15 Best Makeup Kits for Beginners: Features and Maintenance

makeup kits for beginners

Makeup kits are as important as clothing for girls these days, so knowing their types, features, and limitations is useful. As a beginner, you might be at a loss what makeup kits to buy and how to use them to meet your makeup requirements.

This blog will share the best makeup kits for beginners with you, their features, benefits, limitations, and other relevant aspects.

What is A Makeup Kit?

A makeup kit is a case where you can arrange all your makeup tools or items in a single compact space, including foundation, primer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, makeup brush, powder, lipstick, etc.

A makeup kit may come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to back a woman’s makeup routine.

A makeup kit’s price is attributed based on its design, materials, and usability. You should have a clear idea of a makeup kit’s attributes to choose the best one as your first one.

16 Makeup Items A Beginner Must Keep in Her Makeup Kit

best makeup kits
16 Must-Haves in A Noob Makeup Artist’s Kit

As a beginner, it seems arduous to manage every makeup item in your bag and brandish the most necessary ones at times. A makeup kit helps you in arranging and pulling out the essential makeup items conveniently.

But you must have the knowledge to put the most necessary makeup items in your kit, so you never run out of them in urgency.

Make sure you put together the following makeup items in your makeup kit.

No. Beginner’s Makeup Items Why Required
1 Primer To moisturize and even out the skin before makeup
2 Foundation To create a base for lasting makeup
3 Contouring Palette (Liquid or Powder) To shape and measure your nose line for creating a sharp look
4 Concealer To hide any blemish or spot on your face
5 Eyeshadow Palette To have multiple shades of colors at one place for creating several eye looks
6 Eyeliner (Liquid and Pencil) To draw winged eye makeup, painted lower lashes, and more
7 Mascara To volumize and lengthen your eye makeup
8 Highlighter To flaunt the edgy features of your face, such as upper lip, nose tip, and cheekbones
9 Blush To create blush or rosiness on your cheeks
10 Makeup Sponge To utilize the foundation, concealer, and other dry makeup items
11 Lipstick Palette (Basic) To have various lipstick shades and colors, lip glosses, and lip balms
12 Lip Liner To border your lips before applying lipstick
13 Setting Spray To spray on your makeup face while keeping it afresh
14 Setting Powder To set your liquid or creamy foundation on the face
15 Makeup Brushes To apply foundation, contouring, eye makeup, etc.
16 Makeup Blender To blend makeup products, such as foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc.


15 Best Makeup Kits You Can Buy As A Beginner

No. Beginner’s Makeup Kit Features Reasons to Buy
1 SHANY Carry All Trunk Makeup Set ●      An all in one makeup set

●      Pedicure and Manicure accessories

●      Transparent reusable case


●      Reasonable price

●      Perfect for makeup newbies

●      Easy to manage

2 Mehron Mini-Pro Student Makeup Kit


●      8 color cream makeup palette + 4 CreamBlend foundation shades + 4 accent shades

