40 Best Available and Upcoming Books for Your Kid’s Growth

Best Available and Upcoming Books

Books should be an integral part of your kid’s growth and learning. You must be wiser as a parent to realize how important reading books is for your child.

Looking for some nice and colorful books for your toddlers and high-schoolers? Want to have a list of the best available and upcoming books? Worry not as WomenMinds is here to help you with just the thing.

The article shares 40 best children’s books: available 25 in 2020 while the upcoming 15 down the tail of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021. These books are suitable for kids aging 4-10.

So, brace yourself and read below to chalk out some suitable books for your kid this year.

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Various Types of Children’s Books

Knowing the various types will enable you to make a smart selection of books for your kid. Here, you’re going to see the types only suitable for kids of 4-10 years old.

1.   Picture Book

Picture books contain more pictures than texts. That’s why they’re most suitable for kids from 3 to 7. Your kids will love them if they’re already used to bedtime stories.

The vibrant images in picture books will catch kids’ eyes almost instantly. A picture book can keep them glued to the imagery objects until they’re finished turning the pages to the last.

Though attractive, your kids may need your help to make them grasp the images, the stories behind them, and turning the pages with discipline.

2.   Picture and Story Book

In this type, pictures and texts may be in balance. Each page contains an image of various characters along with texts to continue the story in combination.

Picture and Story Book is helpful for the kids who’ve learned reading. Such books may inspire them to read and learn more.

3.   Story Book (Text only)

Storybooks that contain text-only are most suitable for seasoned readers, precisely the middle-graders. There may be scarcely images in such storybooks to keep the readers connected to the storyline.

Books of fantasy, fiction, fairytale, etc. fall in this type.

4.   Interactive Book

The modern era has brought today’s children various interactive books containing 3D models that pop up upon turning particular pages.

Besides, you’ll find slide-outs, gatefolds, toy models, etc. for engaging young readers into the book’s content while serving its educational purpose.

5.   Audible Book

Amazon has brought the latest addition to the literary media, the Audible. It’s a company of Amazon that produces audiobooks and podcasts for millions of books. Children’s books have banded with this cutting-edge gift too.

If you’re planning to make your kid learn about many books, then the audiobooks could prove effective.

Best 25 Kids Books in 2020

1. The Wide Mouthed Frog (Pop-up Book)

The wizened children’s books author Keith Faulkner wrote this book back in 1995. Jonathan Lambert illustrated the book’s characters and scenes.

This Pop-up book takes the reader into a foodist-curious frog’s journey who loves catching flies and savoring them. The Wide Mouthed Frog keeps exploring another animal’s eating relish until it ends up with a giant green alligator who loved devouring wide-mouthed frogs.

The book ends humorously with a ‘Splash’ as the frog flees from the alligator knowing its meal choice.

Kids from 2 to 6 will love the colorful pop-up images on every page finding different animals and their eating choices.

Keith’s all-time favorite ‘The Wide Mouthed Frog‘ stands with a 5-star rating on Amazon.

2. Mix it Up (Interactive Book)

The French author Hervé Tullet blends his magic into the color universe in this preschool learning book. Kids will learn various color recipes interactively as they follow the easy-to-grasp instructions.

This whimsical book’s vibrant pages will catch the eyes of kids from 3 to 7. Your toddlers will love it as they’ll explore the color condiments and their own artistic imagination. They’ll giggle as they draw, smudge, and mix the colors.

You may want to help your kids with ‘Mix it Up,’ but know this, they wouldn’t mind reading it themselves.

This coloration adventure book holds a 4.5-Star rating on Amazon.

3. Jules Vs. The Ocean (Picture Book)

The bestselling storyteller and illustrator, Jassie Sima, has brought an exciting and playful picture book for the children named Jules Vs. The Ocean.

The book’s undoubtedly going to entice the little readers as the author’s previous hit Not Quite Narwhal did. The story revolves around the little Jules, who’s determined to build the biggest and the most beautiful sandcastle on the shore, but the waves wash away every time Jules builds one.

Jules is bent to finish the sandcastle to impress her sister, but the waves finally ripple away her only bucket. Upset yet unbroken, Jules takes a stand against ‘The Ocean.’

