15 Natural Ways to Keep Healthy and Radiant Skin after 50

healthy and radiant skin after 50

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Any woman would love to have healthy and radiant skin after 50. A woman’s body starts to show aging after 35. Day by day, it starts losing glam and skin-tightening.

We’re not able to control this natural process. But we can apply some tricks and tips to slow down the process.

What’s the biggest factor behind keeping healthy and radiant skin after 50?

The answer lies within a common yet complicated effort– living a stress-free life. We believe it’s more of the natural ways that pave the foundation for healthy and radiant skin after 50. It will be outrageous to claim your stress-free life to the modern-day context, but then, that’s the challenge you must take.

We’re going to share with you some natural ways that aren’t hard to follow. These are simply some methods and forming habits that will help you keep your skin glowing even after 50.

Follow These 15 Natural Ways to Keep Healthy and Radiant Skin after 50

Our daily diet and lifestyle can have a significant effect on our bodies and skin. Being as physically softer and more vulnerable as they are, women must look after their skin with utmost care.

Keeping healthy and radiant skin after 50 may not be rocket science, but its maintenance is something not everyone can do. With perseverance and cordial effort, you may look more glowing than ten other like-aged ladies out there.

Below are 15 natural ways for your healthy and radiant skin regimen:

1. Increase Your Collagen and Estrogen Intake

healthy and radiant skin after 50
Increase Your Collagen and Estrogen Intake

There are many available sources from which you can increase the level of collagen in your body.

Firstly, you need to know what’s collagen and how it benefits your skin!

Collagen is a structural protein, which is the main component of connective tissues. It helps to improve your skin health by reducing wrinkles and dryness.

Fish, chicken, egg-white, garlic, berries, and red and yellow vegetables contain a good amount of collagen. You can also buy a collagen supplement. Ask a doctor or a nutritionist before consuming any collagen supplement.

2. Mental Health Is Your Priority

healthy and radiant skin after 50
Mental Health Is Your Priority

Sound mental health is very important for your mind and body. Having sound mental health can keep you free from stress and anxiety. Such negative emotions affect your skin badly. You can see through a person’s face if she’s mentally unstable and how shabby she appears.

Take good care of your mental health like the way you take care of your physical health. But the course to nurture your mental health is associated with physical and other cares. Below are some tips:

  • A sound mind lives within a sound body, so eat nutritious foods regularly and do physical exercises.
  • Take part in some kinds of sports to stay active.
  • Avoid postponing your tasks since it piles up stress on your mind.
  • Do prayers, meditation, and yoga to stay spiritually and mentally revived.
  • Go on occasional tours to relieve the stresses of work or other issues in life.
  • Do charities and help out people and animals. These activities can keep your spirit high.
  • Stay away from electronic social media addiction. It works like a slow poison and eventually can make you age quicker than you expected.

3. Take A Morning-Walk in Fresh Air Everyday

A walk in the morning is a simple yet effective skin-nourishing effort. It benefits you in two ways.

The first one is waking up early. Waking up early makes you more productive. You will get enough time for yourself. Also, you can enjoy a serene environment that will keep you calm and stress-free.

The second thing you’re getting is fresh morning air. Morning fresh air plays a vital role in our skin. Your skin can breathe enough fresh oxygen, which will ensure healthy skin functioning.

Besides, early wake-up develops a habit of early-to-bed at night. Staying up late at night is a skin and health deteriorating factor. So, falling asleep early saves you from dark circles and early-wrinkles on your skin.

4. Staying Hydrated will Keep Your Skin Fresh

Water, Water, Water! For a healthy body, you need water! For glowing skin, you need water! Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Besides water, you should also drink different fresh juices. The fibers in the fruit help your digestive system, detoxifying your body and skin.

The water content in fruit juice will keep your skin hydrated. It will provide your skin cells some necessary nutrition, such as vitamin A, C, D, B6, while some minerals like sodium, potassium, etc.

5. Say ‘No’ to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

healthy and radiant skin after 50
Say ‘No’ to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Smoking and alcohol are never good for our bodies. Especially when you’re getting older, also, you must avoid it to save your skin from aging quickly.

Our body’s immune system gets weaker as we age. Smoking and alcohol worsen it even more. A weakened immune system will get you sick easily, along with the symptoms like tiring eyes, dry skin, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.

Smoking is like slow poisoning for both your health and skin. It gradually makes your skin pale. Smoking weakens your skin-protection cells. It can cause acne too!

