A Guide to Removing Makeup for Different Skin Types

Removing Makeup

Women’s makeup may give them a pristine look, but they have to be careful about their different skin types while removing makeup.

Most women out there simply love wearing makeup, but they sure don’t like wearing it 24/7! They remove makeup after a long tiring day. It may look like removing makeup is the same for all types of skin, but it’s not!

Why is it so important to know different skin types while removing makeup?

You may prize all those makeup items in your makeup kit, but one thing that you mostly overlook is the makeup remover. If you know your skin type, it helps you choose the best makeup remover for your skin. One must know if her skin type is dry or dehydrated, oily, or something in between for removing makeup effectively.

Thus, you can select, buy, or make a suitable makeup remover at home to wipe out the short or long-wearing makeup without harming your facial skin.

Removing makeup is a must. This article will help you to remove your makeup properly, based on your skin type!

Skin Problems Due to Not Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup
Skin Problems Due to Not Removing Makeup

Removing the makeup before sleeping is necessary, and every woman should do it to keep her skin healthy and fresh.

Some women sometimes return home, tired and stressed, and go to sleep without removing cosmetics on their skin. Little do they know how badly this habit can affect their skin.

Below are some skin problems you may encounter by not removing makeup timely and properly:

1.     Your Skin Becomes Dry and Dull 

Removing Makeup
Dry Skin

Sleeping with makeup damages the natural collagen cells in the skin, and then the skin becomes dry, less fresh, and dull, in addition to causing premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

2.     Depriving the Skin of Regeneration and The Appearance of Pimples

Removing Makeup
Depriving the Skin of Regeneration and The Appearance of Pimples

The night is the period when the skin is renewed, but not removing the makeup before sleeping obstructs the skin’s breathing. Thus, cells cannot renew themselves and achieve their balance, resulting in acne, spurning cheating, and chin.

3.     Eye Irritation and Lip Cracks

Removing Makeup
Eye Irritation and Lip Cracks

Failure to clean the skin from the effects of cosmetics before sleeping results in irritation and redness of the eyes from the mascara, cracking and drying the lips from lip red

Different Skin Types

Removing Makeup
Different Skin Types

Many of us cannot determine our skin types, which can cause us to follow the wrong skincare methods, exacerbating skin problems.

Let’s get to know some common skin types below:

1.    Normal Skin

Removing Makeup
Normal Skin

Normal or regular skin is scientifically called eudermic, a skin characterized by the balance of its appearance, secretions, and texture.

It’s not greasy and dry but lies in the middle in a healthy balance.

What Does A Normal Skin Look Like?

Some features of normal skin:

  • Acne or pimples are rare.
  • Narrow and natural pores.
  • Soft-touch.
  • Looks crispy and fresh.
  • Skin with a uniform color and look.
  • Near flawless skin.

2.    Oily Skin

Removing Makeup
Oily Skin

Oily skin is a skin type that requires special care in your daily routine due to its excessive sebum secretion and being more prone to various skin problems, particularly acne.

Different elements play a role in getting this type of skin, such as genetics, anxiety, hormonal changes, drugs, nutrition, and unhygienic products.

How Will You Recognize an Oily Skin?

Ways to know that you have oily skin:

  1. It looks shiny and a little greasy (or oily)
  2. Remarkably wide pores.
  3. Skin is highly susceptible to acne, especially in the T-zone, the forehead, and around the nose and chin.
  4. A skin that generally looks younger than its age.

3.    Dry skin


Dry skin can sometimes reach an irritably cracking level and peel.

Several factors can play a part in this drought, such as genes, weather, age, and skin exposure to contaminated water and UV ray for relatively long periods.

How Will You Recognize A Dry Skin?

Some features of dry skin:

  • Crafty skin that may contain crusts.
  • A constant feeling of some kind of tension in the skin.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Texture and heterogeneous appearance.

