Female Celebrities: Why Shouldn’t Young Women Take Them as Role Models?

Female Celebrities

Female celebrities may come largely in numbers as role models.

Let me set the floor by asking, how many of you as a young woman know and follow a female celebrity from fields like business, sports, politics, academia, etc.?

Female celebrities from the entertainment world are better not to be taken as role models– especially when you aren’t among them. Not that if you are from that shiny realm, you should always look up to them.

Now, consult your memory and think about how many female celebrities can you name from the fields like fashion, movies, and singing?

What, are you baffled as the celebrity names keep showering in your head? When thinking about female role models, it’s funny how young women like us have worshipped women from movies, fashion, and singing industries.

With WomenMinds, let me explain why I think young women should avoid female celebrities as their role models in life. Let’s get to the following insights.

The Dichotomy of Influential Figures

Our mind gets perplexed while answering a question or two about female icons from real-life engaging fields such as politics, literature, sports, science, etc.

It’s sad to contemplate the above, and while writing about this topic, I feel it. Our sincere attention to the women celebrities who have a far-reaching influential outreach on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, have made them unannounced queens of our lives.

As a result, most of us in our twenties have been voraciously devouring our lifestyles, fashion choices, and food regimens without pondering much about our lives.

Female Celebrities
The Dichotomy of Influential Figures

Infatuation is blind, and you can see it clearly in this respect. For instance, Kim Kardashian (kimkardashian) has nearly 250 million followers in her Instagram account, while Michelle Obama has 41.8 million followers worldwide.

Well, I am no one to denounce any women from any profession. Still, it’s just a clear example of how many young women like me prefer to dive into a fashion celebrity’s social media account instead of a woman politician.

I mean, the entire world is divided into these dichotomies where a day is called shiny and night is addressed as dark. Similarly, women exhibiting fashion and glitzy champagne lives become influencers, while women celebrating real-life struggles do not get their due recognition.

As for me, this very difference provokes me to think that do we (young women) lack the sense of who to follow and why? Is there any void in our thought process due to the insufficient gravitate towards real mentors of life?

I believe, yes, there’s a sheer absence of following strong female heroes among a large number of young women. We should give ourselves more chances to know their fights and achievements against this ever-growing patriarchal society.

Instead of following some glittery blueprints, I believe we need strong female characters to look up to.

Female Celebrities Live A Life for Shutterbugs

Female Celebrities
Female Celebrities Live A Life for Shutterbugs

Firstly, female celebrities maintain their lives that aim at gathering audiences and brewing publicity.

Since these influential women naturally become the most-followed people in their fields owing to the ever-increasing people’s interest in their lives, they do not have what we can call real life. They more likely lead what we may call a life watched through the bioscope.

I mean, their lives are mostly surrounded by social media followers who heedlessly pour down their shallow appreciations (precisely, the “Likes” and “Loves”) in the relevant electronic platforms. These female celebrities work hard to keep up to their followers’ expectations but scarcely focus on holding something sensible.

It’s incredible how these celebrities are obsessed with luring their audience constantly. As a result, these influencers take the shortcut to trick their viewers through fashion events, casual snaps, lifestyle choices, yoga poses, live videos, etc. into the less serious topics to waste time on.

Furthermore, female celebrities earn a lot of money through brand endorsements. Top rated female celebrities earn from 1 to 5 million USD annually, as per Go Banking Rates. They publicize those brands on social media and hardly give a damn about other people’s choices- as if people are going to buy the products to be like them or share similar product interests.

The truth is, they hardly think about the followers’ purchase power or even their tastes. What they do is brainwash the drooling onlookers into buying relatively unnecessary stuff while pocketing the dimes for themselves.

Sadly, even the young women followers of these celebrities are so bound by their gleams that they don’t even think about their own expectations, age, and expenses.

An apt example can be Disney superstar Miley Cyrus. I believe we all have followed both her reel and real lives during our childhood period.

But do you know when Miley grew up to be a “problematic teenager,” according to paparazzi’s, a significant number of her female fans started donning her hairstyle, attires, and controversial views on various contemporary sensitive issues?

The situation turned so uncontrollable that YouTube had to intervene and put parental controls on some of her music videos.

This American singer-songwriter is just one example among many. It’s become a pop culture nowadays to entertain viewers and garner more ‘Likes.’ Many female celebrities like her forget to lay a boundary around their professional activities.

Inadvertently, disaster happens due to their overconfidence in their fandom, affecting both their celebrity image and the business itself.

I’m confident that these influencers fail to leave an inspiring footprint for young women since they live a day-to-day life, which merely thrives on people’s ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike.’

However, these celebrities seldom share their wariness when a fan spoils her life or, in some severe cases, ends her life following their strayed footsteps. More than 115,000 young people between 2008 and 2015 had visited hospitals due to attempted suicides following their close-to-heart celebrities’ deaths, says Market Watch.

Therefore, I believe young female minds like us shouldn’t idolize people-charmers as their role models.

Female Celebrities Have a Luxurious Lifestyle

I would also like to state why female influencers should not be role models for young women is the glitzy lifestyle they share in their social networking sites.

