Floral Eye Makeup: Does It Go with Parties and Festivals?

floral eye makeup

Floral Eye Makeup (FEM) can be attributed as the holistic aura of the women’s eyes. Like the American poet, Edwin Curran said,

“Flower is the music of the ground,

from earth’s lips, spoken without sound.”

And FEM projects a similarly subtle and silent, yet rhythmic vibe onto the ones who observe it.

Floral eye makeup has captured the women’s makeup appetizer, and it has done it for good reasons. Painting your eyes with masterful strokes of eyeliner and vibrant shades not only takes adept hands but gives you a feeling of artistry and grandeur.

However, many girls wonder about floral eye makeup’s viability through the posh and fun places, such as parties and festivals. Does floral eye makeup really go with the parties and festivals?

Well, YES! It does. Suppose you can crash into a party or cultural festival with your smokey or velvety eye looks. In that case, there’s definitely a place for the softy and romantic floral eyes on such occasions.  Besides, festivals are experimental places for makeup, allowing every woman to try this FEM out for once at least.

The floral eye makeup wouldn’t have become one of the trendiest makeup settings in the year 2019-20 if women of various ages hadn’t flaunted it at these social gatherings.

Floral eye makeup has quite set its track on the women’s makeup path, but if you’re new to this trend, worry not. Stay put, as we’re going to take you through many aspects of floral eye makeup in this blog.

Does It Take Longer to Do FEM than Regular Eye Makeup?

Yes. And it’s fair, isn’t it?

Look at the process you have to go through. On regular eye makeup, you’re done with your makeup as you’re up to the eyeshadow and glitter marks. Conversely, floral eye makeup takes a bit longer since it’s the additional part of your eye makeup after the mentioned steps.

Regular eye makeup may take up to 10-15 minutes at its most concentrated session, whereas floral eye makeup will take about 20 minutes or more for both eyes, including your primer, foundation, eyeshades, eyeliner, glitter, and then the flowery designs.

After all, an artistic masterpiece is time-consuming, right?

2 Types of Viral Floral Eye Makeup on Insta, Facebook, and YouTube

Floral eye makeup has taken over Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media screens by its various ultra-designs and looks. And why not?

Women love flowers, mostly. And adding a flowery sensation to their regular makeup pantry wouldn’t harm if that turns them into floral queens or dreamy angels. This catchy and romantic craving of women for flowers has made floral eye makeup the latest makeup universe trend.

Below is some trendy and viral floral eye makeup that topped the social media platforms, and the first type goes into the eyeliner based or fully color-based category:

floral eye makeup

  1. Floral Cut Crease
  2. Subtle Floral Cut Crease
  3. Aqua Color Floral Eye Makeup
  4. Twilight Red with White Flowers
  5. Faux Flowers Golden Crease (Moulin Rogue Inspired)

The second category falls into the actual flower, or precisely, the flower-petal based floral eye makeup. Below are some of them:

floral eye makeup

  1. Patterned Petals
  2. Fierce and Floral
  3. Literal Rose Gold
  4. Frosted Pink Petals
  5. Bold Blossoms

Floral Eye Makeup for Parties

floral eye makeup

Floral eye makeup may not be the thing for celebrities, which is why you see a seldom image of them at various parties wearing an FEM. But who says that can stop you from wearing it yourself and walk into a friend’s birthday, wedding, or an alumni get-together party?

For flaunting it as your next big makeup gig, you can even wear this nature-ly makeup at podcasts, stage events, or other domestic or social ceremonies. Wondering if your friends and relatives might raise their eyebrows at this? No worries– thousands of FEM pros and droolers on social media are there to back you up!

Floral Eye Makeup for Festivals

floral eye makeup

You can put the festivals on top of the parties when it comes to wearing floral eye makeup. Festivals are naturally more vibrant and experimental than parties since they thematize a broader aspect of colors, seasons, weather, and happiness while blending them into individual gatherings.

Hence, your floral eye makeup at festivals will not only be accepted, but it would look auspicious to an extent.

