Best 3 Blackheads Remover: Our Editors’ Top Picks

Blackheads are okay as long as they’re not spread across your face. But hey, it’s the sublime blemish that curtains our beauty from the world.
I used to overlook my blackheads before, taking it as a ‘no big deal.’ I WAS SO WRONG.
Like I’ve just said above, blackheads are sublime blemishes, meaning, they won’t show up on your insta selfies or stories. But once you remove them, you see the difference in a flash with your naked eyes! That’s why I keep a blackhead remover among my skincare products to not only erase the dead skin and cells, but to glisten my face through perfect exfoliation.
I’m going to cover a few significant aspects of blackheads remover. You can learn about 3 best blackheads remover products in this post. Furthermore, I’m going to declare the best blackheads remover among the 3 products. Below are the 3 best blackheads removers as per my experience and popular reviews:

  1. BIOAQUA Blackheads Removal with Activated Carbon
  2. Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask
  3. Bioré Nose+Face Instant Blackhead Removal and Pore Unclogging Strips

Reasons Why We’ve Enlisted the Above 3 Products?

Keeping our brand’s evergreen philosophy of efficiency, price, and safety trio, I’ve enlisted these 3 blackhead remover products here. Although you’ll see some differences between them in terms of price, benefits, and features, I take it as diverse qualities and features of different products on the market.
The reason why I’ve chosen these 3 products are depended on the following things: features and comparison. My product experience makes us recommend the following things for your consideration before you opt for buying one:

1. Features in A Blackhead Remover to Look for

  • Price

You should definitely look for a reasonable price while buying a blackhead remover, but it doesn’t mean you should compromise with its features and benefits. Many users like me, would opt for cheaper products to get away with a rejuvenated skin in no time. But again, good things are costlier; at least, nowadays.
I prefer to purchase blackhead removers for a price range of $5 to $30. I’m not suggesting anything below or beyond is bad, but my experience tells my guts to stay in this range.

  • Skin Type

I’m careful and sensitive about my skin, so should be you. If you’re rushing your beauty hack, it may harm your skin badly. I mean, if my skin is oily, I can’t depend on a blackhead remover that’s suitable for normal skin; because that wouldn’t be enough for removing my excessive oil in the first place. And the ultimate result may not be satisfactory.
Hence, always look for a blackhead remover that suits your skin type the best. Blackhead removers are available for different skin types: normal, oily, combination, and all.
So, while buying one, check its label and ingredients to know if that would suit your skin or not. No harm either if you ask your skin specialist once before shopping.

  • Deep Cleansing

I’m not giving you ideas that your blackhead remover should clean your skin instantly, but at least, look for the ones that ensure deep unclogging and cleaning of the pores. Stay away from the products that don’t promise to take care of your pores and dead skins.
If you want brighter skin with a blackhead remover, cleaning pores should be your topmost concern.

  • Soap-free Formula

Soap is rough, soap is rush. Anything with a soap formula may corrode your skin, making it rougher, less moisture, and dull. Soap based mask or cream may brush the upper surface, leaving the pores and dead cells in your skin’s depth.
I prefer having natural ingredients in my blackhead remover, so I can apply it without worrying too much about my skin’s moisture.

  • Tried and Tested

It certainly depends on one’s experience with the product, still, I believe you should check your blackhead remover’s label to see whether it’s dermatologist-tested or not.
Check if the product is made without petroleum, paraben, or phthalate. A blackhead remover that’s made more naturally than with harmful chemicals is healthy for your skin.

  • Zero to Minimum Side Effects

No product is clean from side effects. A blackhead remover shouldn’t be different from that. Still, products that are naturally made, free of impurities, cleanly processed and packed, are more likely to contain fewer side effects on the skin.
Know that the 3 blackhead removers selected above, possess almost every desirable feature in them.

2. Comparison Among the 3 Products or with Other Products on the Market


  BIOAQUA Blackheads Remover with Activated Carbon
Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask
Bioré Nose+Face Instant Blackhead Removal and Pore Unclogging Strips
Price $6.69 $29.49 $7.49
Packaging Plastic tube, 60 grams Sachet, 1 single-use sheet Sachet, 7 Nose and 7 Face Strips
Portability Light and portable in handbags Portable in a bag, shirt, or pant pockets Portable in a bag, shirt, or pant pockets
Skin Type Normal All Normal, oily, and combination
Ingredients Triethylene Glycol Rosinate, Glyceryl Rosinate, Silica, Polyethylene, etc. Water, glycerin, propanediol, honey extract, salix nigra (willow) bark extract, caesalpinia spinosa gum, salvia sclarea (clary) extractetc. Polyquaternium-37, Silica, Water, Glycerin, Polysilicone-13, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Titanium Dioxide, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, etc.
Side Effects, Pain, or Irritation It may create a little skin burn while peeling off. May feel painful if left on the face longer than usual. May leave the nose a little reddish if dry skin.
Brand BIOAQUA Burt’s Bees KAO Brands


Best of the Best 3s- Verdict

It’s time to announce the blackheads remover that worked best for me so far. As per my user experience, the best blackheads remover crown should be set upon –
BIOAQUA Blackheads Remover with Activated Carbon

Why Do I Love ‘Best Product’ The Most? (Personal Recommendation)

Why BIOAQUA among the three? The reasons are given below:

  1. Brand Value: KAO brands offer a wide range of beauty and skincare products among which, I like a few. But BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover worked well for my skin and I trust their brand now.
  2. Packaging: As it comes in both tube and sachet forms, BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover is a portable and useful pack for all. I personally love its easy-handling, light, and safe package since I can keep it inside my purse or anywhere in the bathroom.
  3. The Desired Look I Can Achieve
  4. Price: Not because it’s the cheapest of the three, but the $6.69 BIOAQUA Blackhead Remover is a value-adding product for those who love effective beauty products at a low price. For me, it works just fine since I can use it for 2-3 months (once a week) without any hassle.
  5. Availability: Although the product is unavailable on the company’s own store, you can purchase it from Amazon currently.

***SOMETHING EXTRA BIOAQUA Blackheads Remover promises to provide better blood circulation on the facial skin, invigorating it for lively and happy skin eventually. What more, it can even help reduce the ill effect of computer radiation on the facial muscles – it’s something I haven’t been able to judge through and through, but I feel like having a younger and tenderer face overall after using it for a while now. MY SKIN IS NO MORE DULL OR ROUGH.

3 Downsides of ‘BIOAQUA Blackheads Remover’ I Must Raise

Even the best product can have some flaws. My best blackhead remover product, the BIOAQUA leaves some downside remarks too.

  • The peeling film is nice, but it gives me eye-twitching skin burn as I peel it off. No screaming, though.
  • I can observe some pore breakouts on my skin after peeling it off.

My skin stays whitish for a while after peeling off, but it wears off after applying some moisturizer. It may not be suitable for completely dry skin.