●      Complete instruction booklet

●      Colorset powder and eyeliner pencil, and stipple sponge

●      Cheaper set

●      Perfect makeup kit for teens and students

●      Suitable for a stage production

3 SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set “Original” ●      7 Layers all-in-one makeup set

●      32 buildable semi-matte lip colors

●      15 cream foundation, concealer, and contour shades

●      Perfect makeup kit for all skin types and tones

●      Super pigmented matte powder blush

●      Cruelty-free product

4 RoseFlower Makeup Kit for Women Full Kit, 16PCS Multi-Purpose ●      16 pieces makeup items

●      Portable makeup kit

●      Waterproof colors and shades

●      Easy-to-blend makeup items

●      Complete freedom of correcting makeup anywhere

●      Full refund guarantee

5 Maybelline New York Makeup Kit Palette, Smoke


●      Smoke color and shades

●      Coordinated colors and shades

●      Easy-to-follow instructions

●      Perfect kit for beginners

●      Inexpensive

●      Portable and easily manageable kit

6 RoseFlower 19PCS Professional Starter Makeup Kit ●      19 pieces makeup items

●      Portable and giftable makeup kit

●      Soft and clear makeup finish

●      An amazing starter kit

●      Full refund guarantee

●      Compact and lightweight design for noobs

7 Pure Vie 20 Piece Pro Makeup Gift Set


●      An all-in-one travel makeup kit

●      A free travel-carry bag

●      Waterproof and long-lasting

●      A brilliant starter makeup kit

●      Amazing price

●      Suitable for a range of application

8 SHANY ‘All About That Face’ Makeup Kit


●      Portable and compact

●      126 eyeshadows

●      22 Lip colors and 3 dual-sided applicators

●      Suitable makeup kit for noobs and pros

●      Reasonable price

●      Long-lasting pigmented colors

9 SHANY Glamour Girl Makeup Kit Eye shadow/Blush/Powder – Vintage


●      Multi-colored powder makeup

●      Shimmering finish

●      48 highly pigmented eyeshadows and 5 double-sided applicators

●      Surprisingly cheap

●      Best makeup kit for teens

●      Cruelty-free and skin-friendly makeup

10 Who’s That Girl Beauty Box, Multicolor


●      21 cosmetics

●      Creates many looks


●      Separate tools: Dollface, mood lips, glitter roots, and nail polish dip

●      Best makeup kit for young kids

11 Goldstein All in One Makeup Bundle

Full Kit for Beginners

●      Waterproof and sweatproof makeup

●      Long-lasting color effect

●      Multicolor matte and glitter eyeshadows

●      Portable makeup kit bag

●      Easy to use and carry

●      Worth the price for a makeup beginner

12 Claire’s Glitter Travel Case Makeup Set for Girls


●      18 eyeshadows, 4 applicators, 2 lipstick, and more

●      A travel makeup case

●      Options, such as glitter, holographic, floral, pearl, and more

●      A perfect makeup palette for beginners

●      Compact parts for beginners to manage makeup kit easily

●      Affordable price

13 Goldstein 38-Piece All in One Makeup Bundle


●      Multicolor matte and glitter eyeshadows

●      Long-lasting color effect

●      Resolves full face makeup

●      Easy to carry makeup kit

●      Primary makeup set and fully equipped

14 SHANY ‘Woke Up Like This’ Makeup Kit


●      A built-in mirror

●      2 super pigmented face-powder blushes

●      23 neutral eyeshadows

●      Economical price and makeup set

●      Perfect makeup kit for newbies

●      Multiple hues of shades

15 SHANY Gift Surprise – AMAZON EXCLUSIVE – All in One Makeup Bundle (Summer Holiday Exclusive)


●      Combo bundle of Pro-makeup brushes, eyeshadow palette, lip gloss set, etc.

●      Season overstocked makeup items

●      Perfect makeup pack for noobs

●      Summer holiday makeup bundle



5 Features to Look for in A Makeup Kit Case

A makeup newbie should look for a makeup kit or case that’s easy to manage, use, and carry. No extra hassle of your makeup kit should demotivate you from your makeup enthusiasm.

So, make sure of the following features in a makeup kit case before buying one:

1.   Material of A Beginner’s Makeup Case Should be Lightweight and Convenient

best makeup kits
Material of A Beginner’s Makeup Case Should be Lightweight and Convenient

Makeup cases vary in terms of materials. Common makeup case materials are fabric, canvas, vinyl, waxed canvas, leather, rubber, etc. Know your preference what type you want to keep as your touchup companion.

If you want a light and portable one, a fabric or PVC makeup case should be perfect for you. A fabric makeup case can be small to large, which proves an advantage for your portability.

Another option for a light and convenient makeup case is vinyl cases. A vinyl case is more stout than a fabric one, but it ensures the safety of your makeup items while providing you the best organizing.

If you can afford more, a sturdy metal case for makeup items should be an amazing choice for you. A metal makeup case is heavier, sturdier, and safer while carrying more makeup items. A metal makeup case may be made in combination with aluminum.

A makeup case made of aluminum, leather, and plastic could be a viable choice too. Apart from being spacious and compartmentalized, a makeup case made of aluminum, leather, and plastic is suitable for being on the go or traveling.

2.   A Beginner Makeup Case Should be Small to Medium

The size of a makeup kit shouldn’t overwhelm you, nor should it amaze you as a makeup newbie. As a makeup enthusiast, your primary focus should be ease of use, portability, and manageability.

Thus, the size of a beginner’s makeup case should be small to medium. A popular small train makeup case is about 9.69″ L x 8.27″ D x 6.89″H, while a medium case could be 14” L x 10.5” D x 9” H. The height of these makeup cases will alter depending on the case’s lid up or down.

Such sizes of makeup cases are easy to handle, carry, and meet your touchup needs anywhere and anytime.

3.   Make Sure the Makeup Case Is Portable

The portability of a makeup kit is a must for the beginner, and it comes very next to the optimum size requirement. A small to medium size dimension contributes to the makeup kit’s lightweight and portability. And it’s vital for a newcomer makeup enthusiast.

A portable makeup case may come in various sizes, up to 3 feet in height. But a makeup case that big isn’t your cup of tea if you’re a newbie. Those are for professionals. You better look for makeup cases as small as a package you can carry inside a bag or purse.