4.    Mixed Skin

Removing Makeup
Mixed Skin

Mixed skin sometimes combines the two forms described above, i.e., dry and oily skin. Here, the skin appears dry or natural in some areas of the face, whereas it appears oily and may have pimples in other areas.

The skin and the problems that appear in it may differ depending on several factors. These may include genetics, products, and the weather.

What Does the Mixed Skin Look Like?

Some of the most important characteristics of mixed skins are:

  • A sparkling look in some parts of the face, particularly in the T-zone.
  • Wide and massive pores.
  • Blackheads.
  • Acne or pimples that appear on the nose, chin, or forehead.
  • Highly sensitive cheeks.

5.    Sensitive Skin

Removing Makeup
Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a type of skin that appears to be sensitive rapidly, and you can use only a few preparations where the choices are often limited to a few items and products.

Sensitive skin usually has a group of things and substances that may irritate, so try as much as possible to distinguish what irritates your skin and avoid it completely.

What Does A Sensitive Skin Look Like?

Some of the most important characteristics of sensitive skin are:

  • Temporary redness of the skin, particularly after having a shower with hot water or eating a spicy meal.
  • A constant feeling of tightness and itchiness in the skin
  • Persistent dryness.
  • The feeling of burning.
  • Skin can become oily in heat and dry in the cold.

Ways to Remove Makeup for Different Skin Types?

Removing Makeup
Ways to Remove Makeup for Different Skin Types

One of the main steps for a woman in her skincare system is to remove the makeup every evening before going to bed, requiring her to choose a suitable makeup remover for her skin type.

You should choose a remover that cleans the layers of makeup on the surface and the pores to let your skin breathe. Also, keep it fresh and free from impurities.

So, be sure to choose the right type of makeup to remove it properly. Try not to expose your skin problems and clog the pores in the process.

Ensure the skin’s purity and cleanliness not only by washing it with a regular cleaning product every evening but with a makeup remover that suits its kind.

Especially, as the skin cells work during the sleeping hours to completely renew its cells and produce more collagen and elastin fibers to complete this vital function, it’s essential to clog the pores perfectly.

You can imagine what the appearance of the skin will end up inside and out. Free, loose chevrons will attack it, damage it over days, and allow thin lines to appear.

Besides, pimples and blackheads may take over, so don’t forget to remove the powder with the right makeup remover every evening, no matter how stressed you are.

1.    Remove Makeup from Dry Skin

Leaving makeup on the skin, especially at night, and sleeping with it harms your skin because cosmetics contain a lot of harmful chemicals that cause wrinkles over time and the appearance of skin problems, and some girls leave makeup on the skin either because of negligence and laziness or the high price of makeup removers.

Remove Makeup from A Dry Skin by Using Home Ingredients 

  1. Honey Makeup Remover:
Removing Makeup
Honey Makeup Remover

If your skin has a dull complexion and you want to make your skin lively, then apply the honey mask. The honey mask can remove makeup and make your skin glowing by removing dead skin cells.

Honey is enriched in antibacterial properties, making it a perfect remedy for acne or acne scars.

Instructions to Follow:

  • Step-1: Spread a teaspoon of pure honey directly on your skin.
  • Step-2: Massage it gently and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Step-3: Remove the honey and makeup with a towel moistened with warm water.

This will help you eliminate the remnants of beauty products, moisturize the skin, and resist acne because honey naturally contains antibacterial. Honey helps your skin get rid of dead skin cells due to having an enzyme.

  1. Rosewater Makeup Remover:
Removing Makeup
Rosewater Makeup Remover

Rosewater is soothing, moisturizing, and refreshing for your skin. It helps improve the blood circulation of the skin and helps restore the production of natural oils.

Instructions to Follow:

  • Step-1: Dip the cotton pieces in rose water.
  • Step-2: Gently rub them over your skin and face.
  • Step-3: Repeat this once every day, preferably after washing your face.
  1. Jojoba Oil Makeup Remover:

It’s an excellent skin moisturizer and cleanser for all skin types. It reduces dryness and promotes the growth of new cells in your skin.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm your skin. You can make the same recipe using argan oil instead of jojoba oil.

