17 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Parties with Perfect Attires

Short hairstyles for parties

Short hairstyles for parties aren’t a new thing anymore. Endless short hairstyles with a multitude of variations have become a trend altogether.

Besides, you must decide what attires to put on to hit the party with a short hairstyle.

Hair is a significant part of a woman’s beauty and a part of her self-esteem. Even the hair color, length, and texture of a woman say a lot about her personality.

A negative or positive review from a stranger walking into a party also dramatically affects them. People can be very judgmental, especially in interactive social places like social gatherings or parties.

A woman with a short hairstyle is perceived as confident as she has nothing to hide. Though it’s a debatable topic, people’s views on short hair versus those with long hair vary from people to people or even with gender.

This article of WomenMinds has rounded up 17 short hairstyles for parties with a touch of a recommended outfit for each style. Let’s jump on to the list below:

1.  Multi-Colored Pixie Cut

Multi-Colored Pixie Cut

It might be a little challenging to come up with innovative ideas about short hairstyles for parties. So, it’s the time for color and texture to overpower hot tools and scissors. And here comes the Multi-Colored Pixie.

Using innovative colors like burgundy, golden blonde, or orange will create an exciting look in the front. It’s interesting as it might not overpower the cropped haircut.

What to Wear

Short hairstyles for parties
What to Wear

It’s wise to add feminine touches to the outfit as the haircut may give a sense of a tomboy look. Adding feminine touches may go a bit easy on that.

Laces, embellished tops, bright colors, florals, fitted skirts, etc. suite well with the multi-colored pixie haircut and will prove perfect for party attire. You better avoid baggy or loose outfits.

2.  Choppy Bob

Short hairstyles for parties
Choppy Bob

This hairstyle is of chin-length on which girls can spice things up with some choppy layers. It’s a bit different than a classic bob cut as it’s done when you get textured-layers cut on your hair to create a beachy, effortless finish.

Hence, it consumes much lesser time, enabling you to get the facial makeup done with perfection. After all, punctuality is a significant factor when it comes to attending a party.

What to Wear

Short hairstyles for parties
What to Wear Choppy-Bob

Wearing a strapless is best suited to a choppy bob hairstyle as it allows you to flaunt your hair, neck, and significantly, the face. Large earrings, statement necklaces, and headbands add a feminine touch to balance the outlook in accessories.

3.  Blonde Layered Crop

Short hairstyles for parties
Blonde Layered Crop

This hairstyle suits best to round faces as the side angled bang of the hairstyle slims full cheeks. It contains a short dark-brown base, incorporating shades of blonde into it.

What to Wear

A white and body fitting outfit looks best in the haircut. Many celebrities wear white dresses with blonde layered crop haircuts.

4.  Highlighted Faux-Hawk

The Faux-Hawk hairstyle is for women in schools who dream of roaming the fashion world and fancy doing experiments.

This hairstyle is a bit boyish and allows you to cut very short on both sides while keeping the middle portion a bit wavy.

What to Wear

Wearing full sleeves will do justice for a highlighted faux-hawk haircut.

5.  Edgy Bob with Shaved Side

Short hairstyles for parties
Edgy Bob with Shaved Side

This trendy haircut allows you to balance the shaved side by mixing a violet pop with a concise section that can break up the black hair color.

What to Wear

A blackish, classy sleeveless outfit best suits the Edgy Bob with Shaved Side haircut, imposing a positive dark vibe.

6.  Curly Top with Etched Side

The Curly Top with Etched Side guarantees an utter tough look for the women. Because honestly, those wide curls and a shaved side are definitely going to raise several eyebrows around you as you walk through.

What to Wear

Since this short hairstyle goes well with women from a creative background such as graphics or interior design, wearing a dark-colored dress with full sleeves is the best for this haircut.

7.  Bold Undercut for Fine Hair

Short hairstyles for parties
Bold Undercut for Fine Hair

Bold Undercut is especially suitable for women with thin hair. This haircut involves undercutting and dyeing of hair to gain the luscious short locks.

The hair appears denser with a dark color underneath. The slight height of the slicked-back bangs prevents locks from looking limp and lackluster.

It’s one of the trendiest short hairstyles for parties as to the trend shifts from bob to bold undercut.

What to Wear

Any colorful outfit with a blend of red, blue, green, or purple suits this haircut because of the uniqueness it gives. It also shows high self-esteem for women at parties. It reflects a deep self-confidence to interact with people easily.

8.  Two-Toned Hairstyle

Short hairstyles for parties
Two-Toned Hairstyle

This hairstyle is most famous among black girls with short curly hairs since it can blend the colors harmoniously into a closely cropped cut.

The brown color of the skin and the blonde color above the forehead pick up on the warm golden undertones. These features suit the skin tone and turn the girl brighter and more confident.

What to Wear

Short hairstyles for parties
What to Wear Two-Toned Hairstyle

You’ll do best wearing brightly colored clothes with this hairstyle at parties. Your confidence and heartiness would spread instantly across the people.

