a blind shot that never fails the target.

Remember, the earlier you develop sharing both your things with each other, the more your little guy would be comfortable at this. It’s essential in creating a trustworthy bond between a single mother and her boy.

My mom used to take me to movies of my likings during my tender years and share her favorite foods and places with me. She would not only buy me my favorite comics and novels but read them to me in her leisure. I swear it worked so efficiently that we share an invaluable friendliness between us even in my 30s.

It may be hard initially to get fond of whatever your son loves to do, wear, or watch, but you have to get used to it over time. It means a lot to him since it shows you care.

Don’t keep it just one-sided. Share with your boy your favorite things, too, as long as it doesn’t cross the adult line. Your favorite things may include books, movies, games, hobbies, places, etc.

Don’t share favorite things only. Spend quality times with him. Your boy would love the one-to-one attention as it makes him feel special.

Share opinions and listen to what he has to say about particular things like sports, events, news, family matters, personal feelings, and the like. Don’t cross him as he speaks. Be patient while listening to him and show him you value his opinions.

7.   Get Him the Dad Again When It’s Opportune

It’s your choice to move on in life to find a new life-partner, but consider your little man if he’s ready to share his love with another parent at that moment.

Although many single mothers would skip the young opinions and choices, it’s wise to be patient before letting someone in. You’ve raised or been raising your kiddo with love and care, but remember, he deserves some respect too.

Rushing your second conjugal life may tear a sensitive love-string between you and your son. It’s something you may regret later. No one has the right to blame you for this, but you wouldn’t love to watch your young guy breaking inside eventually due to this move.

Selecting a partner who’s going to accept both you and your son would be the best decision. Don’t make a regrettable choice.

You can do a few things before taking the final steps:

  • Introduce your boy to the man you’re planning to make your life partner. Making them see each other would reveal to you how much they like each other.
  • Talk to your son openly if he liked the guy. Respect his observations and preferences. Again, think thoroughly if your selection could harm your son’s comfort zone.
  • Talk to the guy you’re seeing. See if he’s honest and positive about having your son in the new family. If something seems odd or unsatisfactory, let it be and move on.
  • Consult with the people who’re loyal to you. Sometimes, your personal view is strengthened and enlightened by the support of the people around you. If your best buddy, family member, or a wise colleague reassures you on your choice considering your son’s best interest, you may go for it.

If nothing from the above works, don’t panic and move on. Nothing is more important than the smile on your kid’s face. Maybe you’ll come across the right guy somewhere down the lane. Good things come late, but they come at the right moment.

8.   Trust Your Boy in Decision Making

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Trust Your Boy in Decision Making

You can’t hold your boy’s every decision for your final approval for the rest of his life. He’ll have to take his decisions one day, and those will be the hardest sometimes.

It’s wise and essential to let your little man practice taking small decisions from early life. And such determination may start from even choosing his new clothes, selecting friends, sharing an opinion about the room’s color, selecting a school, etc.

He may fail, but he will learn from those failures if he gets the necessary support from your end. Don’t be mad at him for his mistakes. Rather show him his miscalculations and the possible ways he could take for a better outcome. Hence, he will be able to rewire his thought process.

Jason Rosario, the Executive Producer and host of the Yahoo News Original opines that trusting your motherly instinct is necessary. Still, it’s just as important to trust your son in his adolescence to make important life decisions, regardless of how small or big it is.

Trusting him in making hard decisions will pay you off greatly in the later parts of his life. Decisions including study, job, higher education, career goal, marriage, or any difficult situation will seem a lot easier to him if he starts making them earlier in life.

9.   Allow Him into Your Emotional Vulnerability

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Allow Him into Your Emotional Vulnerability

Raising a boy can become emotionally stressful from time to time for a single mother. Here, many moms take it wrongfully to stay strong in the course of lone motherhood.

Being strong isn’t refusing to share your emotional downfalls with your son. Get it straight. Your son will become a man eventually, and caring for your emotional turmoil should be his responsibility.

Sharing with your son what’s bothering you will not only lighten your heart but infuse in him the realization of true caring. Sharing yours, the ideal and most loved person’s misery, he will learn to empathize with others as he grows into a man.

Be brave to share your limitations, fear, and vulnerability, so your little man grows into learning what those human sides mean.

If you’re unable to buy him his favorite cloth or toy, tell him straight why you can’t. Let him know you feel as bad as he does for not fulfilling his demand.

It’s okay if you sometimes cry in front of him. Young boys may feel disturbed or hesitate to encounter their mother’s weeping, but if they do, don’t neglect their concern.

Tell him what you feel. It will lighten his heart and make him feel responsible for his mother. Besides, sharing your innate thoughts and pores in the heart with an innocent soul would give you a sense of purity in return.

10.              Watch Him Make His Way Out

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Watch Him Make His Way Out

It feels harder than it sounds to let him go one day. However, every little boy grows into a man one day to step over the threshold and out in the world.