Remember, the lighter the makeup case, the easier it to port.

4.   Compartments of Your Makeup Case Should be Manageable

best makeup kits
Compartments of Your Makeup Case Should be Manageable

As a makeup noob, you should inspect how many compartments or rooms your makeup case contains. You may not require a massive makeup case, but it must be able to compartmentalize all the required makeup items.

Your first makeup case must be spacious and convenient enough to accommodate your foundation, primer, concealer, eyeshadow palette, lipstick palette, brush, applicator, etc. Seek a small mirror in your makeup case, which will benefit you in your touchup anytime and anywhere.

The compartments of your makeup case should be manageable. Popular makeup cases come with sliding top trays, sliding side trays, latch closure, and internal spaces to accommodate various makeup items.

5.   Buy A Makeup Case That’s Inexpensive Yet Durable

A casual to moderate makeup case for beginners is available from $13 to $40. You can purchase a high-end makeup case in the range of $50 to $70. Make sure your budget is utilized based on your makeup item requirement in a makeup kit, such as the number of products, sizes, forms, etc.

Apart from selecting a budget-friendly makeup case, it’s essential to know if it will last. Don’t worry; makeup cases as cheap as $13 are made of PVC, ensuring wear resistance, water resistance, and lasting quality.

If you’re ready to raise your budget, the quality comes even higher and nicer.

How to Maintain Your Makeup Kit: Cleanliness, Hygiene, and Durability?

It’s not enough to just buy the best makeup kit for a beginner, but it’s even more necessary to maintain your kit for enduring performance. Poor maintenance may not only break and tear your makeup items, but they may harm your skin and health to an extent.

Following are some tips to maintain your makeup kit’s cleanliness, hygiene, and durability:

1.    Brushes

Keeping your brushes clean of makeup residues should be a top priority. Unhygienic makeup brushes can cover your skin with blemishes, acne, and infection. Check below how to maintain your makeup brushes:

Option 1:

  • Step 1: Spray some brush cleanser on your brushes. Let it wet the debris stuck in the bristles.
  • Step 2: Take a paper towel and remove the residues from the bristles.
  • Step 3: Let them air dry.

Option 2:

  • Step 1: Plunge your brushes into the lukewarm or cool water.
  • Step 2: Take some water or brush cleaner on your palm.
  • Step 3: Swirl the brushes on your palm one by one to clean the residues from the bristles.
  • Step 4: Let them air dry.

2.   Sponges

You should keep your makeup sponges dry and clean, or else there will be mold all over. Below are the steps to clean your makeup sponges:

  • Step 1: Wet your makeup sponge by holding it under tap water. Squeeze it well to get it completely wet.
  • Step 2: Apply a cleanser or a soap onto the sponge and foam it up. You may use your palm for better rubbing and cleansing.
  • Step 3: Wash it with water until you notice clean water running.

3.   Lipstick

best makeup kits
Steps to Wipe Clean A Lipstick

Wipe clean your lipstick in the following manner:

  • Step 1: Spiral your lipstick up a bit, at least half an inch.
  • Step 2: Wipe off the upper layer with a cotton bud.
  • Step 3: Sanitize it with isopropyl alcohol spray.
  • Step 4: Let it air dry.

4.   Powders

Cleaning powder products on your makeup kit can be tricky. But following the steps below may help:

  • Step 1: Graze the thin upper layer from your eyeshadow palette, bronzer, blush, etc., with a butter knife.
  • Step 2: Spray some alcohol over them.
  • Step 3: Let them air dry.

5.   Pencils

The simplest maintenance of pencil makeup products is to sharpen them before each application. If you’re looking for better sanitization, spray some rubbing alcohol on the pencil tip and rub it off with a cotton swab.

6.   Foundation

You can’t clean your foundation technically, whether it’s in cream or liquid form. So, the most appropriate way to keep them hygienic is not to use your unclean fingers to apply them. Ensure your applicators, such as a sponge, brushes, cotton buds, etc., are sanitized before application.

Wrapping Up

If makeup is the thing in your life, a makeup kit is essential to arrange. Our collection of best makeup kits in this blog deals with a newbie’s basic makeup necessities as well as her challenges.

What we’ve shared with you here is a peek into the wide range of makeup kits on the market. You can do your research to select your best makeup kit.

Make sure your makeup kit is spacious, affordable, lightweight, and durable. Don’t overlook the sanitization of your makeup kit and its products at least once a week.

Hence, you’re on your way to transition from a newbie to a pro makeup artist if you follow and maintain the mentioned things.

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