Instructions to Follow:

  • Step-1: Soak a towel in 2 cups of warm water
  • Step-2: Gently rub it on your face skin for 5-7 minutes, then let it dry.
  • Step-3: After that, massage jojoba oil on the skin in circular motions, and you should do it once or twice a week.
  1. Shampoo and Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover:
Removing Makeup
Shampoo and Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

You can remove waterproof mascara and eye makeup by using a mixture of baby shampoo and coconut oil as follows:

What do you need?

  • 1/2 tablespoon of baby shampoo
  • 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Enough water to fill the container
  • A piece of cotton
  • A jar or bottle to mix and storage

Instructions to Follow:

  • Step-1: Put the baby shampoo in a clean bottle.
  • Step-2: Add some coconut oil or olive oil to the shampoo, and stir together until smooth.
  • Step-3: Pour the water over the ingredients until they fill the bottle, and then shake well.
  • Step-4: Dip a ball of cotton into the ingredients, and then wipe the face out to remove eye makeup.

Skin Care after Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup
Skin Care after Removing Makeup

Make sure to follow proper steps for dry skin. Here are some suggestions in this regard:

  1. Make sure you use a humidifier at home to keep your skin hydrated.
  2. Use sunscreen when you go out in the daytime. The shield here not only protects the skin from damage due to the sun but keeps it moist.
  3. Moisturize the skin externally with suitable moisturizing creams while moisturize it internally by drinking adequate water.
  4. Make sure that the shower period is relatively short.

Best 5 Products to Remove Makeup from A Dry Skin   

  1. Estee Lauder Perfectly Triple-Action:

It is a fully integrated product to remove makeup from dry skin and fits all other skin types, giving you daily and weekly cleaning in complete safety.

It reduces irritation and does not harm sensitive skin. Its dependence on natural plants and minerals also delays aging for a trio of cleaning, protection, and permanent youth.

Is the Ester Loader convenient?

Simply, it has three main components that make it convenient:

  • An oil makeup remover that leaves the skin free of impurities after a long day of exhaustion.
  • The skin wash, which you should use daily, deeply cleanses the skin.
  • Finally, you should use the toner once a week to close the pores and prevent the accumulation of dust and contaminants inside it.
  1. Clinique Make-Up Remover

It’s the most suitable remover for dry and sensitive skin, as it’s completely free of parabens and does not cause any irritation. Additionally, it offers a deep-cleansing of the skin.

Top benefits of using a Clinique Make up Remover:

  • Deep, soft cleansing.
  • No need to rinse with water.
  • More suitable for light makeup than water-resistant.
  • No greasy feeling.
  • Also usable for eyes and lips.


  1. Kanebo Sensei Silky

With its silk extract, Sensei Lotion provides deep cleansing of the skin and thoroughly removes all makeup traces, allowing your skin to breathe easily at night.

It’s one of the products that have been specially designed for sensitive and dry skin. It also nurtures the areas surrounding your eyes and mouth to devoid any skin irritation.

What’s the right way to use this lotion?

To achieve maximum effectiveness with Sensei Lotion,

  • Step-1: You must shake it well before use
  • Step-2: Apply a little of it on a piece of cotton
  • Step-3: Wipe the face gently, and you will feel wonderful smoothness throughout the night.


  1. Clinique Foam Rinse-Off

Are you always looking for the perfect product for dry and sensitive skin? Clinique Foam Rinse-Off was able to solve this difficult equation for you.

It relies entirely on an amazing botanical formula to remove makeup, deeply cleanse the skin without any greasy texture, and remove sunblock products at the end of the day.