This character-building story will leave your kid (if they’re 4-8) bright and shiny as he/she finishes reading the story. Jules Vs. The Ocean holds a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

4. World of Eric Carle, Hear Bear Roar (30 Animal Sound Book)

This multisensory artwork and sound-book will introduce your toddler to 30 different animal sounds, including a bear’s roar, a wolf’s howl, a deer’s grunt, a snake’s hiss, a dolphin’s click, or an owl’s hoot.

The well-known artwork author Eric Carle has made this book a package of audibility and vocabulary learning tool for young readers. Kids will play a button for each animal name; the name will ring the air, followed by that animal’s sound.

Hear Bear Roar is a fabulous treat for the animal lover kids. Your toddlers, preschoolers, or the ones aging 6-10 would love to hear and learn about 30 different animal sounds in a playful manner.

The book had the No.1 Bestseller ranking in Children’s Reptile and Amphibian Books category in 2014. It still has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

5. Wild Symphony (Kids Music Learning Illustration Book)

You’ve read his nail-biting, adrenaline booster, and mind-boggling conspiracy sagas, but having the mystery maestro Dan Brown’s fingers on children’s book should be a treat for the year.

Dan Brown brings his love and skill for music to the kids’ world through his mastery of storytelling and puzzle making. Your kids will take the journey with a maestro mouse who teaches music and about many spritely animals along the way.

Each page contains a rhyming poem to which Dan has produced music. You will get a free mobile app for the augmented reality display of the animal characters singing each song. Susan Batori’s kindergarten illustrations will engage the kids in the storyline and intrigue their brains to solve Dan’s hidden puzzles.

The Wild Symphony is up for kids from 3 to 10 years old, which adults will find playful too. Amazon has already received a 4.5-Star rating since its publishing in September 2020.

6. This Book is Upside Down (Picture Book)

Imagine your kid tripped over and has to interact with you upside down all the way! Every tits and bit between you two will be in opposite directions. This Book is Upside Down entails just the same story.

Author Erin Rose Wage has written such an exceptional children’s story with the handsome illustration by Simona Ceccarelli portraying Penelope, the giraffe, and Gus, the penguin.

Penelope and Gus meet and interact with each other upside down: anything that’s “upside down to Penelope, is right side up to Gus.” The question remains, will these two ever make a straight eye-contact?

By default, the storytelling compels the reader to keep turning the book upside down to learn each character’s words and perceptions on each page.

Parents have already liked this book’s unique approach to teach kids about the difference in perceptions and keep them interactive as they read it.

Amazon has received a 4.5-Star rating for this book.

7. The Wonderful Things You Will Be (Picture Book)

The dreamful loving thoughts you ponder as you gaze your kid for its future are conjured up in Emily Winfield Martin‘s The Wonderful Things You Will Be.

The author-illustrator has shown her creativity in bringing out the gorgeousness and sense of humor on each page while reassuring a kid’s dream to be true as anything.

The book has been the New York Time’s bestseller and a forever-cherished treasure for the loving parents. If you want to inspire your kid about his/her aims, grab the book and read it with your birdie.

The book is brilliant and enticing, and it contains a gatefold with kids in various costumes. It’s a 3+ read that even adults would find it hard to put it down for long.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be is still on demand, holding a straight 5-Star rating on Amazon.

8. Midnight At The Haunted Hotel (Interactive Mystery)

Parents who were fans of the Scooby-Doo and his friends from the ’90s can relate to the Midnight At The Haunted Hotel’s plot.

The late loved author Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote a series of the Boxcar Children about 80 years ago, of which this book is one.

The story revolves around a hotel that’s supposed to be haunted, and its business is at stake. The Boxcar Children must act their sleuth role to reveal what lies beneath. As they’ve opted to unearth the mystery, strange events take place to puzzle them more.

Kids of 5-10 will read along with interactive detective activities to find their paths to get away from hurdles. You should guide your kid to get through every page to check on the next mystery.

The classic detective children’s story has been brandished in an interactive paperback book. Amazon has the Midnight At The Haunted Hotel for a 5-Star rating followed by satisfactory parents’ reviews.