Although it culturally differs worldwide if a matured young man would leave his house, most parents develop this mindset to watch them leaving subconsciously, whether they desire it or not.

Leaving you alone or with someone else may come into your son’s life owing to various reasons: job, higher education, unwanted conflicts, and so on. You may even lose him in court if his father fights for his possession at an early age.

But growing yourself ready to see him off one day would prove beneficial for your son in many ways. It’s worthwhile to detach from the love paradise you two have built over the years. It’s then he would learn to be on his own to deal with life.

You’ve taught him to make his own decisions in life. Now it’s your turn to watch him implement those in real life.

  • You’ve taught him in his childhood how to walk. Now watch him walk alone.
  • You’ve made him able to make good decisions. Now see how he manages his real-life dilemmas.
  • You’ve gathered in him the courage to fight the evil and the odds, now leave him to his own struggle.
  • He’s learned from you that it’s important to be empathetic as it’s essential to be a man. Now it’s his turn to live that manly life.

You’re letting him go, not because you don’t care anymore, but you want to allow him his due share of life, educated and prepared. And because one day, if he returns, you will embrace him with the same love and security he needs.

The Other Impartible Things

1.   Having Man Talks are Important

It may come as a puzzling phase in life when you must talk to your son about the manly things. Someone has to take that responsibility, and you may be the only person he could trust.

No one’s asking you to put on the man’s suit and a mustache to talk your son out. It’s all in the mindset. You can consult with his granddad, uncle, teacher, or anyone reliable before sitting with him.

Talk to him according to his age and comprehension level. Make him understand gradually what a responsible man is, how he works for others, what qualities a man should attain, etc.

·       Attitude

Speak with him about man’s attitude. Tell him to keep his head high, but his attitude modest.

Don’t just talk. Listen carefully to what he feels about his attitude and everyone he sees around. His opinion is vital because that will help you define his perception to an extent.

Teach him that respect also underlies his attitude. And his respect should be equal to everyone: his parents, family members, neighbors, school mates, teachers, strangers, and so on.

·       Motivation

Life never goes on without effective motivation. You require this in every tiniest phase of life, then why not your champ?

Don’t compare your boy with another tough kid like he’s meant to be like that. Rather, motivate him to flourish his potentials and attain smaller goals every day, week, month, or year.

Educate him what failure means. Be positive yourself and inspire him to collect the positive sides from his failures in the study, sports, hobbies, career, etc.

Remember, persistent demotivation may result in a catastrophic end. As per a 6-year (2013-18) stat in New Zealand, male youths aging 10-14 have increasingly committed suicide due to failure and depression.

Your son’s life is way more precious than achieving some successes in life. Both of you must learn that very early in your journey.

·       Feelings

Mothers are naturally more emotional than any other creatures in the world, and we all affirm that. But does it mean a male child must be free of emotions and feelings from his tender age?

A male child must learn to control his feelings, not rejecting them for good. And at an early age, it’s important to know how he feels about certain things like family members, house chores, school mates, teachers, etc.

Societies and even some family members may suggest you overlook your son’s feelings and focus on his strengths, but you’re the only one who can understand his feelings and put them into the right places.

2.   Don’t Overlook the Guy Things

In addition to the philosophical and emotional aspects of the man talks, you must address some crucial sides of a man’s health as your male child is growing.

Those aspects include:

·       Biological

The lifestyle of American parents greatly impacts the biological and social behaviors of preschoolers.

You must know as a single mother how to maintain your boy’s lifestyle from an early age. Merilyn Wedge, Ph.D., a family therapist for over 30 years, has analyzed American and French kids’ lifestyles and family discipline to sort out the different consequences.

Merilyn says in her article Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD? that American parents have much lesser control over their kids regarding choices and decision making. In contrast, French parents show the opposite scenario.

Besides, American clinicians focus more on drugs than proper nutrition to treat ADHD and other psychosocial complications in kids. French clinicians concentrate on family and social structures, kid’s personal goals, feelings, etc., says Merilyn.

Hence, learn more about proper nutrition, self-discipline, adequate restriction, etc., so you can help your son developing a healthy biological function as he grows.

·       Sexual

It’s a liability on both single and dual parents to educate their kids on sexual health and its relevant matters.

It’s mostly embarrassing for a single mother to acknowledge and speak on her son’s reproductive health, especially when the son goes into adolescence. However, you can be his very first source to trustily put him at ease regarding such matters.

Male children can indulge in sexually abusive activities when they grow up, be it abusive to themselves or others. That’s why it’s urgent to talk them out about this sensitive yet naturally responsive matter.

According to a study report in Ethiopia in 1999, parents hardly share or acknowledge their kids’ reproductive health. The adolescents more prefer peer discussions in growing their knowledge of sexual activities.

Besides, you can encourage him to read comprehensive medical books to learn about reproductive health and its relevant matters. You can also talk to his school teachers if they have such lessons in their curriculum.

