Why Does Makeup Make Your Eyes and Face Itch?

makeup makes your eyes and face itch

Do the red, itchy, puffy, and blistered eyes tense you after a nice and time-consuming makeup touch? Does your face burn and itch in the same fashion?

Girls out there must be buzzy about this and trying to find a solution for this post-makeup with itchy eyes and face.

Is there a specific reason why does makeup makes your eyes and face itch?

Your eyes itch after makeup because the eye skin is extremely thin, and it reacts to any product quicker than other parts of the face. Your face can itch or burn for allergic contact dermatitis in your immune system. As a whole, makeup products contain oil, dye, wax, lanolin, fragrance, preservatives, etc., making your sensitive skin around eyes and face prone to allergic reactions.    

WomenMinds will dig into this recurring makeup hassle and try to reach a conclusion why this happens.

A Message to Remember: Being Organic Isn’t Always Being Safe

In the modern cosmetic and food industries, consumers and customers are lured into trusting the ‘organic’ labeled products blindly. But research says, there’s still a gap between the organic or botanic ingredients and consumer’s safety. The gap relates to the failure or overlooking in eliminating the organic ingredients’ adverse effects into manufacturing.

So, next time you select a cosmetic bottle and read the label saying ‘organic,’ know this, it may not take responsibility for your skin irritations, itches, burn, or any major skin disease.

eyes and face itch
Being Organic Isn’t Being Safe

5 Reasons Why Eyes Itch after Makeup

1.   Basic Reason: Your Eye Skin Is Vulnerable to Allergic Reaction

eyes and face itch
Your Eye Skin Is Vulnerable to Allergic Reaction

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this post, eye skin is known to be the most sensitive of all skin parts in our body, hence, being prone to irritation and itch. The eyelids and their surrounding areas are as thin as they’re loose, making them react spontaneously to any foreign substance.

Certain makeup products may irritate not only the eyelids but the white areas of your eyes, reddening them due to burn and itch.

2.   Your Eye Skin Has Developed an Allergic Reaction over Time

It’s not necessary that your eyes have been allergic to certain makeup products. For some women, it takes time to develop a sensitivity in the skin to certain substances. Once the sensitivity hits the reaction point, it keeps experiencing irritation, puffiness, burns, etc., every time you apply those products on your eyelids and nearby areas.

Remember, repeating the same offending products for your eye makeup may worsen the condition and lead to serious skin diseases.

3.   Your Makeup Products aren’t Skin-Friendly: Cheap Eyeshadows  

eyes and face itch
Your Makeup Products aren’t Skin-Friendly: Cheap Eyeshadows

Applying makeup products to your eye skin isn’t a wise idea. Buying the cheaper eyeshadows could be an instance where you’re making this mistake. Cheaper eyeshadows contain talcum powder, triclosan, paraben, and aluminum, which are toxic to eye skin, threatening it for bigger issues.

Besides, make sure your eyeshadows aren’t expired. Old cosmetics may cause your eyes to have an allergic reaction.

4.   You’re Applying Heavier Makeup on Eyes Than Necessary

Sometimes, it’s not the makeup product itself; it’s the lack of prudence in the application. Various makeup styles and trends have become so hype that you can hardly ignore them. And there, you apply the foundation, eyeliner, or eyeshadow heavily on your eyelines and eyelids. As a result, your eyes and their surrounding areas are crammed under toxic ingredients for long hours. And if you add to this your negligence in removing the makeup properly, things can become the worst nightmare.

5.   Your Eyes are Tired before Makeup

eyes and face itch
Your Eyes are Tired before Makeup

It’s not that scientific, yet it could be a contributory factor to your eye itching after makeup. If you’ve cut the time on your sleep before painting your eyes, things may not produce the optimum result in terms of looks. Besides, your eyes can burn and itch.

3 Reasons Why Your Face Itches After Makeup

1.   Basic Reasons: External and Internal Contact Dermatitis

Your face may itch due to 2 basic reasons after makeup: Irritant Contact Dermatitis and Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

The former happens due to your facial skin falling victim to certain makeup products, such as primer, foundation, blush, etc. In this case, the products may damage your skin, preceded by symptoms like burning, itching, blisters, stinging, etc.

The latter happens in your immune system, causing your skin to react to makeup products. The allergic reaction can leave your skin with redness, swell, and hives.

2.   Check If There’s Fragrance in Your Makeup Products

eyes and face itch
Check If There’s Fragrance in Your Makeup Products

If you can’t smell your makeup products, it doesn’t mean they don’t have them. Some products contain certain perfumes that mask the actual product scents. Makeup products with fragrance are responsible for skin’s allergic reaction.

It’s better to choose completely fragrance-free cosmetics for your skin if your skin is sensitive.

3.   Your Makeup Products Contain Preservatives

Liquid makeup products or any products with water contain preservatives, which is another culprit in our digging. Preservatives like DMDM hydantoin, paraben, formaldehyde, quaternium-15, etc., are held responsible for skin’s allergic reaction and other diseases.

How to Know If You’re Allergic to Makeup Products?

If you want to find out beforehand if you’re allergic to certain makeup products, follow the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Take a foundation (liquid, powder, or cream) or concealer.
  • Step 2: Stretch your forearm and patch some of the products on its skin.
  • Step 3: Leave it for 4-5 hours.
  • Step 4: Check if you can feel or see any rash, itch, puff, or burn on the applied skin area.
  • Step 5: If yes, your skin is sensitive to the products. If not, repeat the drill for a week. See if you see any change in your skin.

Note: If you experience any skin hazard upon doing this, apply any OTC (Over The Counter) ointment on the affected area. If the effect persists, go and see a doctor immediately. It would be wise to get your skin checked and get some advice about using makeup products.

Things You Can Do to Stop Your Eyes and Face from Itching

You may not have to do anything regarding your eyes’ itching due to makeup if it’s a mild reaction. Things may resolve on their own.

  • If the allergic reaction persists, a 1% hydrocortisone (an OTC cream) may reduce the effects.
  • Even if the cream doesn’t seem to work in days, it’s wise to see a doctor for steroid application, if necessary.

Bottom Line

Since makeup has become an impartible habit and necessity in women’s lives, it would be hard for them to reject cosmetics and skincare products to avoid itching. They can educate themselves about their skin type and its sensitivity and choose the makeup products from the market wisely.


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