A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Colors to Wear for Your Skin Tone

Colors to Wear for Your Skin Tone

A woman is always concerned about how she looks. Isn’t it natural? We are known as the definition of beauty! You’ve got a healthy mind if you’re concerned about how you look. It’s not narcissism.

Does Skin Tone Matter While Choosing A Dress Color?

colors to wear for your skin tone

It’s not to discriminate against anyone, but one should know what color matches your skin. Because some colors are too bold, and some shades are way too light.

So, yes! Skin tone matters while choosing a dress color.

Skin tones are essential while choosing which colors of clothes to wear. Because we need to look good, and some colors don’t match one’s skin color.

If it’s about looking pretty, then choosing the perfect color that goes with you is an enormous contribution!

Though it’s not the only factor that matters, it is undoubtedly one of the essential factors. While you choose your dress color, one must have a sound knowledge of their skin tone.

A person should wear what makes the person feel good, but it’s true that certain colors make your look a little bit healthy, radiant and makes your eyes sparkle!

Besides, colors help to make your skin look even-toned. They’re an essential part of fashion, and here and there, we all like playing with colors.

Most of us know that going outside your comfort zone will nail you some serious style points by wearing some bold colors, but those Tests can also end up wrong if you don’t understand the colors against your skin look good or bad.

It’s not rocket science anymore, and you should be well on your way to better understanding how to select colors to match your skin tone with these few points.

Determining Your Skin Tone and Suitable Colors to Wear

colors to wear for your skin tone
Determining Your Skin Tone and Suitable Colors to Wear

I’m going to describe all types of skin, tone, and nature. Through this, you will be able to understand your skin type. Once you know your skin tone, you will select the colors that go best with you.

You need to look more than skin-deep to work out your genuine skin tone.

A Skin Tone Comprises 2 Layers

First thing’s first. Before delving into the skin varieties and the best colors to wear with them, know the 2 layers of skin tone:

  1. Surface: It’s the skin layer that reflects the dark, tan, or ivory tone.
  2. Undertone: Undertone is the dictator of the best-suited colors for a skin tone. It resides underneath the apparent color surface. You can subcategorize the undertone into 3 more types– warm, cool, and neutral.

For A Warm Skin Tone!

Steps to follow so that you can decide whether you have a warm skin tone:

Firstly, we need to consider the distinction between the skin’s complexion and the skin’s undertones, making up your skin tone.

Your skin color is the skin tone; you may have a light/pale complexion, a medium/olive complexion, or a dark complexion.

Your skin’s undertone is distinctive from that of your complexion, which will stay the same as your skin color. Three distinct undertones are present: cool, warm, and neutral.

Therefore, the word “skin tone” essentially refers to the contrast of your skin’s complexion/color with your skin’s undertone (like pale skin with cool undertones, olive skin with warm undertones, and so on).

Warm means you have a greenish-yellowish or peachy undertone.

Now, it’s not difficult to determine your skin undertone, but there are various ways to assess it.

The Vein Test:

Gaze your wrist area and examine the veins; if you have greenish, yellowish veins, you have a warm undertone.

Test with Paper:

Bear a piece of white paper next to your face to compare your skin tone. If your skin looks more yellowish here, then you have a yellow undertone.

The Jewelry Test:

If gold jewelry looks more flattering than silver jewelry on your skin, you have a warm undertone.

Colors to Wear for Warm Undertone Skin

Your skin color is ideal to complement the vast majority of hues and shades, as it does not run the risk of washing out like comparatively light skin tones.

Rich reflections of nature are the most delicate colors. You need to turn red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold, and yellow on the color wheel’s warm side.

Wearing “warmer” variations of cool colors, such as olive, moss, orchid, and violet-red, you can look fantastic. Taupe, cappuccino, cream, and mushroom gray are the neutrals that best suit you.

Colors to Avoid for Warm Undertone Skin

Try to avoid chilly colors such as icy blues or jewel tones like sapphire or amethyst because they can make you dull and make your skin look gray.

Colors for Warm Skin Tone

If your skin tone is warm, you’ve joined the celebrities like Claire Danes, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé. For you, rich impressions of nature seem to be the perfect colors. You need to turn red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold, and yellow on the color wheel’s warm side.

When wearing “warmer” variations of cool colors, such as olive, moss, orchid, and violet-red, you can also look fantastic. Taupe, cappuccino, cream, and mushroom gray are the neutrals that best suit you.

Since they will wash yourself out and make your skin look gray, avoid cold colors like ice blues or jewel tones like sapphire or amethyst.

