A Complete Guide to Remove Pimples Naturally in One Week

remove pimples naturally

Some people say it’s unnecessary to worry about dark spots and pimples. Inner beauty is all, and that is all that matters. Probably you are lying to yourself about not caring how you are looking!

Everybody likes to be pretty.  Do you know the difference between being beautiful and being pretty?

Beauty comes naturally. On the other hand, pretty is a message to the people in the room. It shows your appearance and how much you take care of yourself. So, we can say there is a thin line between being beautiful and being pretty.

Pimples can create a blockage in that line. You can be beautiful that comes by the grace of the Almighty, but taking less care of that gift might cause pimples.

You may think nobody cares about those pimples, but in the long run, it has more significant disadvantages than you can even imagine! Sometimes you may feel less confident about yourself.

Just a simple pimple can create a lot of problems.

Girls need to worry about it more as they are more concerned when it comes to beauty. To be honest, I’m not a sexist, but it comes naturally. These small pimples and scars can be fatal in terms of that issue.

If you are determined to remove the pimples from your skin or face, then you must know the reason behind it.

A typical scenario could be you have your wedding next week! Generally, for you to remove pimples naturally, it takes at least a week. You don’t want that problem on your face on your special day!

Things You Need to Know About Pimples

Why Pimples Occur?

Pimples usually occur when you have blocked skin pores. Dirt, oil, make-up, dust, and other particles can clog skin pores.

Are Pimples Genetic?

Some may wonder if pimples are a genetic problem or not! The genetic mutation increases the risk of pimples. It means it’s indirectly causing your pimples.

If you are involved in some activities that may cause pimples, this genetic mutation will boost its risk. Your parent may have past you the hormonal condition that can be the cause of your pimples.

Are All Treatments Equally Effective in Removing Pimple?

We all have different types of skin with a different cause of occurring pimples. So, we can’t treat all pimples in the same way to remove it.

Can I Remove My Pimples Forever?

Sadly, you can’t remove your pimples forever. It’s repetitive! Pimples always find their way to your skin.

You can control pimples size, the number of pimples occurring also it’s lasting. Some exceptional cases where some people were able to remove pimples forever.

So, this post can’t assure you that your pimples will be gone forever.

The Regimen: Remove Pimples in One Week

remove pimples naturally
The Regimen Remove Pimple in One Week

This article will provide some tips to remove pimples naturally within a week!

Indeed, it is possible to remove pimples naturally within a week. It would help if you determine and follow all of the guidelines below to remove pimples in a single week. Also, you will be able to get rid of its marks and scars.

Here come a few changes that you need in your lifestyle to remove pimple and let your beauty shine again.

Day 1: Some New Changes

remove pimples naturally
Day 1 Some New Changes

You must create a schedule for each day and set individual goals.

The Target of The Day

Our first target is to attack the activated pimples and stop spreading them.

What and How to Do?

You mustn’t panic on the first day of your treatment. A disturbing mind lets awful suggestions come out of you, and the results may be devastating.

You need to know about pimple what not to do if you see a pimple. Many people may say to pop out the pimple, and it may even come to your mind also.

Popping out the pimple is a tempting thought. It is a natural reflex. But you must make sure not to pop out the pimples with any sharp objects. It may cause devastating results to you!

If you don’t do it correctly, then there’s a chance of getting an infection, which can significantly harm your skin. The pimple may turn red, and you may bleed, and if you do it incorrectly, it may swell.

If you pop your pimple to remove it, it may give you a permanent scar on your face. While saving yourself from a temporary problem, you’re probably putting yourself in much bigger trouble, which is uneven skin!

One thing you can do is to know the reason behind getting the pimple. There are many causes and separate treatments for each of them.

You must know your skin type before doing the treatment. The most common reason is due to oily skin. Your oily skin may put you in trouble. But there are solutions to it.

Wash your face frequently. Regular washing allows the oil in the skin to wash away. Oil gets stuck in the skin, and those dead skin cells accumulate there and form pimples.

So, washing the face will allow the dust to go away. It is not only for the treatment but even after the pimples are gone, you must clean the face again and again. But this is for not growing any new pimples.