·       Hygiene

Hygiene is something you must maintain from both ends. Your personal hygiene is as important as it’s for your boy. Considering the current pandemic, you must maintain family hygiene thoroughly.

  • Keep your mouth clean inside out before touching or cuddling your buttercup.
  • Sanitize and wash your hands and train him to do the same after using the lavatory or returning home from the school or playground.
  • Grow knowledge on transmittable diseases like flu, hepatitis A or B, measles, etc., and educate your boy on them too.
  • Teach him to maintain dental hygiene. Make him brush twice or at least once a day. Besides, make sure he rinses the mouth with clean water after eating or drinking something sweet or sticky.
  • Practice keeping a handkerchief with you so your little guy can learn the same.
  • Take your son to the doctor’s at least 2-4 times a year. Keep in touch with the government health workers if that is helpful and cheaper than regular clinics in your geographic location.

3.   Step up to The Society

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Step up to The Society

Standing up to society is ever-challenging in a single mother’s life. No one’s going to assess your inner struggles. Only big brainless mouths will be prevalent.

Faltering is natural for a single mother raising a boy, but you must stand back and fight on with refined enthusiasm. If you believe you can put the best effort into your ability to raise your kiddo, then don’t wait for other’s vague opinions.

Keep around some loyal people so you can consult with them to boost your morale whenever in need. Remember, your little guy is a gift from God, which you must treasure through trials and strivings.

Besides moral uplifting, you must take the practical situations under consideration. A single mother may come across various uncomfortable encounters down the street or any deserted place.

Learn and practice self-defense techniques so you can fight your way through the crisis. Admit your son to a self-defense class so he can develop physical defensive skills from a very early age. Kids these days start learning martial arts from as early as 4-5.

4.   Seek Appropriate Education for Your Little Scholar

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Seek Appropriate Education for Your Little Scholar

Education is tricky; believe it or not.

At first, it depends on one’s genetic gifts or shortcomings that determine what particular subjects a boy would be good or bad at.

Then come the quality and quantity of practice, appropriate environment, useful tools and accessories, proper guidance, and an occasional touch of inspiration. You can’t everything mentioned here for your son, but one must strive to achieve them.

Develop the growth mindset than preferring the fixed mindset. Don’t impose on your son about getting the highest grades. Rather ask him how much he has comprehended from learning. Grades are important, but without understanding, they’re merely figures.

Give him nice books so he can learn from other sources to widen his perception. If he’s too young to read, you read to them regularly.

Talk to his teachers to know what academic pitfalls your boy’s going through. But make sure your son’s mental state of learning, weaknesses, fears, etc., must be taken into account no matter what the teacher says.

Read WomenMind’s article “An Effective Guide to Boost Your Child’s Academic Performance” to learn more about an effective approach to a child’s academic functions.

5.   Value those Recreational and Extracurricular Activities

Single Mother Raising A Boy
Value those Recreational and Extracurricular Activities

It’s unwise to establish a caged rule for your child where he’s only allowed to study, eat, and sleep. You’re not only loading pressure on his mind but erasing his other potentials.

Be a responsible mother to let your son play, nap, walk, or simply rest in between studies. You’re the one who can determine and regulate his daily recreational and extracurricular activities.

Let your little champ do some hustle and bustle around the house with his pet, kick some soccer at the playground with his little buddies, or scribbling on the paper his imaginations.

Studies say extracurricular activities help children grow a cooperative mindset toward others. The Journal of Park Recreation and Administration of 2008 says extracurricular recreational activities help children achieve psychosocial and academic excellence.

Recommended Books for A Single Mother Raising A Boy

Whether there’s a scholar in you or not, reading will aid you fabulously raising your boy.

If you’re looking for some best guides on a single mother raising a boy, put your nose down to these following books:

  1. Single Moms Raising Sons: Preparing Boys to Be Men When There’s No Man Around
  2. Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise
  3. Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys
  4. Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You
  5. The Single Mother’s Guide to Raising Remarkable Boys

Not everything in these books will help you directly in bringing up your kiddo effectively. Mark the phrases as you read that seem relatable and applicable in your mom-boy life course.

Make a clear and easy checklist to start with some indications from the books you read. Try to apply them daily and see what happens after a while.

If you luckily happen to be a journalist or a columnist, you may even interview one or two of the authors of these books for better learning things about raising a male child.

Final Thoughts

Maintain a stable and realistic mindset while having hope about your son’s future. Know this, you can only guide him to the right path, but it’s his effort and destiny that can give him the results.

Aspiration is alright, but refusing him of his rightful goals to attain your aspirations is wrong.

You may look at another single mother raising a boy to learn how she carries out her duties and responsibilities. Again, not everything will seem indifferent between two mothers, but there’s always a scope for learning.

Finally, love the journey you’ve taken as a single mother to bring up your love of life. There will be peaks and valleys in the lives of you two, but don’t despair.

Have faith in God, in yourself, and of course, your son. Being positive and courageous will take you a long way in your journey.

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