For Cool-Toned Skin

colors to wear for your skin tone
For Cool-Toned Skin

You should steer clear of no particular colors, just colors that you should stop wearing on your own. An excellent example of this is soft pastel tones.

Washed-out hues will sap all color from your skin and make you look dull than you are!

It can be the same for a neutral skin tone. Try to stay away from black and white because the former compares too harshly, while the latter contrasts too little.

If your skin has a bluish undertone, then it’s a cool tone.

You can adopt some tests to be sure about your skin tone, and based on these Tests. You can be sure you are cool-toned or not!

The Vain Test

Look at your wrist area and look at the veins. If you have blue, purple veins, you most probably have cool-toned skin.

The Paper Test

Keep a blank piece of white paper under the skin next to your face. If your skin looks more pinkish here, then you have a cool-toned skin color.

The Jewelry Test

If silver jewelry looks more flattering than gold jewelry on your skin, you have a cool undertone.

Colors to Wear for Cool-Toned Skin

Your celebrity skin-look-a-likes may include Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Mindy Kaling, and Lupita Nyong’o if you have a cool skin tone.

The ocean’s depth and the winter’s coolness influence the cool skin tone of a woman. It will look beautiful with vivid blues, emeralds, and deep purples, along with frosty lavender, ice blue, or pink shades.

You may turn ruby, vivid rosy red, or super-pale yellow on the warm side. With neutrals, cool dark, bright white, and navy will rock you. Try to avoid orange, red tomatoes, and intense yellow colors, totally contrasting with your skin.

Colors to Avoid for Cool-Toned Skin

Try to avoid orange, red tomatoes, and intense yellow colors that can totally contrast with your skin.

If you like to wear hotter tones, attempt lipstick reds, or super-pale yellows, you should ignore palettes that are too orange or brilliant yellow—they might make you look a little different in a negative way.

For Neutral-Toned Skin

colors to wear for your skin tone
For Neutral-Toned Skin

How will you determine if you have neutral-toned skin?

Those with a neutral undertone will have a problem discerning whether they’re warm or cool based on the guidelines above.

It’s because they’re typically a hybrid of both warm and cool! Though most colors will look great on your skin tone.

I believe neutral-toned skin is a blessing of God!

A quick way to determine if you’re neutral-toned skin:

Neutral undertone means that if there’s a greenish, bluish, golden, or yellowish undertone, you can’t tell if there’s only nothing present you can make out, that’s all right, it happens, it’s just a neutral undertone of the skin.

The following tests may help you understand whether you are neutral-toned or not.

The Vain Test

Look at your wrist area and look at the veins. If you aren’t sure which color is evident in your veins, you’re likely to have a neutral undertone.

The Jewelry Test

If both gold and silver jewelry look flattering with your skin tone, you most probably have a neutral skin tone.

The Paper Test

Keep a blank piece of white paper under the skin next to your face. If your skin neither looks yellowish or pinkish, then you most probably have neutral-toned skin.

Colors to Wear

People with a neutral skin tone are best suited for neutral colors in the middle of the color spectrum. Go for light peachy colors, dusty pinks, soft rose, peony pink, placid blue, jade green, and cameo green.

Colors to Avoid

They may avoid anything too bright or vibrant that can overwhelm, along with yellows and reds.

What Colors Look Good On Dark Skin Tone?

colors to wear for your skin tone
What Colors Look Good On Dark Skin Tone

Colors to Wear

Your skin’s color is ideal to complement the vast majority of hues and shades, as it does not risk washing out like comparatively light skin tones. That being said, there’re a few caveats to mind.

It’s nice to have a license to wear bold, vibrant colors such as jade green or cobalt blue, but be careful of adding balance to your outfit with a color that keeps the look together.

The other colors that will look good are pastel shades, rusts, red, orange, lemon yellow, light greens, light blues, lilacs, etc.

Colors to Avoid

Brown is a no-go if you have dark skin.

Brown will not blend sufficiently clearly with your skin, resulting in your appearance ‘bleeding’ into your skin. It’s like how pastel colors bleach out pale skin tones.

Although black and navy are two main colors in every person’s wardrobe (making up most formal and corporate wear), it is worth keeping them to a minimum to make the most of your exceptionally versatile skin tone.

Avoid colors such as maroon, dark blues, dark browns, or dark-tinged ones since the dark skin tone does not show well. Keeping the fabric against your face or throwing it over your shoulder will be the best way to decide what suits you.

Standard Colors That Go with Every Skin Color

colors to wear for your skin tone
Standard Colors That Go with Every Skin Color

There are a couple of colors that looks good on every skin tone! They will look amazing because they provide a perfectly warm and cold balance that won’t contrast with your skin.