Your First Day Activities to Remove Pimples Naturally Are:

  • Wash your face 3-4 times a day
  • Start using sunscreen
  • Start drinking plenty of water.
  • Keep your phone screen clean.
  • Stop touching your face.
  • Apply toothpaste to your affected area
  • Take a long sleep at night.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Try to keep a peaceful mind.
  • Use garlic on your face
  • Change your soap or face-wash
remove pimples naturally
Your First Day Activities

You won’t remove pimples from your skin if you don’t follow all these above instructions. To remove extra oil also dirt from your skin, you need to wash your face at least 3-4 times a day.

Don’t use soap or face-wash more than 3-4 times a day. Clean your face with water only to remove excessive oil. You can wash your face with water as many times as you want. There’s no harm in it.

Make sure of using sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Directly exposed to the sun can cause great damage to your skin.

If you start drinking a lot of water, your skin will start improving noticeably. Drink 12-15 glass of water every day. Mostly drink water in the daytime. Avoid drinking water at night. It may disrupt your peaceful sleep. Try to take a sound sleep at night. Keep your mind relaxed before bedtime.

Tension, anxiety harm your skin. You need to keep your mind as calm as you can. Avoid stress or overthinking. It’s just about a week! I know you can do it!

Stop touching your face. Also, stop others from touching your face. Don’t even allow your phone screen to touch your face! Either clean your phone screen frequently, or you can use headphones to avoid skin touch.

Applying toothpaste or ice to your pimples area will deactivate the pimples germs! Toothpaste is more convenient rather than ice. Apply toothpaste with a cotton bar on your pimples. Keep it for 15-20 minutes on your skin and wash it. Do it while going to bed.

Take a garlic clove and apply it on pimples. Leave it for a night. In the morning, wash your face with your regular face-wash.

Soap that contains high TMF is good for pimples skin. Check the TMF percentage on your soap. If 75% plus, then it’s good for your skin.

Foods You Can and Can’t Eat

Things I will tell you to eat or things to avoid eating will continue this whole week. If you make it your regular habit, then it’s a plus for you! You will be able to prevent a lot of diseases and many skin problems, including pimples!

What to Eat?

remove pimples naturally
What to Eat

Add the following food items to your regular meals:

  • Watery fruits such as watermelon, pomegranate, and so on.
  • Green leaves such as spinach, coriander, lettuce, etc.
  • Green and red vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage, etc.
  • Start eating all kinds of nuts include peanut, almond, cashew, etc.
  • Start making food with olive oil.
  • Use as little oil as you can while cooking. No oil cooking is a plus.

What Not to Eat?

remove pimples naturally
What Not to Eat
  • Avoid all kind of junk food
  • Avoid oily food
  • Avoid rich food such as sweets, cakes, pastries.
  • Avoid cream and heavy milk items.

The main reason for pimples is oily skin, as mentioned earlier. One of the obvious reasons for getting oily skin is your diet.

Eating more oily food can cause oily skin, which then results in the growth of pimples. Oily foods include fast food and foods containing Mayonnaise and other oily foods.

They are harmful in every way for health. They even lead to the buildup of cholesterol in the body, which causes heart diseases also.

If you want to gain something, you must also give up things. To gain pimple-free skin, you must sacrifice your food habits, also remove all the oily foods from your life.

Even touching your face frequently can be a reason for the growth of pimples. You may touch tons of stuff a day, and even washing your hands is not enough for some of the germs to go.

So that dirt can go and stick to your skin and build up in the face, which triggers pimples’ growth. It’s not a treatment or anything, but this simple hack can also play a crucial role in preventing pimples.

Even stress or tension can trigger the growth of pimples. Your body needs a full cycle of sleep to repair properly. So, having inconsistent and lacking sleep causes many problems in the body, including the growth of problems. Even being stress-free helps in pimple prevention. If you are determined enough, then you must be prepared for every way and bring their A-game against these small devils.

The next issue might raise a few eyebrows. But even smoking and alcohol consumption are causes of pimple growth. You must ignore your urges if you are to gain something. It’s challenging due to the nicotine in cigarettes, which is highly addictive. This will show your determination level and how much willing you are to get rid of pimples.

Things You Need to Be Careful About

If you’re going to try something new to your skin, you must be very careful about it. What if it’s not suiting you? What if it burns your skin? What if it reacts negatively to your skin?

To avoid these types of effects, we must give a trial first. Please don’t count your trial day as day one.

Applying garlic can react negatively. Apply on a single pimple to show how it reacts. If it creates an allergic reaction or any irritation, don’t use garlic on your face.