9. The One and Only Ivan (Illustrated)

Kathrine A. Applegate’s poignant and heartwarming story, The One and Only Ivan, had deeply etched many readers’ minds. It’s a story of a transition of wild animals into human society and reverting to its origin upon realization.

If you want your animal lover kids to peek into the animals’ state of mind in captivity in a humorous and telling manner, then this book should call your attention.

Ivan is a gorilla brought to the city’s shopping mall and put behind the glass wall for 27 years. Ivan had overcome the sorrow of losing his home long ago and now engaged in TV shows, his artwork, and his friends Stella, an elderly elephant and Bob, a stray dog.

Changes start taking place when Ruby, a baby elephant, parted from her family, comes to the mall’s facility. Ruby makes Ivan see things differently and especially his art for freedom. Ivan’s resolution for breaking free takes along with him his other friends Stella, Bob, and Ruby.

Elementary and middle-graders will love this book. Ivan’s first-person narrative literally shows the story to the readers vividly, leaving them thoughtful and uplifting.

The One and Only Ivan was the New York Time’s no.1 bestselling novel and won the Newbery Award in 2013.

10. Guion the Lion (Illustrated)

A businesswoman by profession, the Chief Brand Officer of Kemmons Wilson Companies, Rebecca Wilson Macsovits, wrote her first book for children, Guion The Lion, for celebrating life’s differences as individuals.

Guion, the little lion, is a funny, flamboyant, and imaginative character who examines the life and its surrounding from a colorful and exceptional perspective. Guion loves to help others see the world through his eyes, which he succeeds eventually.

Get your kids ready to immerse in a gaudy and thrilling pirate adventure, magical kingdom, dragon and dinosaur sightings, and more. Rebecca’s storytelling and vibrant characters depict that people who’re different from us aren’t aliens.

Indeed, it’s an empathetic and realistic illustration book for your kids aging from 3 to 10 or more.

“Although Guion The Lion is labeled as children’s book, its message easily applies to both kids as well as adults.”– said Anca Call, a Mother, and Public Relation Consultant.

Readers’ roar and critics applause have quickly gained Guion The Lion, an unfaltering 5-Star rating on Amazon, while its demand is sky-rocketing. It’s also available on its titular website Guion The Lion.

11. Train: A Journey through The Pages (Illustrated American Landscape Exploration)

An exceptional tool for learning about the American soil across its landscapes, Train: A Journey through The Pages should be a must-buy for your kid.

Author Mike Vago and illustrator Matt Rockefeller have produced an immersive and lively learning book for the kids. It’s unlike the other geography textbooks as your youngster shall find a red and small 3D model train to drag it through the green lands, up the mountains, and into the night cities of America.

The rhyming texts will add incentives to the kids’ visual learning from the book. Kids will merge play and reading times with this fantastic book.

This book won the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) in 2016.

12. The Cat Man of Aleppo (Illustrated Syrian War Story)

When the civil war had hit Syria, it leveled down many territories along with their inhabitants. But some small yet crucial lives stayed behind, begging for love and care.

Karim Shamsi Basha and Irene Latham have penned down with Yuko Shimizu’s lively illustration, the post-war-hit scenario of Syria, where its resident, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, sheltered many abandoned pet cats out of pure love and mercy. The cats found a new resort and hope for life.

Yuko’s happy and colorful illustration resonates with the authors’ words and creates a thoughtful simulation of the real world for the kids and adults alike. If your kid’s age is 4-10 or more, ‘The Cat Man of Aleppo’ could prove a great treasure for its literary knowledge.

The book received a 4.5-Star rating on Amazon and is available on both Kindle and Audiobook.

13. All Four Stars (Paperback)

Tara Dairman sketches a brilliant youngster adventure of a gourmet, Gladys Gatsby, a young girl whose life is full of hurdles. Her parents detained her from the kitchen, and she’s met with an unexpected challenge, which she must take on to prove her worth.

And did I tell you, Gatsby is just a 6th grader who’s going to be New York’s toughest critic of the restaurant?