Real benefits you’ll get with Clinique Foam Rinse Off:

  • Moist and refreshed dry skin completely.
  • You won’t feel any allergic damage as it’s free of parabens and natural ingredients.
  • Calm, fresh scent, and complete removal of heavy makeup.


  1. SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser

This ultra-gentle cleanser by Skin Geotecals contains a special formula for those with dry and sensitive skin.

The soothing lotion will not leave your face dry or moisture-free. If your skin is exposed to itching, irritation, and redness by most disinfectants, this product is yours to order.

It’s very nice to use several times a day as a cleansing, soothing, moisturizing, and conditioning item. This formula works best in winter. You can also work with other products if you like double-cleansing.

2.    Remove Makeup from Oily Skin

Oily skin problems are many, so girls look for all measures to protect their skin after using makeup.

Remove Makeup from An Oily Skin by Using Home Ingredients: 

  1. Hazelnut Oil Makeup Remover
Removing Makeup
Hazelnut Oil Makeup Remover

The enchanting hazel oil helps treat many skin problems for oily skin, including treating acne, soothing the skin, and removing makeup. And all you need to use it as a natural makeup remover are:

  • Increase the hazelnut oil by pouring water three times the amount of oil.
  • Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe the remnants of makeup with it from your face.
  • You can also replace the cotton with a new one when it’s usable no more.
  • Make sure that your skin is free of makeup completely.
  1. Aloe Vera Gel Makeup Remover
Removing Makeup
Aloe Vera Gel Makeup Remover

Aloe Vera plant is mostly available in any woman’s house whose skin is oily. The gel extracted is the best for oily skin as it moisturizes, whitens, and purifies, in addition to being an excellent makeup remover.

So, all you need is:

  • Step-1: Extract a small amount of gel from the stalk of an Aloe Vera leaf.
  • Step-2: Dip a cotton ball on it and wipe your face for 4 minutes.
  • Step-3: Replace the cotton ball with a new one until the second cotton remains without any impurities or colors.
  • Step-4: Make sure your skin is clean completely.
  1. Rose Water Makeup Remover Wipes
Removing Makeup
Rose Water Makeup Remover Wipes

To prepare these napkins:

  • Step-1: Place the circular cotton pads in a cylindrical tray.
  • Step-2: Add a cup of fresh rose water to all the tissues and close the box well.
  • Step-3: When you need to remove makeup, take out a dewy cotton piece, and wipe your face with it. You may need 2-3 cotton pieces to get completely clean skin.

Skin Care after Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup
Skin Care after Removing Makeup

You should take care of this type of skin with healthy and proper protein without any negligence. Follow the oily skincare suggestions below:

  • Use of formulations, specifically written with the term (non-comedogenic), a substance that does not block up the pores.
  • Use drugs or exfoliants that help manage and reduce pimples. But it’s safer to do so under a doctor’s supervision to determine the exact dosage and type that is ideal for your skin.
  • Internal and external hydration, which means drinking enough water besides applying suitable moisturizing creams.
  • Be sure to wash your face multiple times a day, followed by applying an effective lotion to minimize sebum and skin oil production. 

Best 5 Products to Remove Makeup from Oily Skin 

  1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micellar Cleansing Water and Makeup Remover for Oily Skin

Foam faces wash the oily skin with a special combination of bloated fat skin. It gently cleanses the skin because of the strength of the high-tolerance foam.

It removes dirt, grime, and sebum from the skin’s surface without compromising its delicate balance and leaves the skin clean and refreshed. You can also use La Roche-Posay as a body wash.

  1. Almay Oil-Free Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads

These eye makeup remover pads must be useful. They are free of oils, so you’ll not leave your eyes feeling heavy, cloudy, and oily.

Ophthalmologists and dermatologists have tested them. They’re fragrance-free and won’t irritate sensitive eyes.

  1. Bobbi Brown Makeup Melter & Cleanser

An ideal cleanser for oily skins. It works to dissolve long-wearing makeup with extracts of cranberry, blueberry, and goji berries.