While choosing the perfect soap or face-wash, don’t force yourself to use it if it doesn’t suit you. Money is more important than your skin!

Even touching your face frequently can be a reason for the growth of pimples. You may touch tons of stuff a day, and even washing your hands is not enough for some of the germs to go.

So that dirt can go and stick to your skin and build up in the face, which triggers pimples’ growth. It’s not a treatment or anything, but this simple hack can also play a crucial role in preventing pimples.

Even stress or tension can trigger the growth of pimples. Your body needs a full cycle of sleep to repair correctly.

So, having inconsistent and lacking sleep causes many problems in the body, including the growth of problems.

Even being stress-free helps in pimple prevention. If you are determined enough, then you must be prepared for every way and bring their A-game against these small devils.

Quit Smoking! Avoid alcohol consumption! Smoking and alcohol consumption are the causes of pimple growth.

You must suppress your urges if you are to gain something. It’s an arduous task due to the nicotine in cigarettes, which is highly addictive.

So, avoiding alcohol and smoking will show your determination level of how much you’re willing to get rid of pimples!

Day 2: Some Addition to Day 1

remove pimples naturally
Day 2 Some Addition to Day 1

You must continue the day one instruction. Besides, you have to look after some other issues as well!

Tip of The Day

Don’t sleep on naked skin at night! Our face skin is much more sensitive than any other body skin. We always need to take extra care of it.

What to Do?

remove pimples naturally
What to Do
  • Apply moisturizing cream at night
  • Avoid too oily moisturizer cream
  • Use a different towel to clean your skin.
  • Use a clean pillowcase while sleepy.
  • Eat papaya for a healthy stomach.
  • Treat your dandruff to avoid pimples.

Moisturizing is necessary for your skin. Do you have dry skin? If you do have one, then you need to apply a small amount of moisturizing cream. To make it thin, you can add some water to it.

Make sure that you are using a clean pillowcase. Anything that touches your face, has to be clean! A pillowcase touches your skin for a very long time. If it contains any kind of dirt, it can be the reason for your pimples.

Day 3: Repeat the Procedure And Know About Pimples More!

remove pimples naturally
Day 3 Repeat the Procedure And Know About Pimples More!

Many children wish for puberty to start, which causes changes in the body. But only a few know what lies ahead.

This puberty can be a pimple’s best friend. For some, this is the main reason for pimples to grow. As hormones start to be overactive, they also cause the glands to release more oil. Hence, it allows the pimples to grow in the skin.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Pimples!

remove pimples naturally
Apply Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Pimples

One of the ways can be to use apple cider vinegar. I heard about an effective method of removing pimples from the skin involving apple cider vinegar.

The treatment involves putting a small amount of vinegar on a cup. Then add water, making most of the mixture diluted so that the skin does not irritate.

After making the mixture, gently rub it smoothly in the portion of the skin containing pimples using a cotton ball.

Always remember to use a cotton ball for rubbing it on the skin. It is a precaution also puts few drops of the mixture on the hands.

You’ll get to know this way whether your skin is allergic to the mixture or not. If not, then rub the mixture gently on the skin and allow it to stay in the skin for 5 to 10 seconds, and then rinse the portion of the skin with a few drops of water and allow it to dry. A cloth or napkin is preferable for drying.

Repeat this experiment 2 to 3 times a day and keep your fingers crossed for the results.

Rub Ice on Your Face!

remove pimples naturally
Rub Ice on Your Face

One quick solution to remove your pimples is ice!

Rubbing the ice in the area of the pimple has shown some positive results. The ice allows the pimples to be temperature sensitive and allows the pimples to shrink.

Ice reduces the size of the pimple to a tremendous amount. The pimple becomes smaller and smaller and may eventually go away.

Ice treatment to remove pimples can be a very effective method if it works for you. But be careful if you have cold problems, then this treatment can backfire.

While trying to remove pimples with ice, you may eventually catch a cold and even fever. So, to get cured of one thing, you might catch a disease.

Day 4: Time for Trying Something New!

remove pimples naturally
Day 4 Time for Trying Something New

Another treatment has been in use for a long time, which is the aloe vera treatment.

It is a prevalent treatment done in almost every home with pimple problems or any skin-related problem in the East.