All Four Star is a mesmerizing journey of Gatsby that will teach your kid about personal talent, resolution, risk-taking, and decision making. It’s a suitable book for middle-graders.

The book won Crystal Kite Member Choice Award for Southwest in 2015 and is an All-5-starrer on Amazon.

14. Brown Baby Lullaby (Illustrated Bedtime Lullabies)

Tameka Fryer Brown is a loving mother and a writer who loves to read with her kid picture books. This fancy for children’s books inspired her to author several books, lauding her with multiple awards over the years.

The latest addition to her authorship is the Brown Baby Lullaby, which was released in January 2020.

BBL is a perfect sunset to bedtime short story of two brown parents who lovingly care for their infant, play with it outside and during the bath, have dinner, and ultimately sing the lullaby for the warm night sleep.

A.G. Ford’s illustration in this book will connect to your kids’ heartwarming love and revitalize your care for them. Your 2-6-year olds will have a peaceful time enjoying the book with you.

Parents from the African continent and the Western world have reviewed the book positively. The Afro-Latin root is visible in this storytelling along with the Spanish words and phrases.

Amazon has received a 5-Star rating for this book.

15. The Polar Bear’s Home: A Story About Global Warming (Illustrated)

You will find environment-friendliness teaching for your kid while reading and handling this book called The Polar Bear’s Home: A Story About Global Warming.

Lara Bargen has penned down one of the most crucial aspects of the current world: global warming, in a kindergarten storybook manner. Your little one will enjoy the story of two adorable polar-bear cubs who’re fighting the global warming crisis in the arctic with their family. Vincent Nguyen’s bright illustration resonates with the moments of the arctic crisis with your imagination vividly.

This 8 X 8 paperback is written by soy ink, and the entire content is made of FSC certified paper materials. It means the papers used for manufacturing these books are procured from recycled materials to keep the environment clean and healthy.

The book also contains some tips for kids to learn about maintaining a green environment. It’s a must-read for your 5-7-year kids.

16. My Map Book (Illustrated Personal Maps for Kids)

If you want your kid to learn telling stories through mapping, then Sara Fanelli’s My Map Book should definitely be in your cart. Though an old collection, this book can be a treasure to your kid’s literary collectibles.

This ‘learn by doing’ type of colorful book can prove your kid’s best thing during sitting at home. Your champ will learn about detailed and intriguing maps.

My Map Book contains 12 amazing illustrations of maps. Notable maps are Map of My Day and Map of My Family, which will teach them in a fun way. It also has a foldable jacket, which turns into a poster-size map for drawing and creating.

Amazon has received a 4.5-Star rating for this book, and it’s still on demand.

17. The Baby BeeBee Bird (Picture Book)

Daniel Redfield Massie wrote a captivating and amusing story of a zoo that can hardly sleep at night, all due to the newly arrived baby beebee bird’s nonstop “beebeebobbibobbi.”

Daniel’s The Baby BeeBee Bird is a fantastic read for the kids from 3 to 7. It’s a story of our familiar zoo animals that try to teach a lesson to the ‘baby beebee bird’ for being unable to sleep due to his constant noise.

It’s a story that teaches your kid how to respect and accept others even if they’re different. Daniel’s easy-to-grasp storytelling and award-winning illustrator Steven Kellogg’s arts will mesmerize your little one before bedtime.

Parents and guardians love this book to read to their loved birdies. No doubt how Amazon got 5-Star ratings from all the readers for this book, which is still going at peak.

18. A is for Aboriginal (Hardcover American Origin)

Author Joseph Mclean and illustrator have urged the need to know and understand the American origin in this children’s book. Undoubtedly, this book will inform kids aging 5-10 about the Aboriginals, their tribes, lifestyle, and more.

This book’s title illuminates that kids can learn about an indigenous name, their location, a facet of Aboriginal history as they explore each letter. The author tried to incorporate the two founding fathers of modern America, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, who took inspiration from the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy to introduce the American Constitution.

The book also takes bits of indigenous origin from other continents worldwide to let the kids have a gist of Aboriginal history. As a parent, you should read this to your kids or let them read to know some integral but less known Aboriginal accounts.