Those who enjoy the foaming-cleansing feel will love the formula’s lightweight bubbles. However, it won’t strip the skin of moisture, preventing caffeine and algae from feeling dry.

The result is smooth, fresh, and clean skin, ready for the serum and moisturizer.

  1. Pai Skincare Light Work Rosehip Fruit Extract Cleansing Oil

Oil clings to oil, which is why Cleansing Oil (made from non-comedogenic oils) effectively breaks down oils in your makeup apart from sunscreen and sebum in your pores.

It’s a good choice for people with oily or mixed skin.

  1. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser

It’s a Gentle Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover with Red Clay. Perfect for Combination Skin, Oily Skin, and Normal Skin.

Remove Makeup from Pale Skin

Removing Makeup
Remove Makeup from Pale Skin

Pale skin looks pale, gray, vibrant, and fresh. It’s more visible in the black than white skin because pale skin has dry white spots.

Remove Makeup by Using Home Ingredients 

Removing Makeup
Milk as A Makeup Remover
  1. Milk as A Makeup Remover:
  • Step-1: Mix a spoon of cold milk with a pinch of turmeric powder and several lemon juice drops in a small bowl.
  • Step-2: Dip a small cotton ball in the mixture, spread it on your face, and leave it for 3 minutes.
  • Step-3: Wash your face with warm water and dry it with a clean towel.
  1. Cucumber Juice Makeup Remover:
Removing Makeup
Cucumber Juice Makeup Remover

This mixture will help cleanse the leftover makeup from your skin and lighten its color, thanks to the cucumber’s bleaching agents.

  • Step-1: Mix a little cucumber juice with a few drops of baby oil.
  • Step-2: Dip a small cotton ball in the mixture.
  • Step-3: Wipe your face with it.
  • Step-4: Rinse with water after 10 minutes.

Skin Care after Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup
Skin Care after Removing Makeup
  • Sunscreen is the basis, no matter what type of skin you have and whatever your age, using sunscreen is essential to protect your skin.
  • Water should be sufficiently available in the body to avoid dehydration.
  • Remember to wash your face with an effective cleanser and clean makeup before going to sleep.

Best 5 Products to Remove Makeup from Pale Skin 

  1. Lancôme Lait Galatée Confort

Makeup Remover + Skin Smoothing: Lancôme’s makeup remover contains honey and sweet almond extracts, making the skin silky smooth and supple after the makeup preparations are discarded.

  1. NIVEA MicellAIR Rose Water

Makeup remover + Unified Skin Color: Nivea makeup remover is based on micellar water, which contains rose water.

This natural ingredient makes this product multi-beneficial, as it adjusts the acidity of the skin, unifies its color, purifies it, cleans it, and moisturizes it in depth. It also gives the skin a pleasant smell.

  1. JOHNSON’S Fresh Hydration Micellar Cleansing Jelly

Makeup Remover + Nourish Skin: Johnson’s Make-up Remover is based on Johnson’s micellar gel formula, combining the cleansing power of micellar technology with a water-based gel texture.

This product works like a magnet, catching all traces of dirt and makeup, even waterproof mascara.

The uniqueness of this brand is that it nourishes the skin in-depth and moisturizes it to look afresh.

  1. GARNIER Skin Active Water Rose Micellar Cleansing Water

It’s based on micellar water that contains rose water. It removes makeup without leaving the skin dry, moisturizing it from the depth.

It also works as a facewash to clean the skin of all dirt. Wet a cotton ball with this product and pass it over the skin to remove makeup products, provided you do not scrub too hard.

  1. My Way Pearly with Almond Oil Makeup Remover

It cleanses the skin in an ideal way and is beautifully used to remove and cleanse the skin, unifying skin color.

It gives the skin a moist and delicate texture as it contains essential oils suitable for the skin to give it a fragrant vibe and smell. It works as efficient makeup removal.

