12 Most Common Body Shapes of Women and How to Stylize them

body shapes of women

Hey there, gals (boys might be interested too)! What’s your body shape? Any idea or you’re just drooling and pouting on the mirror every morning and night thinking— whatever!

Women’s common body shape— is there such thing to necessarily ponder, or you just stay put with what God’s gifted you as you go? How does that even help to know?

Questions and questions. Well, let’s put you at ease.

Women naturally have different body shapes, meaning they’re born with it. We can round up these common body shapes of women in at least 7-8 types, which modify into some more sub-categories.

Indeed, those shape variations make the whole women community diversely beautiful and appealing, with the touches of some extra attire and ornamental adornment.

Simply put, like the saying ‘each individual is different,’ your body is different too. And obviously, you can’t check this out any day by studying ten other women’s bare bodies.

But of course, you see women every day of different ages and professions down the street wearing various attires, which apparently give you a glimpse into their shapes. Well, that doesn’t tell everything.

Long story short, knowing different body shapes of your kind would give you a broader insight to handle your body wisely while considering what other women bear regularly.

This article will enlighten you about the 12 most common women body shapes and a few tips on their suitable styling. So, bear with us and read on.

Consider These Facts regarding Body Shapes of Women

Before you judge anyone or even yourself, know that women’s body shape varies depending on several issues. That’s the reason you see various structures and statures in women.

What are the determining factors behind the various body shapes of women? Let’s check them in the following:

Age Outlines Your Body Shape

Unless there’s a strong reason for a woman, she won’t stay in shape with age. She would carry a difference in her appearance a little or drastically: her face and body over the phases of time.

Naturally, an hourglass figure at 20 may look a bit chubbier (with all goodness) at 25-30, which may reasonably get bulkier after crossing 35 or 40. Diet, lifestyle, mental and physical health, etc. play contributory factors behind such changes.

Bone Structure Defines the Body Frame 

Some women are stout and more balanced in their daily life because of having denser and stronger bones. Such bone structure naturally shapes women’s bodies more heavily.

On the other hand, women with narrower bone structure may look much lighter and skinnier than the broader women’s counterparts.

Fat Distribution Differentiates between Thick and Thin

A girl who looks rounder doesn’t necessarily indicate that she’s feasting day and night like there’s no tomorrow. Her fat distribution within the body works differently, or precisely, her fat burns less and stores more.

The same factor works oppositely in other girls, i.e., their fat burns rapidly while leaving the muscles lean. Such girls may look from skinny to moderate size.

Hormonal Effect Plays A Subtle Role in Weight Gain

Besides fat, another factor that plays an innate part in women’s body shaping is their hormonal effects.

If your body is more voluminous than your buddies even after trying everything they’re trying, check your hormonal balance with your doctor.

Stress triggers the hormone cortisol that may play a part in building those extra fats around your waist. So, whenever heartbroken or stressed-out, avoid those cookies, junk foods, doughnuts, ice-creams, etc., and run for jogs and sprints.

Gene Factor Regulates the Fat, Muscle, and Bone Formations

Your gene regulates your structure and metabolism vastly. In other words, that’s pretty much decided whether you like it or not.

If your gene has been carrying the deciding factors such as fat distribution, muscle mass, bone density, etc. then it’s wise that you accept it; the sooner, the better. Only then can you work on your body necessarily.

12 Most Common Body Shapes of Women

At first, you may want to take a look at this snapshot below where we’ve put together the 12 most common body shapes of women and individual attributes:

body shapes
12 Common Body Shapes of Women and Their Attributes

We shall also try to cover these attractive body shapes with suitable clothes and styles individually below. Now let’s get down to the 12 most common body shapes of women that altogether make our women versatile and invaluable.

1. Hourglass

body shapes of women

When your nicely balanced bust and hips give the onlookers a sense of admiration, and your waistline adds an extra layer of charm to your appearance, you know you have an hourglass body shape.

An hourglass lady carries a slightly rounded pair of the shoulder that creates an adornment in the overall figure. The bottom is naturally round and shapely. An hourglass figure walks or stands on a pair of legs that proportionate with the upper body nicely.

