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My Work Journey

Work History

I’ve never considered writing as a part of my career but a passion. I started writing voice for NEW AGE YOUTH ENGLISH NEWSPAPER in 2017. Although it wasn’t a paid job at all, I was super okay with it since my writing skills were being utilized professionally. 

However, they started compensating for my articles after two years. The only problem was that my writing skill wasn’t improving there since their editor wasn’t allowed to communicate with the writers. I had little knowledge about my mistakes or merits. 

As more time passed, I started feeling the urge to work with someone who could help me improve my writing skill in terms of basics as well as engaging writing style. 

I thought doing freelancing might help, which I actually started doing but I faced the same problem there as well. In the freelancing world, there’s no one to help you out with a review and feedback to your written pieces. There, it’s all about your own review & editing and a one-shot-go as you’re submitting your works to your clients. 

Work at WomenMinds

By the mid-2020, I started seeking better writing jobs with ample scope of improvement and an equal opportunity for growth.

One day, I saw a post on the internet where an organization named WomenMinds was hiring writers! I got super excited as I’d discovered that the CEO of the organization was one of my course faculty in the university. 

I dropped my CV there without wasting any time and was called for a Zoom interview soon. With a 3-year writing experience, it wasn’t hard for me to get hired. So, I started working with them. 

At WomenMinds, I’d found a different work environment as they trained me for about half a month before joining the work under careful observation, review, and feedback.

Their systematic work process allowed me to learn more and more about writing and hence, improving my skills. Now, I’m glad that I know my own style and the areas where I had to work on to improve.

My Published Works

I’m elated to share three of my published works below:

  1. EAT LIKE A LOCAL- BANGLADESH: Bangladesh Food Guide
  2. 50 Things to Know About Jewelry Making: Making Jewelry Is a Fun Activity – Learn How You Can Make One of Your Own
  3. Stress Management Basics: Your Step By Step Guide For Stress Management

My Current Work Underway

I’m a woman who doesn’t only love to eat various food items but to make them too! I love cooking. And I love cooking those foods that I love to eat. I’m an expert in making Halal SeaFood. 

And this eating and cooking passion of mine has driven me to write about cooking. I’m currently working on a cooking book and looking forward to publishing it soon.

My Career Goals

Like I said before, writing is my passion. Writing is something that would walk beside my dreams, career, and goals parallelly. It’s not a primary objective. 

I’ve completed my graduation from United International University in Management Information System (MIS) as a major. I want to be a business analyst. Nowadays, I’m spending most of my time taking and learning relevant business analyst courses. 

I have achieved several certificates upon completing those courses. Currently, I’m looking for a relevant job where I can develop my skills as a business analyst. 

Honestly, my goal is to be an entrepreneur, not an employed worker, at least in the long term. I want to start my own business. 

I also aim at completing projects related to Structured Programming Language. I keep dreaming that my company will be booming in the market one day! 

I admit that achieving my dream and goal would take much striving. Nonetheless, I believe I can accomplish my goals. 

Extracurricular or Passionate Activities

I love gardening. I used to see my mother taking care of her plants as if they’re her kids. When I grew up, I started gardening as well. 

I love creative works such as cutting and pasting with papers, recycling things, and turning used stuff into new ones. Watching movies and TV series is one of my favorite pastimes. 

I love my time with peers and people. Spending quality time with my family gives my mood a jumpstart. Hanging out with my friends and cousins is always a boost to my happiness. 

I love shopping, it makes me super excited! Painting is also a passion of mine. Though I don’t draw portraits, nor do my paintings mean something significant, it still makes me happy.

The Other Side of Me (My Story)

I’m an extrovert woman who loves hanging out with different types of people while exploring the world more and more. 

I’m a foodie and I love trying different types of cultural foods; it’s like a drug to me. 

Traveling to new countries and exploring new cities, cultures, and people are my other passions.

I have a hobby of visualizing my past vacations, while writing about them in my notebooks, including the places, foods, people, roads, weather, etc.