Best 3 Hair Moisturizers: Our Editor’s Top Picks

Dry, brittle, and scrappy hairs are a nightmare for the ladies. After all, who likes to carry a pile of straw-like, dead, and dull hair-strands on her skull among peers?
Malnutrition, change in weather, lack of hair care, dehydration, etc. may lead to dry hair conditions. Hence, a moisturizing regimen is the most optimum thing you can long for.
Dry hair needs moisturizing for the revitalization of the overall hair health and its texture. If you’re having bad days with your dry and thirsty hair-crown, opt for hair moisturizing immediately. But remember, it’s wise to consult any hair specialist before applying any natural or chemical moisturizer to your hair and scalp.
This blog of WomenMinds will cover some facts about haircare moisturizers, followed by a list of the 3 best hair care moisturizers and a stack of FAQs.

Purposes of Hair Moisturizer

Moisturizer helps you get rid of the stubborn dry and hard hair texture. Below are mentioned how a hair moisturizer alleviates the dry hair condition:

  • A proper hair moisturizer ensures ample water retention in your hair cuticles.
  • Hair moisturizer may not contribute to hair growth directly, but it maintains the hair’s health for a better texture and shine.
  • The scalp is the bedrock of healthy and lustrous hair, and a good moisturizer can nourish the scalp from within.
  • You can wave away the brittle hairs, including breakage and split ends by applying a moisturizer regularly.

Types of Hair Moisturizers

Before you start wondering about the variations of hair moisturizers, let’s give you a snapshot below how we categorize the hair-moisturizer types:

hair moisturizer
Hair Moisturizer Categories

Now that you’ve known the basic 3 categories of hair moisturizer, let’s dive into the types under them below:






Leave-in moisturizer

Hair-repairing moisturizer Hair cream/butter- cream


Instant rinsing moisturizer

Hair-texture restoration moisturizer

Hair lotion


Climate control moisturizer

Hair oil


Conditioner as moisturizer


Scalp mask


Mixed moisturizer: butter and oil


Hair Moisturizing versus Hair Hydrating

If you aren’t aware of the differences between hair moisturizing and hydrating, worry not as we’ve rounded them down below:

Hair Moisturizing

Hair Hydrating

Hair moisturizing involves coating hair surface with butter, oil, or cream, etc. Hair hydrating is inducing water, amino acid, protein, humectants, etc. into the hair.
Moisturizing seals the hair cuticles to retain moisture in the hair. Hydrating treats a dry hair condition, but may not always retain water in the hair.
Moisturizing can be done on hair and scalp. But experts suggest it better be applied on the scalp only if it’s awfully dry. Hydration is done on the hair.
Moisturizing may be applied daily. Hydration is a treatment, so one should receive it only if required badly.
Moisturizing is cheap in comparison to hydrating. Hydrating may not be reasonable for everyone.
Moisturizing prevents hair breakage. Hydrating shines hair while maintaining it properly.


Best 3 Haircare Moisturizers

Although moisturizers mostly come in handy in repairing a dry set of hairs, you should be wary about choosing your haircare moisturizer depending on your hair and scalp type. That’s why we’ve mentioned in the very beginning that you better consult your doctor or a hair specialist before starting a hair-moisturizing regimen.
In this segment, we’ve plucked the 3 best hair care moisturizers, which you can consider for your dry hair condition. These 3 products come in three different forms: shampoo, lotion, and a smoothie. You pick anyone that suits your hair and scalp type and condition.
Let’s check them below:

1.   Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo
2.   Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion
3.   Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hair Smoothie


  1. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo


  • Liquid form moisturizer
  • Applicable for both genders
  • Suitable for damaged and weakened hair
  • Iconic Moroccanoil spicy amber and sweet floral fragrance

Why Buy This Moisturizer

  • Your objective to treat your damaged dry hair will be fulfilled by this wonder product.
  • It assures increasing your hair’s elasticity.
  • It treats chemically caused dry and brittle hair.
  • Its texture is thick and sulfate-free.
  • It doesn’t conflict with thick and heavy hair.
  • You rest assured of a fragrant and shiny finish of your hair.
  1. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion


  • Lotion moisturizer
  • Contains olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, aqua, safflower, petroleum, etc.
  • Suitable for dry and damaged hair
  • Soft and smooth texture upon application

Why Buy This Moisturizer

  • You can restore your hair’s natural moisture balance by applying this lotion.
  • It protects your hair from high heat.
  • One of its major content olive oil does deep conditioning of your hair and scalp.
  • It smoothens and softens your hair to a desirable extent.
  • Regular application of it can increase your hair’s elasticity, luster, and shine.
  • It also rehydrates your hair with consistent application.
  1. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hair Smoothie


  • Contains provitamin B5
  • Paraben and synthetic color free
  • Contains olive oil, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, cocoa, shea butter, etc.
  • Suitable for dry, dull, and brittle hair
  • Vanilla scented

Why Buy This Moisturizer

  • This product is a deep moisture treatment for your dry and brittle hair condition.
  • It helps your hair-management by improving your hair condition from dry to smooth.
  • It comes with a leave-in conditioner and hair smoothie for a dry to a soft hair transformation.
  • If you have short and curly hair, this product is very much appropriate for you.
  • It’s easily spreadable through your hair strands while massaging it on wet hair.
  • Users even claim that it helps grow your hair faster through its proper moisturization and ensuring better hair health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a moisturizer on my hair every day?

Answer: It may not be necessary to apply a moisturizer on your hair daily unless your hair and scalp are too dry as a parched field. Even in this case, you better see a doctor to treat and repair such a condition.
You can apply some good leave-in conditioner as moisturizer daily, but be prudent about applying deep-conditioning or deep-moisturizing products daily. Such products are enough if applied once a week.

  1. Can I replace my hair moisturizer product with a hair conditioner?

Answer: Hair conditioners are more suitable for coating your hair surface with oil and butter for a softer and smoother texture. On the other hand, a proper moisturizer works with your damaged dry hair to invigorate its root and cuticles. In short, a conditioner works temporarily well while a moisturizer is a significantly long-term regimen for hair.
So, it depends on your hair condition and its necessity to shift between these two types of products.  

  1. Is hair moisturizer suitable for oily scalp?

Answer: A hair moisturizer can be applied on the oily scalp for keeping the moisture balance, but one mustn’t use it more often. Most moisturizing products contain natural oils, butter, petroleum, etc., which may make your oily scalp even greasier. A greasy scalp spawns more dirt, build-up, and dandruff.
Use a moisturizer on your oily scalp in a small amount and rinse your hair and scalp properly to avoid any further messes.

  1. Can hair moisturizer increase dandruff?

Answer: Too much moisturizing may cause dandruff on your hair. If your moisturizing is increasing oiliness on the scalp, high chances are there will be build-ups and flakes. The further outcome may be irritation and itchiness, hence dandruff.

  1. Is it okay to rinse hair moisturizer with warm water?

Answer: Washing and rinsing your hair with warm water while applying a moisturizer can benefit your hair health by opening the cuticles. This way, your product can do deeper conditioning while ensuring a better moisturizing of your hair.
But know that there’s a difference between warm and hot water. Hot water may worsen your hair condition, making it drier and less healthy.

  1. What ingredients should I avoid in a hair moisturizer?

Answer: Anything you find on your hair products that are synthetically derived, are harmful to your hair. Here’s a shortlist for your quick reference:

  • PVP/ VA Copolymer
  • Mineral oil
  • Benzene
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Paraben
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sodium hydroxide

You can do more research on this to find out other harmful ingredients in a hair moisturizer.