When published, the author aimed at distributing 100,000 free copies of A is for Aboriginals in Canada and the United States. The book is now also available on Amazon, and the book’s titular website https://www.aisforaboriginal.com/

19. Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes (Hardcover Illustrated)

Writer Wab Kinew has come a long way from being a First Nation American to a successful author, followed by being the Leader of the Opposition in Manitoba.

Wab’s writing focuses on touching the lives of the aboriginal heroes and their foundational contributions to the U.S.A and Canada lands. His children’s book Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes represents the historical and modern-day indigenous figures.

With the lively illustration of Joe Morse, the author briefly penned down a few notable indigenous heroes like Crazy Horse, Jim Thorpe, Sacagawea, Tecumesh, former NASA astronaut John Herrington, Canadian NHL goalie Carey Price, Te-Wau-Zee, and more.

A 5-9 years old kid will grasp the author’s notes on the mentioned heroes quickly, hinting themselves about the people who taught, “You’re a person who matters.” 

The bottom line of this book takes children above races, colors, social status, origins, etc. while making them realize any person with sheer conviction can change the world for the better.

Go Show the World is a 5-Starrer on Amazon, and you can check the parents’ and teachers’ love and appreciation for this book in the review section.

20. Light Makes A Rainbow- Science Readers (Paperback Text and Illustrated)

If you’re looking for an interactive science book for your preschooler, then look no further than this vibrant and detailed Light Makes A Rainbow by Sharon Coan.

Sharon has put together kids’ post-rain favorite, the rainbow, and its constituent relation with light. Besides, this book touches on various scientific subjects that your 5-8-year kid can comprehend.

You can teach your kids or students many scientific terms such as a prism, light waves, energy, etc. This educational fun book also comprises nonfiction-text features, including a glossary, an index, bold fonts, and captions to engage the students with the content.

Not to mention the experimental scopes you can find in this book for your kids. Hence, it’s a ‘learning by doing’ package for your little champ.

Light Makes A Rainbow is a 5-Star holder on Amazon, along with many parents and teachers’ positive critics.

21. Meg Mackintosh and The Mystery at Red Herring Beach (Paperback Illustration, Interactive Story)

Children’s author Lucinda Landon’s 10th addition to the Meg Mackintosh Mystery series will intrigue your young girls as it did before. This time, Meg Mackintosh gets to sleuth her grandfather’s missing gold-watch at the Red Herring beach.

Your daughter will love to engage herself in the mystery-solving through the clues in the illustrations and questions posed to her for making out the next moves. Such a vibrant story and illustrations won’t allow your kid to put down the book until the mystery is solved.

Although The Mystery at Red Herring has received mixed reviews from parents and teachers on Amazon and Goodreads, most guardians perceive it as an enjoyable pastime for their little princesses of 6-9 years old-ers.

22. Amazing Pop-up Human Body (3D Pop-up Learning Book)

This fabulous human anatomy book for children is a sure thing for your kid’s reference book collection. The DK books (www.dk.com) bring this version with one Pop-up page, followed by numerous facts on the human body.

You be a parent or a teacher; this book’s interactive slide-outs will help you convey the knowledge eloquently to the children aging 5-9. The best part of this book is that kids can learn by reading and seeing many body organs.

This book also contains fun quizzes that would complete the learning of your kid.

Grab the educational Amazing Pop-up Human Body today on Amazon and make it a precious gift to your little learner.

23. The Monster Who Ate My Peas (Paperback)

What would you sacrifice to give away your most loathed dish? Our hero of The Monster Who Ate My Peas dreads peas, and he has wished for something or someone to take away his peas. Eerily, the peas did disappear, grabbed by a funny and friendly monster.

The hero finds it funny and lucrative to give away his possessions in exchange for the monster eating up his peas every time. But the situation becomes tricky when the monster’s greed escalates, and it asks for something our hero prizes the most.

What must he do? Overcome the disrelish for peas, or give in to the monster’s atrocious demand? Matt Faulkner’s telling illustrations on every page of this book will roar the words of the author Danny Schnitzlein.