Pure white goes well with the skin of everyone. Take a look at it in a soft frame to make sure it doesn’t have a cold or warm undertone. It may not be visible on the rack if you notice that a white garment doesn’t look quite right.

The light pink blush brightens every skin tone and brings out your face’s natural glow. Teal is a nice attire for anyone with a beautiful combination of blue and green and is a fantastic summer or winter hue.

Try eggplant purple, which serves as a neutral and accentuates your skin without overpowering it, if you want to go for black.

If all else fails, go after these three tones that look great on literally everyone. The mystery recipe? They’re an ideal mix of warm and cool and will suit everybody’s skin tone perfectly.

These four shadings look extraordinary on everybody’s skin tone!

Navy Blue

Navy blue is the color of the Earth! It’s so beautiful that it goes with every skin tone! Imagine yourself wearing a long navy-blue dress at a night party. It’s the color that defines your look.

If combined with the correct pair of trousers or denim, Navy Blue shirts look pleasant. There’s nothing to do with a person’s skin tone if the combination of shirt and pants he’s wearing is subtle.

That said, you need to pick the best colors for your skin tone, but sometimes the combination of colors does it all seamlessly for you.

Navy blue shirts can be perfectly paired with Brown chinos, sky blue denim, and black pants/chinos. You can often pair them with white chinos for a summer day out, and they will look fabulous.

Blood Red

If it’s the lipstick or the dress, the blood-red color is stunning!

Very few people avoid wearing red. Blood red color looks so good that some Asian country’s bride wears blood-red to celebrate their special day like a wedding!

Blood red is a scorching and attractive color. They catch the focus! It’s one of those colors that will force people to look at you again and again!


The most alluring emerald tones are somewhat blue-green to unadulterated green, with distinctive shading immersion and tone that is not very dim.

The most-valued emeralds are exceptionally straightforward. Their tone is equitably dispersed, with no eye-noticeable shading drafting.

It’s one of the unique party-wear colors for a lady! You may not have tried this color. Ladies, try it once! Trust me. You’ll love it.


Purple color is a lady color.

Imagine wearing yourself a purple color long gown with high heels. This combination will make you look so attractive, like a queen. If you’re planning to grab attention or you’re planning to be the center of the attention, then just go with purple.

Colors That Every Woman Has to Wear, And Why?

I’m sure you have a bunch of clothes in the dressing room that you think may just fit.

Then the shriek you emit is audible five stalls down as you pull an adorable top over your head, then peer into the mirror.

Is it the lighting in this dressing room (which is the dumbest yet the trickiest thing that a store has ever installed, shall we all say?), or does this color just make me look awful?

It may be the sun that shines down on the top of your head, yellow/blue/gray, but it’s also the clothing color.

I know the next move is to take the shovel and dig a 6-foot deep hole if I place that tan khaki sound anywhere near my ears. The universe must have thought that I was ready for the cemetery!

Now I will suggest 5 colors that every woman must have in their wardrobe and looks good.

Winter White

Only white, which appears like the purest vanilla ice cream, is fantastic, not white but creamy.

This color lightens every complexion, from skin clearest to delicate skin grappling with skin problems or distressing over the wrinkles.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue, a cousin of the navy, is a fantastic tone. Sometimes used, including some dramatic eyeliner developed by those lounging leisure ladies in Ancient Egypt, it adds an extra sparkle to the eyes.

Emerald Green

Emerald green carries a beautiful tone of a diamond, and who wouldn’t want a couple of jewels in their closet?

Put on a dark emerald green cover above a black pencil skirt or dark denim. With this combo, you can’t go wrong!

Rose Pink

Don’t be afraid to add some of this to your wardrobe, even if you aren’t a kid. To add sweet life to every face, the pale touch of pink color does wonders.

Eggplant Purple

This deep purple, which lands halfway between lavender and black, fits perfectly on every female body. This classy color suits all personalities.

Other Factors to Consider While Choosing Colors to Wear

There are lots of other factors than skin colors that are important while choosing which colors to wear. Some of the examples are:

Body Type

Wearing darker colors will make you appear slimmer, taller, and leaner, whether you are marginally plump, overweight, or widely built.

Alternatively, if you are skinny, scrawny, or concerned about appearing anorexic, you will be given a fuller and curvier appearance in lighter colors (at all the right places). (Read our article “12 Most Common Body Shapes of Women and How to Stylize Them”)

Visual illusion to solve ‘problem areas’ colors will help you conceal or strengthen your body parts.