Alcohol consumption can cause blackheads and whiteheads. It widens your skin pores. When you have blackheads and whiteheads, it takes off your skin glamour.

Besides, it makes your skin dry and flaky. Most elder women who intake alcohol have visible wrinkles.

6. Change Your Diet Plan

healthy and radiant skin after 50
Change Your Diet Plan

A good diet plan can make you change in every way. To get radiant skin, we must intake according to it’s a necessity!

Fatty fish like salmon and red-snapper are beneficial for the skin. Avocado is also very healthy for your skin.

Furthermore, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, broccoli, sweet potato, etc., make your skin glow.

7. Avoid Unhealthy Caffein and Beverages

If you’re a caffeine person yet dreaming about healthy and radiant skin after 50, you better take any one-off your wish list.

Too much caffeine intake may obstruct your skin’s natural glow since it interacts with your sleep pattern. Your skin won’t revive every day to its best potential if you’re not sleeping well while reducing proper oxygen and blood circulation under the skin.

Those who’re addicted to coffee may also see a yellowish stain on their teeth. It also gives you an upset stomach. An upset stomach dehydrates your skin. Dehydrated skin would hardly glow and radiate naturally.

Soft drinks like beverages and soda can harm your skin too. Drinking these beverages heavily may irritate your skin, leaving scope for eczema and persisting acne.

You better avoid foods that contain high carbs. Foods that were healthy and tolerable for your body at a young age may be harmful in your 40s and 50s! It’s also wise to avoid high cholesterol foods in your 50s.

There’s a contradictory factor about coffee intake after 50. Most people say that it’s bad for your skin while it may be good for your nervous system at this age.

We suggest that you follow a middle-path if you have to drink coffee. Reduce the intake up to half of what you’re used to drinking. Besides, drink ample water to save your skin from dehydration.

8. Take A Proper Nap in between Your Chores  

When you sleep at least eight hours a day, it is a proper nap. You will notice some good changes if you maintain your sleeping routine. The first benefit you will get is a clear mind. You will feel less stressed! A sound sleep at night helps us to keep our brain calm.

The second benefit you will get is, your skin will start glowing.

Have you ever noticed your skin after a good long sleep? doesn’t your skin look fresh and supple? Imagine getting skin like that daily! You can do that if you want. Take a proper nap and see how it changes your skin for the better!

Try to take a nap before midnight and after midday. Midnight sleep is always the perfect time to go to bed, although our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to do so! Maintain a strict sleep pattern. Don’t mess with your bedtime. Try to hit the bed within 9 to 11 pm and try to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Don’t stay up late. It gives you noticeable dark circles and a tiring face! Staying up late affects your body and mind negatively. You’ll feel restless and agitated throughout the day.

If you are among the night owls, meaning you experience sleeping problems at night, you must immediately consult a doctor.

9. Practice Yoga and Meditation to Revive Your Skin from within

Yoga has a lot of physical benefits. Among them, body flexibility, weight loss, increasing muscle strength, protection from injury, etc., are very popular.

There is a yoga named Asana yoga which is beneficial for the skin. It’s a sound practice to get glowing skin. It will help you to improve your skin texture even after 50. Also, it helps to provide proper blood circulation under your facial skin.

After 50, women usually don’t have the strength to do regular physical activities as before. Although very effective, the Yoga asana is not that easy to perform. Most women can perform this if there’s no history of bone injury.

There are many videos on YouTube from where you can learn about yoga Asana. You can also join yoga classes if you think you need an expert guide.

10. Apply Natural Remedies to Glow Your Skin

healthy and radiant skin after 50
Apply Natural Remedies to Glow Your Skin

Tomato, potato, cucumber, orange, etc., are skin rejuvenating. You can apply them topically apart from eating them only. Many young women apply these vegetables and fruits topically as facial ingredients, which keep their skin supple and glowing even after 50.

Following is one glowing skin technique with tomato:

  • Step 1: Take a ripe tomato and squash it.
  • Step 2: Rub the paste-like content all over your face, up to the forehead, ears, and neckline.
  • Step 3: Leave it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse with water. You may also apply a soap-free face wash to cleanse your face.

You may not get an instant glowing result, but your skin will feel supple. If you follow it 2-4 times a week, you may notice your skin’s better texture within a month or two.

Any natural remedy works slowly. But the good news is, there’s no side effect! You can apply other fruits and vegetables the same way as mentioned above.

11. Massage Your Body and Face Regularly

A good body massage is one kind of therapy. It increases blood circulation. Through this process, it improves your skin condition.