The hourglass body shape is prevalent among pre-middle-aged women in Europe. A statistic in 2008 in Spain tells us that a majority of women between 31-40 possessed the hourglass body shapes.

What to Wear

Wear flowy dresses, fitting jacket, fitting tops, and skirts. You can put on jeggings, boots, peep toes, strappy sandals, and high heels.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing loose tops that are less shapely. Also, beware of wearing dresses that are splashed with flashy colors and designs.

2. Top-Hourglass

body shapes of women

The top-hourglass shape is only different from the basic hourglass shape by a slightly bigger bottom and a stunning waistline. The waistline is the most beatific part of a woman with a top hourglass body shape.

A woman has a rounder pair of the shoulder and much evenly measured thighs and legs in this shape.

What to Wear

The V-neck tops would look nice on a top hourglass body shape. Mind the neck is narrow. A fusion of short jackets and long skirts can magnify the beauty if you are a top-hourglass lady.

Dark colors are also a better idea to wear on this type of body shape.

What Not to Wear

Avoid loose or baggy jeans and jackets, square necks, boat necks, and ruffles near your bust. Wide striped trousers and skirts may look a bit ‘off’ too.

3. Bottom-Hourglass

body shapes of women

The bottom-hourglass body shape is identical to the basic hourglass figure, only differentiated by wider hips. Taller women with a bottom hourglass shape usually look handsome and attractive.

What to Wear

Try to wear form-fitting knit dresses as designers suggest so.

What Not to Wear

Try not to wear high necklines, polo collars, fussy pants & tops, or boxy dresses because those attires may project your bust and waist oddly.

4. Diamond Shape

It may seem odd, but a diamond shape body rarely matches the edgy and sharp diamond cut. Still, as far as the ‘fashion & fitness’ school of thought goes, a diamond shape represents a woman whose hips are wide while the midsection is full or oval.

While a diamond shape body is usually weightier in the stomach, its waist is what you might call plump. A woman with this shape has slender and handsome arms. The most beautiful feature of a diamond-shaped woman is her lower legs, from the well-toned calves narrowed down to ankles.

What to Wear

For avoiding looking flabby, you may consider wearing pants and skirts to look slimmer. At the upper part, wear belted tops and dresses, strapless tops, shouldered jackets, and flowy cuff sleeve tops.

A-line skirts, trousers, dark jeans & trousers, boot cut trousers, etc. are a suitable match for down below your waist.

What Not to Wear

Avoid slipping into heavy boots because it might give you cramps afterward. Tapered trousers and pencil skirts are neither a wise choice to put on. If you taste for gaudy tops, think twice because this might make you look awkwardly visible.

5. Oval or Round

body shapes of women
Oval or Round

Not to call it too busty, but yes, women with an oval shape body turn out to be having bust that stands out in the overall structure.

Being an oval-shaped woman, you would carry narrow hips and a fuller midsection. Your bottom is flat, and your legs are slender. With this shape, you tend to gain weight in your belly faster than any other part of the body.

What to Wear

You will be smart to put on a wrap-around skirt, jacket, or tops to slim down your midsection. Shirts and tops with V-neck, U-neck, and square neck would be an excellent choice to stylize your upper body.

Other considerations may comprise peplum tops, tunic tops, belted dresses and tops, wide-collared jackets, fish-cut or flared skirts, cargo pants, etc.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing baggy jackets, tight t-shirts, high necks, turtle necks, cardigans, tapered jeans, and loose-fitting tops.

6. Straight or Supermodel Shape

body shapes of women
Straight or Supermodel Shape

Popularly known as supermodel body shape, a straight shape projects a woman’s shoulder, bust, waist, hip, and bottom in a close measurement. For being so, you may also hear it to be called a ruler or a rectangular body shape.

A woman’s straight body shape is less likely to have a defined waistline, making her body look steep from every angle.

What to Wear

A popular choice for a straight body shape attire may go for polka dress or tube tops. If you want to enhance your charm, you may consider wrapping around your waist a nice belt over a tube top.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing a dress that signifies your waistline. Make sure not to put on shapeless and sturdy clothes.

7. Lollipop

body shapes of women

It might sound a bit uncommon to many, but women’s lollipop body shape is quite prevalent, especially in the entertainment world. You might be surprised to pick a few names from Hollywood: Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Heather Graham, and a few more.