Glamorous men and women can easily bear and wear vibrant, colorful colors (red, yellow, strong orange, pink, blue, and green hues).

Whereas, ordinary people (like you and me) and introverts love to purchase pastels (pale pink, sky blue, mint green, lavender, peach, saffron) or neutral tones (ivory, beige, black, white, and all brown shades) to graduate and stick to our stereotype.


Best colors should be Metallic tones of gold, silver, copper, or dark shades of grey, navy blue, and black at the height of summer or on a humid, sweaty day unless you need to.

Instead, go for colors that soothe the eye (are simple on and) like white, most pastels, or some blue and green shades.

For winter, warm earth tones such as rust, brown, yellow, red, and orange are also best saved. Moral of the tale: in the hot months, refrain from wearing warm colors and cool colors in the colder months.

Some other mentionable factors are Time of the day, Hair Color, Eye color, Place, Mix match Contrast, Upper Lower Combination.

These are the factors that are important for anyone when they want to select a color to wear.

So, bear in mind that it’s not just the skin color you should prioritize while choosing a dress color.

Should the Color of Our Jewelry and Dress Match?

For generations, we’ve been using jewelry to decorate us for special occasions and enhance our elegance.

They liven up both our appearance and our life. However, if not selected correctly to fit with our clothing, they also can produce a hideous look.

There are many kinds of jewelry, and thousands of shades of color come from them. Choosing from a number of them can be challenging.

When displayed in a shop, an object might look amazing, but it can look terrible when worn with a dress. Below are some helpful and foolproof ideas to help you determine the best jewelry pieces that go best with your outfit.

It is not necessary to wear the same color jewelry that your dress has. There are lots of different color jewelry that combine with varying colors of the dress.

Because we know that some colors combine perfectly with each other, and the combination enhances the other color’s beauty.

The trend today is to wear accessories that are in contrast to your outfit. If a dress is white, it will fit well with black and white jewelry. You may match another vibrant color, like pink, like yellow.

To make yourself look arty than wearing the same bland colors, you can mix and match accessories with clothing.

Different pieces of jewelry flatter various skin tones, and it should be easy to find jewelry that will match you best once you’ve defined your skin tone. Not to suggest that other components won’t, but it will only magnify your characteristics better when you have a metal that suits your skin tone.

Those with cool skin tone appear to have a reddish undertone on their skin. They should pick light metals such as platinum, silver, and white gold.

People with warm skin tones have yellowish or golden skin undertones that complement rose gold, yellow gold, copper, and brass. Neutral skin tone creates a hot and cold balance, so all metals tend to look nice on individuals with a neutral skin tone.

Additional Words on Skin Tone and Best Colors

Often, we hear people complaining about how “their” color is blue or how the peach looks terrible. What makes people have colors that flatter their skin tone and clash, and how would you decide the colors are better for everyone?

So, I’ll tell you how, but try to note that these laws aren’t set in stone. That doesn’t mean you’ve to stop wearing it if you enjoy a color that isn’t the best for you!

Instead of wearing it head-to-toe, try using it as an accent color with a belt, scarf, shoes, or handbag.

A plain white piece of paper is used in the most uncomplicated examination. Compared to the paper, keep the paper close to your face and observe how your skin looks.

You typically have quite a warm skin tone if your skin appears yellowish, greenish, or light brown. A cool skin tone looks pink, rosy, or blue. If your skin looks gray or ashen, the color of your skin is neutral.

If you have a skin disorder such as acne, rosacea, or incredibly tanned, ask a friend instead to use the paper Test on the crease behind your ear, which is less likely to be influenced by these factors.

Although their skin’s appearance can change with sun damage, drug reactions, or medical problems such as rosacea, the undertones that come through actually decide your skin tone.

This misunderstanding of undertones vs. surface color is the reason why we often select a foundation or powder that looks fantastic in the tube but collides with your look terribly once we try it.

Make sure no makeups are on the face, and the skin Is clear.  Then, raise the palm of your hand and take a closer look at your hand and arm veins. You have cool skin when your veins tend to be blue or purple.

If the veins look green, then you’ve got warm skin. If one way or another, it’s hard to say what color they want, you have neutral skin.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best color to wear for your skin tone is arduous. Besides, many other factors are considerable too.

Trial and rejection, or a suggestion from a friend can help you determine your skin tone. Don’t hesitate with white or trying every other color. Don’t forget to give it a trial before buying any color of the dress.

Remember, every person is unique with whichever skin tone she has. Sometimes, the most likable color may not suit you, whereas the typical ‘no go’ color may make you look dazzling.

If you believe color is delicate and beautiful, and you’re confident about it, go for it!


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