Keep your eyes open as you’re attracting a lot of people towards you.

9.  Girls Messy Layered Style

Short hairstyles for parties
Girls Messy Layered Style

This hairstyle requires minimum styling, enabling you to spend ample time choosing an outfit and doing makeup.

Your entrance must create a big impression for any party, and for it to have a dramatic effect, you can push the hair forward. It will show off your short hair at the back.

What to Wear

Short hairstyles for parties
What to Wear Girls Messy Layered Style

Dark colors may suit the hairstyle as it may match with other people at the party. Thus, it enables yourself to groom and start a conversation with others.

10.  Modern Purple Mullet

Short hairstyles for parties
Modern Purple Mullet

This hairstyle may not go with the term ”mullet” and can work excellently. In this hairstyle, the sides are very short, and the top has a long enough length to create a great contrast between rebelliousness and cleanliness.

The middle part of the hair has a spiky styling. And adding a sultry amount of purple color creates a fun and edgy impact on the people. Indeed, you steal the attention at the party as a jolly and lively person.

What to Wear

You should wear bright colored outfits like red or yellow, and maybe, purple too.

11.  Short Messy Bob

Short hairstyles for parties
Short Messy Bob

It may appear to you that a short haircut in girls is a bit stark. The positive side is, it can be soft and feminine too.

Choppy hairs in Short Messy Bob style with right and delicate colors can do two things in girls. It can adapt to the face in quite a friendly manner and soften its strong vibe.

You can customize it by adding a few more highlights to it according to your best choice.

What to Wear

Dresses of greyish color suit the girls most with this haircut at parties due to the softened vibe it creates.

12.  Ginger Pixie – Bob

Short hairstyles for parties
Ginger Pixie – Bob

You will always strive for perfection, and anyone with short hair knows the struggle of growing it evenly or perfectly.

The Ginger Pixie-Bob transition allows for distributing the hair’s weight due to the few short top layers. To distract it from creating any unevenness, you may color the hair with a bright color.

What to Wear

Short hairstyles for parties
What to Wear Ginger Pixie-Bob

Ginger Pixie-Bob may not be party-friendly, but a few loose clothes may look lovely with this haircut. These clothes with this haircut are best to create a homely vibe at the parties.

13.  Vintage Cropped Curls

Short hairstyles for parties
Vintage Cropped Curls

The most important part of having short hair is maintaining the feminine look and ignoring the boyish vibe.

If you can pull off a few strategic curls, you can create a vintage style that is both eye-catching and feminine. Using mousse could be the best trick to add volume around your cut’s crown and secure the curls around your face loosely.

What to Wear

A white outfit is best to wear with this hairstyle in casual parties, comprising friends and family.

14.  Super Short Fringe and Slides

Short hairstyles for parties
Super Short Fringe and Slides

This hairstyle is appropriate for girls with oval-shaped faces and short hairs.

A style-boasting cropped front and sides may highlight your best facial features. You may improvise it by keeping a considerable amount of hair on top, big enough to have crunched layers or even spikes.

What to Wear

Black is the color you’re looking for in your wardrobe in a special event if the Fringe and Slides are your style.

15.  Stacked Platinum Wedge

Short hairstyles for parties
Stacked Platinum Wedge

The old wedge cut is modernized with a silver shade and a steep slant from back to front.

To make it a little less severe, you can add textured layers and show off the sharp shape with super straightened locks.

What to Wear

If you wear a brighter platinum color or a glossy silver, you will look dazzling. But don’t mind wearing dark colors, especially dark blue or black, because the contrast works wonders here.

16.  Girl’s Buzz Cut

Short hairstyles for parties
Girl’s Buzz Cut

It’s the most dramatic of them all!

The most typical way to do it is just by shaving off all the hair. But to make things a little interesting, you keep a slight fade for winning an edgy look.

What to Wear

Black suits the most due to the sense of darkness it brings with the Buzz Cut, making you an impressive figure at parties.

17.  Silver Pixie Quiff

Short hairstyles for parties
Silver Pixie Quiff

For girls who’re planning to keep their hair short but despise sacrificing its length, the Pixie Quiff is for them. It’s one of the most amazing short hairstyles you can have.

It creates a great contrast of the short hairs on the sides and back with the top’s long ones. A perfect hairspray and a lot of combing will make you ready to crash into the party.

What to Wear

Brown and black should rule over the other colors in your wardrobe with this hairstyle. To make yourself entirely ready for the party, a matching earring with your outfit’s color is just what you need to make an impression.

Bottom Line

A short hairstyle is always elegant. Short hair is easy to maintain. Almost all colors perfectly blend with the short hairstyles.

Look into the mirror. Be confident enough that the dress you’ve selected is going with your hairstyle perfectly.

Remember, the hairstyle is a transient matter, and the current trend will transition in no time. So, explore more styles, talk to the experts, and choose the short hairstyle that suits you best at the parties.

Lastly, balance your wardrobe’s collection and the short hairstyles you’re eying to match and thrive at the parties.

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