Remove Makeup by Using Home Ingredients 

Removing Makeup
Remove Makeup by Using Home Ingredients
  1. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover
Removing Makeup
Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is a rich mine of minerals, and its active substances are useful for the skin.

It’s also an excellent makeup remover, thanks to its great ability to clean the skin. Its important role in moisturizing the skin and treating its dryness, especially in the volatile autumn, makes it stand out from other removers.

And to use it as a makeup remover:

  • Step-1: Put a few drops of coconut oil on a clean piece of cotton.
  • Step-2: Wipe your face gently with it and change the cotton pad to guarantee complete makeup removal.
  • Step-3: Wash your face with water. After that, wipe it with rose water to get fresh and youthful skin, free from the side effects of makeup.
  1. Orange Juice Makeup Remover
Removing Makeup
Orange Juice Makeup Remover

Oranges contain vitamin C and many nutrients for the skin.

You can use it as a makeup remover for its ability to cleanse skin cells, helping you to get rid of dry skin due to weather conditions and other factors.

Using orange juice as a makeup remover prevents acne’s appearance and removes the effects of red spots.

And to use it as a makeup remover.

  • Step-1: Put a little orange juice on a clean cotton ball.
  • Step-2: Wipe your lips to remove makeup, and then use another cotton ball for your cheeks.
  • Step-3: Remove makeup evenly from all over your face.
  • Step-4: Make sure the orange juice doesn’t get into your eyes not to cause any sensitive reaction.
  • Step-5: Clean your face with warm water to take off any traces of orange.
  • Step-6: Apply a moisturizing cream as your skin is ready to receive it, and take advantage of the nourishing properties.

Skin Care after Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup
Skin Care after Removing Makeup
  • Clean and wash the skin twice a day in the morning and evening, then apply the toner to the skin.
  • Skin moisturizing is important even for oily skin, but every skin type has a suitable moisturizer.
  • No prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Consult dermatologists with various skin problems such as acne and rash, or when you observe skin changes.
  • Regularly change the pillow cushion because it catches bacteria and dirt. Besides, it absorbs oils that are produced from the hair or face.

Best Products to Remove Makeup from A Pale Skin 

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser

The Toleriane collection contains highly durable products, containing only a few components to protect the skin from the risk of irritation.

It offers an ultimate, instant, and lasting comfort, free of aromatic and alcohol preservatives to soothe damaged or irritated skin.

Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

These towels can remove 99.9% of oils, impurities, and traces of waterproof makeup.

It’s appliable on all kinds of skin as it’s alcohol-free, paraben-free, sulfur-free, and phthalate-free. Its formula contains peach blossom, lotus, green tea, and rose extracts.

Albolene Eye Makeup Remover

This brand is the best option for removing the most difficult makeup, which is the eye makeup without irritation or eye damage. A few drops of it will remove the waterproof retainer and eyestrain.

Facial Cleansing Puff

These micro-fibers are the magic solution for removing makeup without damaging eyelashes and free of any chemicals. It removes all kinds of makeup and impurities using water only.

The Mitty Mini Blackout Ultra-Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

This product is a soft cotton ball that can absorb all liquids. It’s ideal for small tasks such as removing the eye makeup or toner. It consists of two parts; one is wide and rough while the other is tapered.

You can use the rough, wide portion to clean large areas such as eyebrows and eyelids. Use the pointed part to reach the target areas such as eyelashes easily.

Wash it with detergent for reuse. It’s ultra-soft, made of Korean polyester that keeps the softness and pigmentation after several uses.

Its size is suitable for one or two fingers, and the common color is black. You may wash it manually or in washing machines.

Bottom Line

Removing makeup is an easy process, also an important task to enhance your beauty. If you don’t take it seriously, you’re damaging your skin, which you don’t want.

Know your skin type and apply the above solutions to remove your makeup properly.

If you know your skin type and apply something that’s not available in this article, but you believe that product/ingredient is good for removing makeup, let us know about it!




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