Best 3 Eyeliners: Our Editors’ Best Picks

Eyeliner is a vital tool for eye makeup and women should take this seriously. Why?
We’ve talked with many women regarding eyeliner and most of them shared with us a common notion: they have little knowledge about how to apply different types of eyeliners, nor do they give it much importance.
Revealing this fact was an amazing experience for us. But ladies should know those distinct eyeliner types are invented for specific benefits, such as correct smudge, long-lasting, sharp lining, etc.
So, next time, you hold that eyeliner or the pencil, watch closely before playing with your beautiful eyes.
However, our post will give you some precise guidelines on the types of eyeliners and how to use them. Besides, our selection of the best 3 eyeliners will cover their features, so you could choose your favorite one to buy. Let’s go.

Problems Encountered while Using an Eyeliner

Before diving into the topics, we better know what problems girls may encounter while using them.

  1. Poking Your Eyes: Wobbly hands with an eyeliner may pose a risk of poking your eyes, even prodding your corneas. Avoid distraction and other thoughts while doing an eyeliner. Don’t hold the pencil or the applicator too hard, nor so light.
  2. Using A Brush to Apply Liquid Eyeliner: Many girls use a brush for applying liquid eyeliner. It’s wise to use an applicator that either comes with the eyeliner pack or you buy it separately. Keep experimenting with different applicators or brushes until you find your perfect one.
  3. Closed Eyes while Doing Cat Eyes: Closed eyes may make your cat-eyes makeup uneven. Keep your eyes open while doing cat-eye makeup.
  4. Lining Only the Lower Lashes: Maybe some girls love the street & tough looks which are why to apply the eyeliner only on the lower lashes. But this makes your eyes heavy downward and carries the risk of odd smudges. Apply heavy liner on the upper lashes, while you may apply thin and lighter liner on the lower ones.
  5. Pulling Your Eyes: Most women pull their eyes while using an eyeliner instinctively. This poses a problem as when your eyes bounce back, your eyeliner follows the action, making wrong textures, bumps, etc.

Types of Eye Liner

1.  Pencil Eyeliner

The commonest eyeliner in use is the pencil eyeliner. Women still love this, especially the older ones. It’s more natural and balanced to many women compared to the liquid eyeliners. Pencil eyeliners give you sharper lines in a short time.

2.  Liquid Eyeliner

Women crave this one, but it’s the most arduous to use at the same time. The liquid eyeliners are popular for cat-eye, Arabic, and more defined lines on your eye edges. Liquid eyeliner provides a thicker lining and more confidence to the wearer.

3.  Gel/Creamy Eyeliner

Gel or creamy eyeliner comes in a small pot and is getting popular in regular women’s makeup. Professionals love it due to its thick lining, water-resistance, possible base quality for eyeshadows, etc. Gel eyeliners give you a glamorous look.

4.  Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

Though eyeshadow is the easiest and fastest way to paint your eyes, you can’t apply it on your waterline. These products hardly carry on the waterline and it may create irritations. Eyeshadows are preferable for daytime glamor.

5.  Sketch Pen Eyeliner

Now, you can put all your artistic sketch skills on your eyes. The latest sketch pen eyeliner has become popular for its sharp and fine tip, which gives the user a sense of balance and a swift lining in no time.

Our Selection: Best 3 Eyeliners

1.  Tarte Cosmetics Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner


  • Budgeproof gel eyeliner
  • Classic liner shades
  • Vibrant metallic and matte shades
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof

Why Buy This Eyeliner

  • It’s a long-wearing gel eyeliner.
  • You will be able to create creaseless lines, artistic cat-eyes, and opaque eyeshadows.
  • It’s oil-free, ophthalmologist-tested.
  • It’s waterproof, ensuring your carefree going about with the eyeliner on.
  • Safe for contact-lenses wearers.
  • It contains Amazonian clay, mineral pigment, and Vitamin-E.

2.  Milani Stay Put Matte 17HR Wear Liquid Eyeliner


  • Waterproof
  • Liquid matte
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick-drying

Why Buy This Eyeliner

  • Your eyes won’t get any smudge even if you wear it for a longer period.
  • You can wear it for up to 17 hours.
  • If you’re an animal lover, know that it’s a vegan product, meaning it wasn’t tested on animals.
  • The liner glides smoothly over your eyes for a stay-put makeup.

3.  Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner


  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Longwearing
  • Sharp defining lines

Why Buy This Eyeliner

  • You will get an Ultra-fine tip with this eyeliner, which makes sure of fine and sharp lines.
  • It’s a fragrance-free eyeliner.
  • It’s dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested.
  • If your eyes are sensitive, go for this eyeliner.
  • You can use it even contact lenses.
  • It’s made with hydrogenated castor oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the benefit of applying a permanent eyeliner?

Answer: Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic tattoo on the eyes. It depends on the type of process you go through to determine the longevity of this process. The benefits of the permanent eyeliner are:

  • No more extra eye makeup
  • No hassle of smudges or smears
  • It gives your eyes a more defining shape
  • It creates an illusion of larger eyes
  1. Should I apply eyeliner below my eyes?

Answer: If your eyes are bigger, rounder, or almond shape, you may apply eyeliner below your eyes for a different look. But it may not look good under a pair of deeply set eyes.

  1. Can I hide the wrinkles below my eyes with eyeliner?

Answer: It’s wise to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion over the wrinkles before putting on the eyeliner. The cream will absorb into your skin, making the area look plumper. Thus, your eyeliner will set nicely and give you a smoother look.

  1. Is it important to match the eyeliner with my eye color?

Answer: Pairing your eyeliner with your eyes could be a good idea, but too much matchiness may not give you the look you desire. It’s okay to experiment with different shades to determine the most suitable ones for your eyes.

  1. Is it necessary to use a primer before an eyeliner?

Answer: Primer paves the way for smoother and richer eye makeup. It removes the risk of build-ups, brittles, or short-term wear. So, don’t hesitate to apply a primer on your eye lashes before using an eyeliner.