The Monster Who Ate My Peas was considered one of the best children’s books the year it was published. It still thrives to humor into the picky eater’s habit, which you can relate with your kids and teach them in a fun way about the meal’s importance.

Go and grab this precious literary work for children today on Amazon before the stock is out.

24. Shortcut (Paperback Humor)

David MacAulay has been a great scribe of architectural structures, but his Shortcut has proved to be a realistic, humorous, and illustrious book for your 6-8-year little champ.

The main character, Albert, with his loyal mare, June, strides to the local market for selling melons. Opposed to their idea of a typical trade day, the market surrounding sets a chain of events into motion, putting Albert and other characters at an engaging, thrilling, and comical peril.

Parents and teachers have reviewed this book as an effective literary tool for children’s visual reasoning and cause-and-effect learning. The story goes on with several illustrations on each page that tell more than the words.

Amazon has received a 4.5-Star rating for this book.

25. The Worst Book in The Whole Entire World (Paperback Humor)

In this book, Joey Acker‘s storytelling helps the young readers delve into an unlikely protagonist’s stubbornness to believe it’s The Worst Book in The Whole Entire World. It’s another thoughtful yet funny addition to the Entire World Books series. 

The poor Nameless will trick and tell everything to make you believe it’s the worst book ever. And your kids and students will giggle and laugh out loud down to the end.

Do you want to find out with your kids whether it has a witty end or a tragedy? Grab it today on Amazon if you have a seasoned and hungry young reader at home aging 3-9.

Best 15 Upcoming Kids Books in 2020 and 2021

It’s time to look at the upcoming children’s books, including the remaining timeline of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. So, start jotting down your favorites:

1. Cat Kid Comic Club

  • Release Date: December 01, 2020
  • Genre: Graphic Comic Series
  • Author: Dav Pilkey
  • Brief Storyline/Content: The 3 main characters, Li’l Petey, Flippy, and Molly, take on the challenge of making their stories through comics. They introduce 21 talented baby frogs to the comic making art. Your comic lover kid will enjoy these fun and free-spirit characters as they go on learning about comic writing through mistakes, improvement, and progress.
  • Age Range: 7+
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon 
  1. Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember

  • Release Date: January 05, 2021.
  • Genre: Children Story with Illustration
  • Author: Tim Tebow
  • Brief Storyline/Content: Bronco, the dog, is invited to a party where he loses his puzzle piece, which every invitee is supposed to bring. Bronco finds other animals with different shortcomings; an allergic goat, a flightless bird, and a clumsy bunny. Eventually, all of them discover at the party that it was arranged in their honor.
  • Age Range: 3-7
  • Preorder Availability: Preorder Unavailable on Amazon
  1. Blades of Freedom

  • Release Date: November 24, 2020
  • Genre: Graphic Novel Series
  • Author: Nathan Hale
  • Brief Storyline/Content: Toussaint Louverture took on the most massive revolt against slavery of Africans in 1791. By 1803, Napoleon lost Haiti’s control and sold the entire Louisiana territory to Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.
  • Age Range: 8-12
  • Preorder Availability: Preorder Unavailable 
  1. Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

  • Release Date: January 05, 2021
  • Genre: Inspirational Picture Book
  • Author: Joanna Ho
  • Brief Storyline/Content: A young Asian girl realizes her eyes kiss in the corners, crinkle into crescent moons, glowed like warm tea, and are filled with stories and hopes, much unlike her friends. She develops self-acceptance and a path to empowerment.
  • Age Range: 4-8
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. The Ickabog

  • Release Date: November 10, 2020
  • Genre: Fairy Tale
  • Author: K. Rowling
  • Brief Storyline/Content: The Ickabog, an unseen monster, lurks in the Cornucopia kingdom, inspiring fears as well as myths. The two best friends Bert and Daisy embarks on a journey to unearth the real monster and restore peace in the kingdom it had once.
  • Age Range: 8-12
  • Preorder Availability: Preorder Unavailable 
  1. Ordinary People Change The World: 22-Book Set