Mostly, young female students and service holders living with their families follow these female celebrities. It compromises the young women’s lifestyle when they try to follow their idolized celebs’ luxurious activities.

Female Celebrities
Female Celebrities Have a Luxurious Lifestyle

Most young girls, especially the teens, struggle to maintain the dreamy attires, diets, fitness, and gears like their semi-worshipped celebs. As a result, a constant reminder of their apparent failures converts them into depression and anxiety victims.

However, young female celebrities never shy away from flaunting their expensive PR packages and reflecting a sense of false charm to the aspiring young female audiences.

Therefore, young female followers want to look as glamorous and posh as their dream stars and try to buy those expensive brands such as Nike, Zara, Fendi, Gucci, Chanel, and what not!

Many young females make a budget from their pocket money, and some create a ruckus back at their home, pressurizing parents to provide all these vibrant brands– all due to the craving to look like their ideal celebrities.

It’s sad that after a point, these female celebrities sparsely understand the ordinary people’s hearts anymore: the burning desire to achieve coveted magazine looks and lead a wonderful care-free life!

Without even worrying about their social impact on young minds, they keep showing off their belongings to others with a solid hope to get a tremendous response. And that’s a solid case of lacking social responsibility.

In Bangladesh, young women mostly follow international female celebrities, often starting with the neighboring Indian TV personalities. They fancy the trendy dressing choices, and upon failing to buy them, there’s no telling in sufferings.

Here, I would like to cite some incidents from the year 2014; an English daily newspaper named Dhaka Tribune reported that three deaths and a divorce occurred when the female victims failed to buy similar dresses like their iconic celebrity from a famous Indian channel.

It’s not a new story for countries in the Indian subcontinent where the TV and YouTube celebrities break the barriers of fantasy, step into reality, and crush it.

However, young women must remember that the evaporation of the line between fiction and fact is acceptable in many cases. Although when the results are loss of lives, the entire culture of TV entertainment needs re-evaluation.

But who’s going to show our young women the path of redemption? Most young women like to refute their parental ideas and prefer to gobble up their favorite celebrity talks if you say, family members. Unfortunately, such issues cause havoc in most cases.

Since the difference between reel and real life is vast, female celebrities shouldn’t be followed as complete role models, except for the genuine good characters you happen to find in them.

Female Celebrities Follow A Regimen of Diet and Exercise

Female Celebrities
Female Celebrities Follow A Regimen of Diet and Exercise

Models and Instagram celebrities around the world work diligently to maintain their food intake and exercise regimen. Their diet and physical activities go hand in hand.

On the other hand, following a strict routine in terms of food and exercise is tedious, which proves to be exhausting for ordinary people.

I’m not accusing celebrities that they hardly do anything other than working out. Conversely, it’s a harsh truth among many in their lives that they get paid to look in a specific shape by maintaining a certain diet and workout.

A 180 degree opposite scenario is for most young women as they don’t lead a posh lifestyle, and, commonly, these women need to carry out their studies and take care of their families.

An article named “Celebrity role models affect teens’ body image, self-esteem” suggests that this blind trend of following the so-called social influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube damages young women’s individualistic characteristics. Now, that’s one real concern!

The same article also opines that young female audiences should pay heed to an influencer’s real-life rather than their standardized false notion of beauty and charm.

Take Kardashians, for example, who’s introduced the most talked about regimen of Ketogenic diet involving strictly-limited carbs, precisely below 50 grams a day (that’s no more than two apples’ worth).

Well, the fact comes from the health experts as they discourage Keto without consulting any experienced dietician. Consequences may follow your unsupervised Keto diet, sending you to an early grave even.

Many of us young women go through Instagram and YouTube videos and make a diet routine on our own by borrowing ideas from our favorite celebrities. Such unsupervised diets may even lead to severe problematic diseases like glucose-intolerance and diabetes.

So, restricting your food habits and doing heavy exercises just because your beloved celebrities do so will bring nothing but unprecedented distress in your life.

So, it’s obvious how unidentical your life is from those of the celebrities. You may admire a few of their opinions or views on certain things, but in no way should convince you to follow each of their steps out of mere whims.


You can indeed look up to whichever celebrity you adore, which is completely fine. Everyone can rightfully emulate a person with characteristics they admire.

However, the liking should follow caution, and you should stop blindly following whatever they promote. Besides, it always helps to check on whether you’re going overboard in your devotion.

I urge our young women to understand those female celebrities must lead such lavish life being prone to shutterbugs and limelight. Thus, instead of blaming those celluloid stars, young women must learn to select their role models carefully.

It’s high time to understand that female celebrities’ lives are dynamic, which are mostly maintained by paid-professionals, i.e., publishers, trainers, dieticians, PRs, etc.

Instead of following these distorted, flashy images of female celebrities, you should focus on powerful and encouraging stories from other women. Sadly, such kinds don’t often come to the limelight, or we fail to acknowledge them wholeheartedly if they ever prevail.

I further insist young women follow the female figures who motivate us all through their walks of life. That definitely could be our mothers, sisters, relatives, or female teachers. Since you have seen and known them personally and made a connection, it will be easier to relate with them and be inspired.

Mohammad Anique

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