Mostly, we use oil for body massage. Oil massage keeps your body radiant and smooth. The same is applicable for your facial massage.

Sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, etc., are a few of the popular and effective body and skin massage oils.

If there’s no one to help you out with massage at home, the only option that remains is to visit the massage parlors and spas.

12. Apply Different Kinds of Skincare Cream

Applying moisturizer cream that has anti-aging formula is highly recommended for use. A woman who’s in her fifties can benefit from anti-aging creams. It helps in reducing wrinkles.

It will help you to get your firmness back. Sometimes it helps you slowing down your aging signs like wrinkles. Such creams also help in maintaining glowing skin. Moisturizing creams are mostly made with jojoba oil, shea butter, and various vitamins that help boost your skin radiance.

Using night cream that contains retinol is also suggested to prevent aging. Retinol night cream contains RoC, which is retinol correction. There are 2 types of RoC cream.

  • Retinol correxion deep wrinkle anti-aging cream
  • Retinol correxion line smoothing anti-aging cream

13. Protect Your Skin from The Sun Exposure

healthy and radiant skin after 50
Protect Your Skin from The Sun Exposure

Women at any age should use sunscreen for an outing during daylight. Preventing your skin from the sun at any age is highly recommended. If you’re in your fifties, then you should maintain that too. Never allow your naked skin to interact with the sun directly.

Many women in their fifties don’t prevent their skin from sun exposure. They carry a high risk of cancer at that age.

Sunburn damages our skin’s natural glow. It takes a long time to recover.

Melasma is one of the skin diseases that take place due to sun exposure. It’s a long-term effect woman face, usually after the 40s. Melasma is an uneven skin tone that is usually darker than your skin color. It looks like a dark mark on your skin.

Using birth control pills, hormone therapy, and sun exposure can be the main cause of it.

Melasma can be taken care of through laser treatment. Besides, many ointments and creams are specialized in melasma.

14. Proper Cleaning Is Necessary for Your Skin

Facial skin is the most sensitive skin in our body. You need to take proper and extra care of it.

Whenever you go out, you must carry some facial cleaning stuff with you. You can carry wet tissue, dry tissue, a cotton cloth, or cleansing water to clean your skin frequently.

When you’re back home after a long day out, you must clean your skin properly with face wash or your cleansing soap. Never skip this part. Don’t allow specks of dirt and germs to affect your skin. As our facial skin is sensitive, we need to handle it carefully.

Using toner at night is a nice habit that keeps your skin healthy and provides daily nourishment.

  • Step 1: Take a cotton ball and dip it into a good toner.
  • Step 2: Apply toner on your skin with the cotton pad. Keep it for a while.
  • Step 3: Splash clean water to wash your face and pat dry.
  • Step 4: Apply your night cream.

When you are applying makeup, you must clean your face properly when you are removing makeup. A good makeup remover is highly recommended to remove makeup.

Read our post “8 Steps to Remove A Long-Wearing Makeup and 5 Best Makeup Removers.

15. Maintaining A Proper Skincare Routine

You already know which night cream suits you more in your fifties, which sunscreen is perfect for your skin. If you don’t know yet, then always go for the light one. Maintain a proper skincare routine.

Fix a time to moisturize your skin. Give your skin a little massage while moisturizing your skin. Never skip your night cream. Consider cleaning your skin as mandatory rather than necessary before sleep and after an outing.

If you haven’t set a routine for your skincare, then the woman doesn’t wait or put any second thought. Just make a daily skincare routine and follow it strictly.

A Bonus Tip: Some Makeup Advice to Prevent Aging

As a bonus part, follow the below makeup advice to nurture your skin after 50:

  • Avoid heavy and sticky makeups when you are in your fifties.
  • Use less foundation and concealer.
  • Always use quality light makeup for everyday or party use.
  • Remove your makeup as soon as you return home, following certain steps.
  • Always moisturize your skin before you apply makeup on your skin.
  • Use light makeup, light lipstick, eyeshadow, and loose powder.

Bottom Line

If you want healthy and radiant skin after 50, you have to give up some of your bad habits. Bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, or not cleaning face after an outing, and so on.

Maintaining a proper diet and following it accordingly is compulsory. Maintain a proper way that will keep you stress-free.

No matter what’s your age, never give up on your skincare. Some simple but daily tips, as we mentioned above, can help you stay glowing and attractive. Sensitive things always need extra attention, remember.

Medical Disclaimer

This article does not provide or substitute for professional medical advice. It is intended for information purposes only. If you have a medical emergency, please consult your doctor or call 911 immediately.

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