For better makeup, natural versus synthetic makeup brushes is an integral thing for women! This preference varies from woman to woman.

Which makeup brush should you prefer for your skin, natural or synthetic? 

As a woman, you should prefer synthetic to natural type while using a makeup brush. And there are good reasons for that. Though there’re not many differences between them except the raw material, preference is entirely dependent on a user’s satisfaction.

Let’s go through some aspects of why you should choose a synthetic makeup brush. Read on.

Why Is The Synthetic Makeup Brush Better?

A synthetic makeup brush is made of artificial hair material that doesn’t leave any cuticle on your skin while applying makeup with it.

I’m an animal lover. I don’t support any product that is made of animal skin, hair, or fur. If you’re an animal lover, you would also deject the natural makeup brush, which lends its material from those loved creatures of nature.

Synthetic makeup brushes are least likely to cause any harm to the animals.

Synthetic makeup brush doesn’t absorb any of your makeup, such as foundation, face powder, and as such. Thus, you don’t get confused with the amount of makeup you’re applying with the makeup brush. Besides, its less absorbing quality makes your makeup economic.

A synthetic makeup brush is easy to clean. Also, it is easy to store. The durability of it is comparatively higher than the natural makeup brush.

The cuticle is harmful as it can cause rashes or pimples on your skin. A synthetic makeup brush doesn’t have any cuticle, so you can use it without being wary.

Natural and Synthetic Makeup Brushes: What’s the Difference?

Synthetic Brush

Makeup Brush
Synthetic Brush
  • A synthetic brush consists of artificial hair such as nylon, synthetic, or polyester hair material.
  • Since it’s artificial, it doesn’t have any cuticle. (The dead skin at the base of surfaces like toenail, hair, or fingernail, etc.)
  • It doesn’t absorb any powder or oil.
  • Easy to clean the brush.

Natural Brush

Makeup Brush
Natural Brush
  • Natural brushes contain different types of animal fur and hair.
  • By nature, it absorbs oil and powder into its bristles.
  • It contains a cuticle.
  • The natural brush is comparatively sensitive. You have to use it with proper care.
  • It’s time-consuming as you need to use it multiple times to get the perfect look.

Do Synthetic and Natural Makeup Brushes Differ in Price?

Natural makeup brushes are costlier than synthetic ones.

Since natural brushes comprise of natural resources, they cost more. It’s not easy as a pie to procure furs from the wild foxes or the like.

There are very few hair donors. Most of the natural brushes are made of natural hairs. Therefore, it’s challenging to get a natural makeup brush to compare to synthetic brushes’ manufacturing. Mostly, the manufacturers set off to hunt animals in the wild to get their fur; hence, poaching prevails worldwide.

Natural makeup brushes resources are not widely available. That’s why it is expensive compare to a synthetic makeup brush. Procuring wild animal furs is a hazardous and risky business. That’s why producing natural makeup brushes are more costly than it appears.

Synthetic makeup brush doesn’t have any problem or extra expenses like natural makeup brushes.

Why People Buy Natural Makeup Brushes Over Synthetic?

There’s a famous word, and women love it– luxury.

Mostly, women prefer expensive makeup stuff over ordinary makeup stuff as our facial skin is sensitive. And they’re not wrong from their perception. They have this feeling that since the natural makeup brush is expensive, it’s better.

Being posh beauty tools as they are, most stylish women tend to use natural makeup brushes. They don’t want to switch to the synthetic types easily.

Many famous companies around the world make natural makeup brushes to increase their brand value. Brands like Kylie and MAC use natural bristles to make makeup brushes. Because of brand loyalty, some women prefer natural makeup brushes.

Why Have Some Famous Brands Stopped Making Natural Brushes?

A globally-renowned brand, MAC, has stopped manufacturing natural makeup brushes. Since they’d damaged their ‘cruelty-free’ image by producing brushes with animal furs for a long time, it was reasonable they had to end that particular production line.

MAC changed their material, but they didn’t lower their product price. As we know, natural brushes are expensive than synthetic. They reduced their cost by changing their material to earn more profit!

Brands like Urban Decay and Sephora use synthetic bristles to make their makeup brushes. However, Sephora has an exceptional product known as ‘Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Makeup Brushes,’ a cruelty-free makeup brush.

Do Women Really Need Makeup Brushes?

Makeup Brush
Do Women Really Need Makeup Brushes

To make a perfect makeup look, yes, you need makeup brushes.

You don’t need tons of makeup brushes, though. To create a professional makeup look, you need at least eight of them! These are:

  1. Flat concealer brush
  2. Fluffy face powder brush
  3. Blush brush
  4. Flat highlighter brush
  5. Brush for brows
  6. Small eyeshadow brush
  7. Medium eyeshadow brush
  8. Tapered eyeshadow brush

For daily usage, you can have only one makeup brush, which is a face powder brush.

Which Makeup Brush is Economical: Natural or Synthetic?

A synthetic makeup brush doesn’t waste makeup. The synthetic brush does not absorb oil or powder-like natural brush.

Does A Makeup Brush Cause Harm to Your Skin?

Makeup Brush
Does A Makeup Brush Cause Harm to Your Skin

A makeup brush in itself isn’t harmful to your skin, but a dirty makeup brush can sow some damages in your skin.

If you don’t clean your makeup brush after using it, it will carry your skin’s dead cells and dirt. Not a nice thing to picture, right?

It’s unhygienic to use your makeup brush uncleaned because it can cause allergic reactions, pimples, rashes, and so on.

Does Makeup Brush Have Any Alternative?

Pretty yes, there are!

Let’s check them out in the following:

Cotton Swabs as Makeup Brush Alternative

Makeup Brush
Cotton Swabs as Makeup Brush Alternative

A cotton swab is an alternative to smudge or pencil brush. You can use makeup cleansing on a cotton swab to clean little smudges.

Tissue Paper or Paper as Makeup Brush Alternative

Makeup Brush
Tissue Paper or Paper as Makeup Brush Alternative

You can apply blusher, high-lighter by a piece of paper. You can simply cut the paper and give it your desired shape. You can also use it without even shaping it.

It’s a straightforward way to apply makeup when you’ve run out of makeup brushes.

Cotton Ball as A Makeup Brush Alternative

Makeup Brush
Cotton Ball as A Makeup Brush Alternative

You can apply any kind of loose or face powder easily with a cotton ball. You can use it and throw it after usage. There’s no hassle of cleaning it like a makeup brush!

Paintbrush as An Eyeshadow Brush Alternative

Makeup Brush
Paintbrush as An Eyeshadow Brush Alternative

We have different kinds and shapes of eyeshadow makeup brushes in the stores.

Have you noticed that we also have verities in paintbrushes? Of course, you can use those paintbrushes as makeup brushes too! Not to mention they’re widely available and also very cheap!

Bottom Line

Almost all makeup brushes are the same. Some women don’t even know what type of makeup brush they are using! You can hardly differentiate among the variants except noticing their performances.

Now we know the fact that synthetic makeup brush is better than a natural brush. That doesn’t mean a natural brush isn’t good at all. As I said, makeup brush preference depends on the users.


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