Our Editorial Policy


Womenminds’ (WM) goal is clear and concise: it’s connecting with the answer-seeking women community throughout the world on Google, Quora, Reddit, and other online or offline platforms while providing them the best answers through our informative and well-researched content. 

We aim at:

  • Reaching out to our female readers 
  • Building trust with them 
  • Encourage them to ask us questions regarding their problems
  • Providing research-based, factual, and reasonable solutions. 


WomenMinds refrains from writing on YMYL (Your Money Your Life) content, meaning we don’t take on topics implicitly related to finance, medical diagnosis and treatment, medicine, real estate, housing, or any topic of that sort. 

Who’ll Find Our Content Helpful? (Target Audience)

Single Mothers

Single moms who’re striving single-handedly to both maintain their job and raise their children; infants, toddlers, teens, adolescents, etc. come across overwhelming situations. WomenMinds care to share your worries, while giving you realistic advice and solutions. 

Teens and Adolescents 

The tender age of teens and adolescence pass rapidly in a romantic and naive fashion. Everything seems new yet attractive. But our bright and shiny teenaged ladies may experience problems regarding health, beauty, mind, skincare, and whatnot. 

WomenMinds addresses such problems and writes on them the timely and appropriate content. 

Young Adults

Women after their teenage, especially in their 20s, are more self-reliant and go-getters. Such times are crucial because their physical and mental aspects reshape to adapt to the personal, family, societal, and work matters in a more responsible way. 

Hence, health, beauty, skincare, etc. become a matter of adjustment on a daily basis. Writers at WomenMinds tend to understand these factors. They do ample research and write suitable content to answer our young women’s questions while guiding them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Middle-Aged and Older Women 

Women after 30 starts to realize that their natural charm and delicacy may not carry on the way they were before. Concerned women become more alert at self-care besides their daily chores. 

Conversely, older women, precisely above 45 or 50, tend to become less enthusiastic in nourishing their health and beauty, especially if they lead a lonely life. 

WomenMinds care to identify problems of women at both these stages, while writing for them diligently practical content.  

How’s Our Content Going to Help Our Target Audience?

Women of various ages look up Google to find answers to the problems they encounter in their daily lives, be it an unwanted pimple to trendy fashion, or school bullies to psychological well beings. 

WomenMinds conducts analysis on Google’s user queries, sifting the prevalent questions while sieving the less significant ones. Since WM writes on those significant queries and relevant aspects, our target audience is going to gratefully receive those answers as viable resolve to their problems. 

Content Core Values and Uniquenesses (Editorial Values)

Selecting Helpful Topics 

WomenMinds’ content topics relate to the problems that women take under consideration almost every single day. WM’s topics include:

  • Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Hair Care 

Writing with Expertise

WomenMinds seek expertise while creating publishable content with a view to helping out the women in need. WM produces content that is either written by an expert in the respective field or reviewed & approved by a person of the same professional credentials. 

What Makes Our Content Unique

WomenMinds analyzes the Google search results as well as the search volume on a specific topic, aiming at locating the information gap on the competitive published content. Hence, WM produces content that not only fills in the information gap but contains an even more easy-grasp and timely content. 

Simply put, the target audience will find WM’s content always cutting-edge and complete based on their topics and appropriate titles. 

Editorial Integrity and Measures 

Reliable Sources of Content 

WomenMinds ensures researching for facts on reliable sources, such as Google Scholars, CDC, government or educational websites, etc. WM also consults expert opinions on the fields it focuses on writing. 

Plagiarism Check 

Each of WomenMinds’ content goes through a plagiarism check to ensure no copyright or patented information, text, or media file remains on their content. 

Accuracy in Content Information 

WomenMinds confirms fact-check before publishing the content on their posts by cross-checking with reliable sources. WM also checks multiple sources for information to make sure the information is consistent in each source. 

Besides, WM focuses on more accuracy and quality of content than a number of the published content. 

Promotion of Genuine Information 

WomenMinds conducts interviews, podcasts, online Live discussions, etc. with the experts in the relevant fields with a view to promoting genuine information and sharing knowledge on its topics. 

Editorial Review of Publishable Content 

Between writing and publishing, every new content of WomenMinds is reviewed by its editor(s) to check its accuracy of grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, etc. The reviewed content is corrected, modified, and improved anywhere it requires throughout the content. 


WomenMinds has an affiliation with Amazon for promoting the best suitable products for women’s beauty, skincare, makeup, and fashion. So, anytime a reader purchases through the affiliated links on WM’s content, it may earn a percentage as a commission.