The gel inside the aloe vera is beneficial for pimple removal treatment. This easy technique has shown encouraging results there.

remove pimples naturally
Aloe Vera

You can also apply it to remove pimples, scar, and dark spots on your skin. At first, you need to take the gel out of the aloe vera.

You can do it with the help of a knife and a spoon. Use a knife to cut the aloe vera, and then with the spoon’s help, take the gel out from it.

Then rub the gel for 2 to 3 minutes and then keep the gel on the face for another couple of minutes. After that, wash the face thoroughly.

Follow it at least two times a day. The gel can be a bit sticky, so while washing, remember to clean the face very thoroughly.

Day 5: Easy Go Days Start from Here!

remove pimples naturally
Day 5 Easy Go Days Start from Here

Simple Tips to Follow

Another famous pimple treatment is tea tree oil treatment. This treatment showed beneficial results in the past, so this treatment is highly recommended for you.

It doesn’t require any mixture or anything. Rubbing tea tree oil on your pimples and allow them to stay for 30 minutes approximately.

remove pimples naturally
Tea Tree Oil

Using a cotton cloth to remove oil from the skin is a good idea! It’s the simplest procedure available for pimple treatment.

Sharing of natural experiments, you can also try the lemon experiment. The procedure is the same as the tea tree oil experiment.

Take a few drops of lemon in a cup and add two or three teaspoons of honey, and then with your fingers, gently rub the mixture on the pimples. After half an hour, rub the oil using cotton.

Do you know? If you want, you can use only lemon to remove pimples from your skin within a very short time!

If it suits you, then you can use it 3-4 times a day to get early results.


Lemon treatment is hazardous, though. Citric acid doesn’t always suit every skin. Don’t apply it directly to your face! Add a few drops of water with lemon juice, then take a cotton swab to apply it to your dark spot or pimples.

If you feel any irritation, then don’t continue the process. Don’t keep lemon juice on your skin for more than 10-15 minutes.

Day 6: Not As Easy As You Thought

remove pimples naturally
Day 6 Not As Easy As You Thought

Another easy way to prevent the growth of pimples is to reduce sun exposure.

If you’re out in the sun more often, then you are likely to get more pimples. It may not affect a broader group of people similarly, but you should be aware of every chance.

Exposure to the sun causes the UV rays and the sun protection products that you use to get mixed. It may be insignificant to many, but some people may have an allergic reaction and eventually get more pimples.

Prevention can be to use a hat that may also look stylish and suit most of you with your outlook.

remove pimples naturally
Sun Protection

An important issue is to stay dandruff free. Even dandruff can be the cause of pimples.

These are the small tips that can help get a fresh pimple free face and skin.

As said, small drops of water can create an ocean of water. So, these small tips may be the ladder you need to reach your goal.

Day 7: Final Day, Yay!

remove pimples naturally
Day 7 Final Day, Yay

Now I’m going to ask you a few questions regarding this article’s instructions.

  • Are you drinking enough water, as mentioned?
  • Are keeping your face clean and oil-free?
  • Do you keep your skin moisturized?
  • Have you stopped eating oily or fatty food?

Have you said yes to all the questions? If you had, then congratulations, you’ve succeeded on the remove pimples mission!

Questions I have asked above are mandatory to address and follow up.

In this article, we tried to show every possible reason also the solution to the problem. By the time you already know which suits you and which doesn’t suit you.

Some Final Tips!

Always try to keep your face clean and oil-free. Turn it into a habit!

Water is a life-saver. Increase the consumption of it as much as you can!

Sometimes apply some home treatment not to let it come again.

Stubborn Pimple Theory!

Remove pimples from the skin is not that easy! If you see a good result by applying all the above instructions, you should continue the process every six months.

Pimples aren’t going to leave you alone! Don’t let it allow you to grow!

No one can assure you that your pimple will be long gone! But hey, at least you will know the reason behind it now!

If your pimples are stubborn, then you have to be strict with them.

Some Helpful Products to Remove Pimples!

 Charcoal Mask


Aloe vera gel

Tea tree oil

Moisturizer cream

Bottom Line

Probably you’re trying for years to remove your pimples from your skin. Sometimes it may create frustration. You’ve to be determined!

Work so hard so that you can and make these days count!

Disciplined and determined can show great results. The main thing is how much determined you are and how many sacrifices you are willing to make to get your desired outcome.

If you’ve tried something different for your skin, let us know about it. Your one solution can make someone else day better!

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