  • Release Date: November 24, 2020
  • Genre: Children History
  • Author: Brad Meltzer
  • Brief Storyline/Content: Engaging picture book biography series on remarkable historical figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Neil Armstrong, Anne Frank, Marie Curie, Benjamin Franklin, and more.
  • Age Range: 5-8
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. The Couch Potato

  • Release Date: November 03, 2020
  • Genre: Funny Picture Book
  • Author: Jory John
  • Brief Storyline/Content: The Couch Potato keeps every necessary thing under his cushion, sitting or lying all day long watching TV. He only goes out when the light is out and realizes the sunshine and fresh air are useful.
  • Age Range: 4-8
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. And the People Stayed Home (Coronavirus Kids Book)

  • Release Date: November 10, 2020
  • Genre: Prose Book for Family and Kids on Coronavirus
  • Author: Kitty O’Meara
  • Brief Storyline/Content: The author’s poems on the coronavirus pandemic speak about the shocking experiences, suffocating quarantine, and shared feelings. She also conveys hope, self-realization, and a promise for our earth to heal.
  • Age Range: 4-8
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be

  • Release Date: November 10, 2020
  • Genre: Educational Picture Book
  • Author: Joanna Gaines
  • Brief Storyline/Content: A group of happy children comes together to build hot-air-balloons of individual choices. As their different choices, skills, and creativities come together, they find the joy coloring the sky, making it even more beautiful and celebrated.
  • Age Range: 4-8
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. Explore Academy (Tiger’s Nest)

  • Release Date: January 05, 2021
  • Genre: Children Adventure
  • Author: Trudi Trueit
  • Brief Storyline/Content: A friendly robotics competition in the Indian Ocean’s underwater world turns into a peril. Cruz jumps into action to save a faculty member and, afterward, confronts an old enemy to decipher his mother’s clue.
  • Age Range: 8-12
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. Goodbye, Mr. Terupt

  • Release Date: December 01, 2020
  • Genre: Fiction/Children’ Social Themes
  • Author: Rob Buyea
  • Brief Storyline/Content: Jeffrey, Alexia, Danielle, Luke, Peter, Anna, and Jessica are emphatic about getting their beloved teacher, Mr. Terupt, back to the class as a biweekly adviser. They’re seeking as ever his wisdom and guidance in resolving their dilemmas.
  • Age Range: 8-12
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. Kid in the Kitchen: 100 Recipes and Tips for Young Home Cooks: A Cook Book

  • Release Date: November 10, 2020
  • Genre: Children’s Cook Book
  • Author: Melissa Clark
  • Brief Storyline/Content: Melissa Clark indulges in making a new generation of confident and gourmet young cooks through her seasoned recipes and creativities. Her recipes include Fresh Custardy French Toast, Granola Bar Remix, Mexican Chicken Soup and Chips, Korean Scallion and Veggie, Think Pink Lemonade Bars, and more insanely delicious foods.
  • Age Range: 7-9
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. Wreck this Picture Book

  • Release Date: November 03, 2020
  • Genre: Interactive and Inspirational
  • Author: Keri Smith
  • Brief Storyline/Content: Children’s reading book engaging all five senses, welcoming oddity and imperfection. Young readers will learn to bring their creativity in perceiving the book’s content from different views.
  • Age Range: 5-8
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. Harold Gets An F

  • Release Date: November 06, 2020
  • Genre: Educational
  • Author: Calvin Reynolds
  • Brief Storyline/Content: A bright and smart student Harold, gets an F in his test due to not preparing for it and having fun with his buddies. Harold must learn responsibility besides having merits.
  • Age Range: 5-11
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon
  1. Homecoming Tales: 15 Inspiring Stories from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

  • Release Date: November 03, 2020
  • Genre: Inspirational Real-life Stories
  • Author: Tama Fortner/Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
  • Brief Storyline/Content: Real-life stories of 15 bright, brave, and lovable dogs who found caring homes and forever families in their senior age.
  • Age Range: 8-12
  • Preorder Availability: Available on Amazon

Final Words

The above-listed books are like ‘pebbles on the sea beach’ of children’s books available on the market.

Suggest us if you want to see some other books among the best available 25 or the best upcoming ones. Let us know in the comments how our tailored list helped you in buying suitable books for your kids.

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