Makeup artist and Instagram influencer Ellie Costello‘s Insta profile is flooded with myriad flower-based eye makeup. Her style falls into our type-2 category: flower-petal based. She calls her floral designs the “terrarium eyes” and says, “I was inspired to create the terrarium eye as I have always had a love for flowers, and every spring/summer, there are a lot of beautiful flowers that grow in my garden.”

Floral Eye Makeup for Different Skin Tones

Although it depends on how masterfully your eyeliner strokes will paint your eyes, there may be some variant outcomes based on different skin tones. So, rather than debating on the most suitable skin tone for FEM, let’s get to know below how would it look on the three basic skin tones of women:

1.  Light Skin

Light skin is an ideal canvas for the most number of shades and colors. Hence, blend those whimsical, bright colors into deep shades to create a stunning look. You can either go for a ‘bright background with dark flower petals’ with your eyeliner or vice versa.

2.  Medium Skin

The Indian subcontinent possesses the medium skin toned women in greater numbers. And the Instagram virals on the floral eye makeup have overcome the Indian girls’ makeup hunger too. For them, it’s rather easier to grasp and improvise the FEM on their beautiful dark eyes since they love flowers to ornament their beauty on almost every occasion.

Orange, yellow, light purple, etc., are more suitable for medium skin tone if you’re one and looking for perfect shades for your floral eye makeup.

3.  Dark Skin

Dark skin tone should go with lighter shades and colors for floral eye makeup. Many black or dark toned celebrities even go for glittering their floral eye makeup. Golden, violet, purple, etc., are common in the dark skin tone’s glittering touch.

You can utilize both the eyeliner-based or petal-based FEM on your eyes to create dynamic and bold looks for parties and festivals.

How Does Floral Eye Makeup Look on A Freckled Face?

floral eye makeup

You can’t be looking any less beautiful with floral eye makeup being a freckled face. Why would anyone even distinguish that look?

The process of doing floral eye makeup on a freckled face isn’t different from normal skin. The only exception you can follow is to conceal those freckle brown spots by replacing them with some cute little floral designs. Bingo! You’re ready to hit the parties and festivals by putting on the well-matched attire.

Don’t you worry, even if your freckles are wide and dense? Proper foundation, concealer, and shade combination can work that out pretty well to complement the FEM you’ve just done on your eyes.

Is Floral Eye Makeup Harmful for Your Skin and Eyes?

Makeup can prove harmful to every skin per se if you don’t use it wisely, such as neglecting product quality, not removing makeup properly, inefficient skincare, etc.

Floral eye makeup wouldn’t show any different results since you’re using the same makeup tools and items to design your eyes. However, maintain the below habits if you’re into floral eye makeup lately:

  • Select your makeup products like eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, applicator, brush, etc., wisely.
  • Use appropriate face paint for your skin while designing those creative flowers.
  • Only use cosmetic glitters for glinting your eyes, or else regular glitters can get into your eyes and scratch the eyelids.
  • Remove your makeup properly and timely.
  • Don’t let your eye makeup remain on the skin overnight. This bad habit is a big welcome note for acne and pimple.

Can Floral Eye Makeup Last throughout the Day or Night?

The answer is twofold.

If you’re doing an eyeliner-based FEM only, it depends on the product itself, whether it’s going to last long or not. Therefore, purchase the long-wearing, creamy, and fade-resistant eyeliner so your flowery eyes remain vigilant as long as you go through the day or night time.

But if your floral eye makeup is a combination of both eyeliner and petals, then obviously, it depends on the particular petals you’ve chosen. If your petals are plucked from real flowers, they’re going to dry and rub off your skin sooner than the synthetic petals.

Wrap Up

Floral eye makeup is a new beautification tool, and it’s going to last long, at least for a decade. So, grab this opportunity and delve into the FEM ideas posted by the pros and newbies.

It’s easy as you don’t have to be a professional painter to pull off this nature-based makeup gig. Start with your flow; draw those lines and edges evenly or oddly. It doesn’t matter. If it looks pretty all together, you’re off.

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