You have this prized lollipop body shape if you are gifted with a broad shoulder, full and round bosom, slim waistline, and long legs.

What to Wear

Something like boat necks, off-shoulders, V-necks, pencil shirts, flowy dresses, peplum tops, coats with belts, etc. suit best a lollipop body shape. You might consider high heels, wedges, and walking shoes for footwear.

What Not to Wear

One with the lollipop body shape should avoid heavy sweaters, bolero jackets, empire tops, turtle necks, etc. Besides, bell bottom, high-waisted pants, long skirts, and tops are better to put away when you have a lollipop shape.

8. Pear or Triangle Shape

You must’ve seen in others or even yourself on the mirror having a set of wider hips with a smaller bust. That is indeed a pear or triangle body shape.

You should be happy if you have a pear-shaped figure because your curves and edges are well defined.

What to Wear

Bright outfits look beautiful on the pear body structures, especially with the boat and scoop necks. Wear enticing ornaments to give your attire and appearance a staggering look.

What Not to Wear

Tight skirts, balloon dresses, or cigarette pants if you have a pear body shape.

9. Apple or Inverted Triangle Shape

body shapes of women
Apple or Inverted Triangle Shape

If you tend to gain weight faster on your upper body part and have a larger bust in contrast to the hips, you will likely have an apple or inverted triangle body shape.

An apple body shape owner usually has a waistline, something in the middle of thin and plump. Many can tell an apple-shaped body has an ‘undefined’ waist, but it has a unique charm to your overall body grandeur.

What to Wear

An apple shape body must be a blessed type since it has a wide range of outfit options. Make sure to wear soft-textured fabrics. Scoop tops, V-necks, ruched t-shirts, etc. are suitable to give you a balanced look.

Jeans coat, well-defined shouldered blazers, and summer jackets are suitable outfits for an apple or inverted triangle body shape too.

What Not to Wear

Avoid boxy, tight-fitting, and heavy-textured dresses. Also, refrain from wearing off-shoulders, round or turtle necks, halter necks, or boat necks.

10. Spoon Shape

Like a pear body shape, a spoon body shape is identified by a woman’s larger hips that seem to beat any other part of the body in size. It gives your body a nice tone, but you have to worry about the love handles.

A woman with a spoon shape tends to gain weight around the waistline and abdomen quickly.

What to Wear

Wide and boat necks, short skirts, and strapless necks are good to go with if you have a beautiful spoon body shape. A-line skirts, mid-rise jeans, chunky earrings, and neckless are ideal wears for such a figure.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing shapeless shirts, round neck tops, overly ruffled dresses, shorts, and skirts.

11. Athletic

body shapes of women

With a long neck, well-toned arms and body curves, muscular calves, and tighter things, you should be a content owner of a well-defined athletic body. Naturally, your shoulders are broader if you have an athletic body.

What to Wear

Wrap-around tops, off-shoulder tops, high-neck tops, tube tops, etc. are ideal outfits for a woman with an athletic body. Wear sports shoes and chunky shoes to play around or stylize.

Long earrings and collarbone length neckless look stunning on an athletic body shaped lady.

What Not to Wear

Boxy shirts, spaghetti straps, V-necks, U-necks, halter neck, and strappy sandals should be out of the list of attire if you are an athletic body shaped woman.

12. Skinny

body shapes of women

When your pelvis and shoulder are in a perfect alignment, and you’re light as a feather, you ought to be a skinny body shape.

Skinny girls have smaller bone structures, and they lose weight fast. Your arms and legs are slender.

What to Wear

Balloon skirts, baggy jeans, tapered ankle-length pants, flowy dresses, tunics, pencil skirts, etc. are well groomed in a skinny body shape.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing skinny shirts and tops, dark color trousers or tops, loose-fitting dresses, and block heels. 


Every woman is beautiful, given whatever natural body shapes they are born with.

Yes, you must indeed take care of your physique based on your natural metabolism, fat distribution, bone structure, and considerably, the profession you chose.

Depending on your body shape, your attire plays a significant role in reflecting your personality, insight, and confidence.

Knowing your body shape is important because that gives you a clear window to your inner and outer self.

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